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LogicallyDashing avatar 3:31 PM on 10.25.2012  (server time)
So Long (and Thanks for All the Fish)

I started posting on Destructoid originally as a way to give my writing exposure. As most folks who do this sort of thing, I have a central location where I primarily write ( I've tried going about posting on channels in different ways.

I would share my original posts in blogging communities such as here, ScrewAttack, and IGN. At first, things seemed fine posting my articles and having people comment on the topic at hand. Then, out of nowhere, I got attacked over supposedly plagiarizing my own work. I made it clear that I was the original author of the article despite it being posted on multiple channels.

More complaints started to come in over posting non-gaming related content. Someone suggested I use [NVGR] at the beginning of those posts which lasted until even more negative comments came in about it. With that, I focused on only posting video game articles on here.

I then decided to only post one of my articles on Destructoid specifically per week. I had someone make a very good point in a comment stating, "Why would I come to see your original work when it's all displayed right here?" I took that to heart and figured I'll just have the beginning of the article posted and add a "Read more" link for people who are interested in checking out the rest of the article.

Now I had a moderator of all people complain to me about doing things that way as well. It has come to a point where I'd rather not post in a community where I'm clearly not wanted. The extra luggage is something I don't need. The strange about this since I started sharing my posts on other channels is that Destructoid is the ONLY site where I get these complaints. I've grown subscribers on IGN, ScrewAttack, as well as my own site and have had a load of great conversations in their respective comment sections.

It's unfortunate but this is for the best I believe. I won't be wasting your time nor will I be wasting my time trying to convert articles through Destructoid's unique BBCode formatted blog editor. If you do wish to continue reading my content, I highly suggest you check out as well as follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Good day and good luck.

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