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Liz Alexander avatar 4:47 AM on 09.11.2008  (server time)
PAX/US trip shoutouts(with photos) PART 1

So I have been home for two days and have never felt more lonely, as sappy as it is, I was away from my family when I was there and now I'm away from my other family.

I thought I should finally do some shoutouts because I think I can finally do it without crying.

We'll start with my PAX rooomies:

Blehman: You are possibly one of the sweetest, funniest people I've ever met and I adore you! We better hang out again asap!

Phist: You are ridiculous amounts of fun! I really hope you can come out here next year like you said so I can show you around my neck of the woods! .....also.... got rice bitch?

Keener: You are just as cool in person as I thought you would be! You are definately the pretty boy of Destructoid
(we didn't get a photo together!! Whore!!!)

Suff0cat: It was cool hanging out with you, even if we argued, you were still pretty funny
(also no photo together)

Riser Glen: I should've married you in Vegas, I think that explains how I feel about you

Dexter & Lib: I said it best when I said I want you two to make a baby so I can be a surrogate mother so I can have had both of your babies!!! (I need a photo of Lib and I!)

Chad: I honestly think we were separated at birth and I think you are absolutely adorable!
Give Matt & Luna big hugs for me! Love you guys!!

Aerox: Thank you for being like my Australian lifeline! You need to stop bagging out Sydney though, otherwise we can no longer be friends.

Ceark: I'm sorry I got you so drunk the first time I met you! You are so much fun and you look very hot in my shorts LoL

Kyle & Donna: One of the sweetest couples I've ever met, thank you for taking care of me! You guys are amazing!

Yashoki: Thanks for my unicorn hat! It was always the star of the show! I'm sorry if I hurt you but if I remember correctly it was because you wouldnt stop following me with the camera.

Dave & Naia: You guys are hilarious, expecially the final fantasy wedding idea! I want pics since I cant be there! Much Love!!
(need photos)

To the rest of DTOID LA: I'm sorry, I know I didnt get everyone, I'm still jetlagged but just know much love to all of you guys for making my trip awesome!

More shoutouts to come, too tired for all of them at once!

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