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Lobokicksazz avatar 10:55 PM on 09.06.2012  (server time)
Thank You

Iím sitting here watching Brisco County Jr eating cookies and drinking a soda. Iíve had a lot on my mind this past year and think itís time to cut loose a little. Going to about talk gaming and streamers and how it has helped this year.

About this time last year I found Twitch and started watching people stream their games.
I sat back and just watched while people chatted away and streamers interacted with the viewers. I first followed this guy I came across just having fun and jamming Fear Factory while gaming. Time passed and I started to chat with him and others in the chat and things changed. He moved on to become a part of an all-star group of casters who in their own rights are very cool people and are fun to chat with. This guy was a King with a goal he wanted to reach and did. It is cool to see people succeed in things that they strive for.

Next I found another streamer who was having fun in her stream and would interact with the chat as well.
This lead to meeting more people and starting to open up more. The joking around with people and the seriousness of the game play makes for a good mix of entertainment. Also you never know what you will hear from this streamer and her group of gamers. My eyes were also opened to how many female gamers there are and they should be taken seriously as much as the guys. Also this group talks better shit than anybody I have ever heard and itís funny as hell.

I bounce through many streams but there is one where we have become a group who games together when we can. This streamer plays games and does art while we chat and troll her all in good fun.

So how has this helped me? Last year I got out of a relationship and it led to me picking up a bottle everyday. We all deal with things in our own ways. I wasnít so much drinking to forget that I was single. I was drinking to numb the pain. I had witnessed things with my ex that no one should ever have to. These are the kind that stick with you. Some people have said get over it itís been a year already. Iím trying to get passed it but it isnít easy. By watching the streams and interacting with everyone it eases the tension.
I have met wonderful people and feel like I finally found a community where I belong. Six months ago I put the bottle down and it was because of this community. I didnít put names in here cause it isnít needed.
Some people will know who I am referring to just because we all chat together and we all use social networking.

If you ever chat with the King, find a Whale, ride a Seahorse, work the Art, or play Borderlands with me
Youíll know who and what I mean. To all of you I say thank you. Also thanks to a certain person I now listen to the Silent Hill 4 soundtrack when I clean or need to relax. Thank you all again.


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