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Liz Alexander avatar 6:49 PM on 09.12.2008  (server time)
PAX Shoutouts PART 2 (Dtoid staff and non PAX people)

Time for part two in the shoutouts! This time it's the staff of the mothership Destructoid!
I couldn't believe how amazing ALL of the staff were, ridiculously fun and down to earth!
Also I borrowed some peoples photos for this, hope they dont mind.

Let's start with the man himself....
The one...
The only...

Niero: Thank you for everything you have done for us, you are an amazing person and you give the best hugs EVER! I hope you enjoy your kangaroo scrotum! I really hope that I get to hang out with you again soon because I mean it when I say how amazing you are! You are humble, kind, and absolutely adorable!

Colette: Mrs Destructoid, you live up to your name. You are so much fun and I loved hanging out with you. Hopefully we get to hang out more next time when you're feeling better because I think you are amazing. Also my mum thinks that you and Niero are a very pretty couple. Just thought I would tell you.

Nick Chester: I feel like I need to call you by your full name. I dont know why. It would've been cool to talk more to you but you're a busy man. I will still look into heading to Tokyo but I am kinda broke these days. But <3 we'll hang out again someday.

Dale: I'm glad you enjoyed the show, I dont know which one you're talking about because there was a few lol. You are hilarious, and everytime I saw you I had to come say hi!! <3

Hamsa: We'll hang out more next time, anniversary party, drinks, you, me, fun. It MUST happen.

(I'm trying to avoid being poked by Dale trying to flip us off in this photo)

Samit: You tried repeatedly to do my accent, and failed most of the time, I think you got one word right. Dont be disheartened though, you were trying to do the most difficult accent in the world. Not even british can get it right. Keep trying though :P

Chad: I already did you, but I'll do you again anyday. You're amazing. 5 out of 5 dolphins

Husky: I enjoyed sleeping in your bed. Thanks for spilling TWO drinks on me, I know I am just so amazing, I walk near you and you cant even hold your drink. You now know never to challenge an Australian to a drinking competition. Lets make out. You are awesome and fucking hilarious. Also your roommates are hot

Conrad: I love your hat and your dirty martinis. Thank you for letting me have your olives. *hugs*

NON PAX people time

Charlie: Thank you so much for picking me up from the airport, hopefully you like your books and we can hang out more next time.

Ross: Thanks for picking up my phone lol I'm a retard clearly. Your cat hates me. Hopefully we get to hang out at New Years.

Lemme know if I missed you and I'll tell you what I think of you

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