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3:21 AM on 09.20.2008

PAX Impromptu (male)Nerdcore session

The sexy beasts that make up some of the Destructoid population posed for some photos which turned into this impromptu Nerdcore at PAX









THERE IT IS....   read

6:49 PM on 09.12.2008

PAX Shoutouts PART 2 (Dtoid staff and non PAX people)

Time for part two in the shoutouts! This time it's the staff of the mothership Destructoid!
I couldn't believe how amazing ALL of the staff were, ridiculously fun and down to earth!
Also I borrowed some peoples photos for this, hope they dont mind.

Let's start with the man himself....
The one...
The only...

Niero: Thank you for everything you have done for us, you are an amazing person and you give the best hugs EVER! I hope you enjoy your kangaroo scrotum! I really hope that I get to hang out with you again soon because I mean it when I say how amazing you are! You are humble, kind, and absolutely adorable!

Colette: Mrs Destructoid, you live up to your name. You are so much fun and I loved hanging out with you. Hopefully we get to hang out more next time when you're feeling better because I think you are amazing. Also my mum thinks that you and Niero are a very pretty couple. Just thought I would tell you.

Nick Chester: I feel like I need to call you by your full name. I dont know why. It would've been cool to talk more to you but you're a busy man. I will still look into heading to Tokyo but I am kinda broke these days. But <3 we'll hang out again someday.

Dale: I'm glad you enjoyed the show, I dont know which one you're talking about because there was a few lol. You are hilarious, and everytime I saw you I had to come say hi!! <3

Hamsa: We'll hang out more next time, anniversary party, drinks, you, me, fun. It MUST happen.

(I'm trying to avoid being poked by Dale trying to flip us off in this photo)

Samit: You tried repeatedly to do my accent, and failed most of the time, I think you got one word right. Dont be disheartened though, you were trying to do the most difficult accent in the world. Not even british can get it right. Keep trying though :P

Chad: I already did you, but I'll do you again anyday. You're amazing. 5 out of 5 dolphins

Husky: I enjoyed sleeping in your bed. Thanks for spilling TWO drinks on me, I know I am just so amazing, I walk near you and you cant even hold your drink. You now know never to challenge an Australian to a drinking competition. Lets make out. You are awesome and fucking hilarious. Also your roommates are hot

Conrad: I love your hat and your dirty martinis. Thank you for letting me have your olives. *hugs*

NON PAX people time

Charlie: Thank you so much for picking me up from the airport, hopefully you like your books and we can hang out more next time.

Ross: Thanks for picking up my phone lol I'm a retard clearly. Your cat hates me. Hopefully we get to hang out at New Years.

Lemme know if I missed you and I'll tell you what I think of you   read

4:47 AM on 09.11.2008

PAX/US trip shoutouts(with photos) PART 1

So I have been home for two days and have never felt more lonely, as sappy as it is, I was away from my family when I was there and now I'm away from my other family.

I thought I should finally do some shoutouts because I think I can finally do it without crying.

We'll start with my PAX rooomies:

Blehman: You are possibly one of the sweetest, funniest people I've ever met and I adore you! We better hang out again asap!

Phist: You are ridiculous amounts of fun! I really hope you can come out here next year like you said so I can show you around my neck of the woods! .....also.... got rice bitch?

Keener: You are just as cool in person as I thought you would be! You are definately the pretty boy of Destructoid
(we didn't get a photo together!! Whore!!!)

Suff0cat: It was cool hanging out with you, even if we argued, you were still pretty funny
(also no photo together)

Riser Glen: I should've married you in Vegas, I think that explains how I feel about you

Dexter & Lib: I said it best when I said I want you two to make a baby so I can be a surrogate mother so I can have had both of your babies!!! (I need a photo of Lib and I!)

Chad: I honestly think we were separated at birth and I think you are absolutely adorable!
Give Matt & Luna big hugs for me! Love you guys!!

Aerox: Thank you for being like my Australian lifeline! You need to stop bagging out Sydney though, otherwise we can no longer be friends.

Ceark: I'm sorry I got you so drunk the first time I met you! You are so much fun and you look very hot in my shorts LoL

Kyle & Donna: One of the sweetest couples I've ever met, thank you for taking care of me! You guys are amazing!

Yashoki: Thanks for my unicorn hat! It was always the star of the show! I'm sorry if I hurt you but if I remember correctly it was because you wouldnt stop following me with the camera.

Dave & Naia: You guys are hilarious, expecially the final fantasy wedding idea! I want pics since I cant be there! Much Love!!
(need photos)

To the rest of DTOID LA: I'm sorry, I know I didnt get everyone, I'm still jetlagged but just know much love to all of you guys for making my trip awesome!

More shoutouts to come, too tired for all of them at once!   read

2:50 PM on 09.07.2008

A quick post with PAX photos before I get on a plane

So as I sit here at the amazing Chad Concelmo's computer, I am almost in tears at the thought of leaving. And it is only almost because my flight isn't for another 8 hours, but we have to go out for dinner.

I can't even describe to you how amazing my time here has been, I have fallen in love with each and every one of you(some more so than the rest). I just wanted to write this quickly to let you all know I don't want to go home, I know I have to but my heart will stay here with all of you.

I have to pack but I've been getting alot of requests to upload my photos so here they are on facebook.

I will write a longer post about my trip when I'm home and bawling my eyes out about how far away I am from everyone(even Macca lives too far away to hang out with).

But for now, I love you guys, especially this man who made it all possible.


3:08 AM on 07.23.2008

A delayed confession

So I know I missed the monthly musing topic but until two nights ago I didn’t think I was one of those gamers with bad habits, I guess it’s only when other people are in your company that your realise your bad habits and reactions.

Recently I have been playing a lot of 360 games with Riser Glen mainly and Suff0cat and Asian Joe occasionally. Now I’ve mentioned how I swear when I’m enjoying a game before but I don’t think you understand the extent of it, you’ve never heard a swear word properly until you hear it from an Australian chick. Suff0cat and Asian Joe don’t get it as much but poor Riser Glen has abused ears who are currently in therapy. Seriously. And I never noticed how bad my swearing was until I get killed for the 37th time on a chapter in the Ninja Fagdens. I don’t know where this habit came from either. I think because I use games as a release of frustrations (which makes me amazing at button mashing games) that it all comes out as a bad case of Tourette syndrome.

My other confession is what I do when I know I’m getting way too stressed out from a game and need to chill out and concentrate, you know that point when you’re blinded by rage? Yes, the throwing controllers, taking razor blades to your wrists and threatening the television moments. Well I have a very simple solution that for some reason always works: The Hampster Dance.
This habit I do know the origin of so I’ll give you the back story. For those of you who don’t know I used to play World of Warcraft, I was one of the lead hunters in a high end raiding guild pre-Burning Crusade. Anyway so when I first joined the guild I began the quest to get my Rhokdelar bow, which is basically a test of skill in the sense that you have to kill four demons that each have different strategies which were generally ridiculous(not these days because the quest has been nerfed). So I had a lot of trouble with these because I would get stressed by them and there would always be people with different strategies who would just come and try to help but in the end make it harder. Then one day, another hunter from one of the bigger guilds on the server said he had heard people trying to help me and realised that my problem wasn’t that I wasn’t good enough to do it, but that I had too many people yelling in my ear about how to do it. He said to me “you know the strategy, you have the skills, you just need the concentration”, now I am in Real Estate if you don’t know, which suits me really well because the busy schedule is a perfect match with my head which constantly has a thousand things going on at once, so the concentration is easier said than done for me. My hunter friend said to me “I know what you need, download the hamster dance by Hampton the hamster and listen to it while you’re fighting. Don’t talk, just do it, trust me, it works!”

So I did. And safe to say I had my Rhokdelar soon after. It soon became a habit, whenever something was too hard and I needed to concentrate Hampton would be played and it has never failed me. EVER! It might not always be first go but it’s generally pretty quick, and I’m not ready to kill myself when it doesn’t work like I was pre-hamster dance.
I actually found out from my friend that a lot of the hunters on my server used it and they found the same thing, it ended up being a ritual in our guild that if we were having trouble with a boss we would change vent channels and I would play the hamster dance through the channel and we would down the boss and have a good laugh. AMAZING!

Two nights ago I was stuck on a level in Ninja Fagdens and so I put on the hamster dance and soon enough I was past that and beyond. So now you know my secret gaming rituals. Hope you enjoyed them! (Or at least had a good laugh at me!)   read

3:30 AM on 07.16.2008


Today is the birthday of one of my favourite D-toiders! Yes, it is Andy A.k.A Suff0cat's birthday! Now why, you ask, do I love Andy so? Well here is why

A is for how Amazing he is
N is for how nasty he is to me sometimes
D is for how he loves Dtoid so much he makes giant signs and belts to show up on wrestling shows
Y is for when we yell at eachother in Stickam for absolutely no apparent reason simply because we care, the more we yell the more fun we have.

Yes he is horrible to me sometimes, and people think we hate eachother in Stickam, but no, Andy is my homeboy, even after the three weeks we'll spend together and he wants to kill me, he will still be my Andy!
As soppy as it sounds I will be there for Andy, and I have a little song for him
it goes a little something like this...

Listen, baby, Ain't no mountain high, Ain't no vally low, Ain't no river wide enough, baby
If you need me, call me, No matter where you are, No matter how far, Just call my name, I'll be there in a hurry, You don't have to worry
because baby...
There ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wide enough
To keep me from getting to you
Remember the day
I set you free
I told you
You could always count on me
From that day on I made a vow
I'll be there when you want me
Some way,some how
No wind, no rain
My love is alive
Way down in my heart
Although we are miles apart
If you ever need a helping hand
I'll be there on the double
Just as fast as I can
Don't you know that
There ain't no mountain high enough?

Yes Andy, that's right... I'd go Gay for you, Marvin Gaye that is....

Happy Birthday Andy!
I hope you have an amazing day, I have a present for you!
5 weeks til we can hang out!
<3 Foo Liz

Also, you are the prettiest unicorn of them all!


1:06 AM on 07.13.2008

Gamers: Did we forget to grow up?

This week, as you may or may not know, is the launch of The Dark Knight, and like many others I have been counting down(2 days 18 hours), taken the day off work and will be seeing the first screening I could get tickets for. Now obviously, I have been asked by MANY people why it is so important to see that first screening, why can't I just wait to see it that night? And I thought to myself, I wanna see it now dammit! the soonest I can see it I will... But I'm not the only one thinking like this, I said, my friends are all going for the midnight launches in the states. And then it hit me... only my "nerd friends" as my girl friends from high school so lovingly call them, are as excited as I am.

Now many of you probably get the same thing but my family and friends are constantly telling me I need to grow out of all of this stuff, and that video games are for children. And the two things combined, an obsession with "toys" and a lack of patience, begs the question, has a part of us forgotten to "grow up"? At what point did other people start thinking, "oh I'll get that in a couple of weeks" or "oh yeh that movie looks pretty cool, I might try and see that", and we stayed in the frame of mind of "I must get that game as soon as it comes out" or as I like to call it the Veruca Salt syndrome.


I WANT IT AND I WANT IT NOW!..... sound familiar?

We've all done it, gone to a midnight launch or at 9am to be one of the first to get our hands on our game of choice, but why? Please dont think I'm criticising, but the question begs to be asked, why must everything be so childish about it. Think of it this way, how many times has a release date been pushed and the first thing that happens is a flood of angry blogs about how useless the game developers must be and so on and so forth. After babysitting for many years, I noticed that this is strangely familiar to another scenario, a child is told they can't have something and what do they do? They drop to the floor, kicking and screaming, bawling their eyes out until they get what they want or tire themselves out(or have the living shit beaten out of them if they have shitty parents). And how many times have we heard about violence at midnight launches, or people lining up for hours or even days on end to be the first people to get it? Are we all just children throwing tantrums but with the means of money, writing skills and a lack of a curfew? Is the video game industry just another excuse to stay a kid for some of us?



Now all this said, I am not going to change, I love the idea of getting games early and being the first to have something, but this had just been on my mind and wondered if anyone else had noticed the similarities. The next time someone asks you if you're going to a midnight launch or anything like that, ask yourself, if a 5 year old was in your situation, what things would he do differently?
Oh yeah, he might goto bed once he got home because he has school the next day.

[embed]94974:13080[/embed]   read

9:09 AM on 07.08.2008

The FooLiz FooTrip FooTacular

Hello again my little koala bears, it is time to give you the schedule of the Tour De FooLiz or the Epic SufFoo West Coast Tour whatever you wanna call it, we haven't thought of a good name yet.
I will be flying in to Los Angeles, California @ lunchtime on August 18th where Charlie and Suff0cat (aka Andy) are picking me up from there airport. and from the 18th til the 22nd I'm staying at the Marriott. Chad has promised me a party on the night of the 22nd so I plan on not sleeping much that night.
Then on the 23rd of August, Andy and I fly to San Francisco and arrive mid afternoon, at which point in time we plan on finding our way to Husky's house or kicking a hobo out of his box(I'll give him my jacket so it's Bruce Wayne style though).
At some stage CTZ has promised me a trip to Six Flags which I am putting on record here so if it doesn't happen you guys can be pissed with me.
27th August we leave San Fran and fly to Seattle and arrive at 3:30pm where we will meet up with the rest of our Dtoid family.
At some stage I will be doing a Jimi Hendrix tour which will consist of visiting his grave, the Jimi Hendrix museum and also the statue. Any other suggestions would be wonderful.
We are staying at the Roosevelt in the best room ever which consists of Me, Andy, Riser, Keener, Blehman and Phist. Oh and Nintendoll for the first night.
The hotel is booked til the 1st September so that night we're going out and causing trouble with the stragglers left behind from PAX and flying out at 8am Sept 2nd.
10:45am September 2nd: Riser Glen, Suff0cat and FooLiz invade Las Vegas(oh dang!)
Party our asses off for 2 nights and then say goodbye to Riser Glen on the 4th September in the mid afternoon, and then fly back to Los Angeles.
I don't fly back to Australia until 9:30pm September 7th so I have a few more tourist/party days but where I'm staying is still being decided, and whether Andy sticks around for the last couple of days is dependant on if he is sick of me or not.
So if you wanna hang out at any of this tour, you are more than welcome.

You may also use this blog as a place to post prayers for Suff0cat considering his bravery of spending 3 weeks with me!

Oh and also here is a picture my friend shooped of me as The Joker

Why So Serious?   read

3:34 AM on 07.07.2008

FooLiz follows Mxyzptlk's lead and talks about games she's playing

After reading Mxyzptlk's blog about games he's playing, I decided to follow his lead. Sooooo here is my list.

*****I am aware you may not care so here is a video to entertain you while I ramble that I feel is quite apt*****

I've been playing alot of 360 because it's the only console I havent let somebody borrow atm.
So I just recently bought Ninja Fagden 2 like many others and I really like it, it's hard as fuck but good. I love hack and slash games so I knew this would be right up my alley. When I started it I chose to do it on warrior because I think doing hack and slash on an easy level is a cop out and I'd rather die a thousand times on the hard one than do it on easy and be like well now I'll do it on hard. At the moment I'm up to Chapter 8 I think(I'm at the rocket launching ninjas bit after you kill the werewolves) and apparently there's another two difficulty levels after this(oh god no). Don't get me wrong, it's alot of fun, and I swear like a sailor when I'm playing it(that's a good thing, it means I like it), in fact the only thing this game has going against it is the shitty camera angles. I'm glad they took out the insult when you die thing, in fact my horrible abilities at the game actually made me end up with an achievement for dying so much.

I've also decided to get back into some of the games I've had for ages and forgotten to play.
One of which is Stuntman: Ignition which I got given as a promo, it's alright, I mean it's fun and all but you know... I can't beat somebody up with a guitar... which leads me to my next old school 360 game...
Dead Rising... Oh how much fun, shoving a shower head into a zombie's head so it showers blood. Or beating zombies up with a piece of shelving and a kitana. Oh and fucking Otis, I dont have time for your shit Otis, I know you're stuck beside the air vent and living vicariously through me but fuck you Otis, you've gotten me killed too many fucking times you piece of shit whore! (once again if I swear like a sailor I like it)

And finally I recently downloaded Catan at Keener's request, which led to his 360 getting rrod during our first game(I'm so sorry Keener <3 <3 <3) but it's alot of fun when you need a break from button mashing in Ninja Fagden or constant aggression at Otis in Dead Rising.
And as Mxyzptlk says I love to invite people to UNO so I can call them a whore for giving me a draw four. It's another game I play to be social other than Bomberman.

I don't play FPS's often.
Oooh and I think I'm gonna get Devil May Cry on Wednesday too....
Anyway's that's it
Also if you wanna be my internet guru to help me fix my nat settings let me know.

Also show me your genitals   read

7:03 AM on 07.06.2008

BALE WANTS YOU - to see The Dark Knight

*****The following is a message from the Bale Appreciation and Love Establishment*****

*****Thanks go to my faithful co-founder Riser Glen for the above picture*****
I have been asked to give you exact details of the screening I'm attending so we can make another DtoidAustralia event, but because it's during work hours etc and not booked at a place near many people I didn't think it would warrant a DtoidAustralia post.
For all of those wanting to attend The Dark Knight's first set of screenings I shall be attending the 10:30am session on Wednesday July 16th 2008 at Hornsby with my brother and FurySevenSix.
My tickets are for seats M13, M14, M15 if you wanna book to come with us, there are plenty of seats still available for booking on the website.
I am excited, Bale is excited, you should be excited too.
So the offer is there for those wishing to attend with us.
I'm also seeing it again on the Friday night at the Gold Class 9:30pm session at Macquarie which unfortunately is sold out now.
If anyone would like to do an IMAX session the week after or the Saturday let me know. I HIGHLY doubt I will get sick of seeing this film.
And before you ask, yes I am trying to get tickets to the Black Curtain screening on the 14th at 6pm. If someone gets a ticket to this let me know:

Also I am having trouble logging in and out of the the forums to check my messages so please contact me via email [email protected]   read

12:23 AM on 06.26.2008

A notice from B.A.L.E

*****The following is a message from the Bale Appreciation and Love Establishment*****

I will be seeing The Dark Knight on the 17th July at 11:30am at Hornsby(my local Greater Union) and call upon all of the other Australians to take advantage of our being in the future and Australian movies launching on Thursday's and go and see the first possible session of our Lord Bale's next installation of the Batman series.
I also call upon you to wear thy Bale or Heath Ledger merchandise(who had he not died could have possibly been Australian Bale before Eric Bana). This shall be a public holiday for myself and fellow members of B.A.L.E and so therefore I have taken the day off from work as a religious holiday.

Anyone wishing to join me on this pilgrimage is welcome. I will be wearing my I <3 Bale tshirt.

And for those of our congregation who are somewhere other than Australia, B.A.L.E gives you permission to take the day off work as a religious holiday to see the first session available to you, for this truly shall be a blessed day.

Now let us join in Our Lord's Prayer

Our Bale, which art in Los Angeles
hallowed be thy name;
thy chainsaw come;
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in Gotham.
Give us this day our daily Batman.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive them that don't watch your movies.
And lead us not into Arkham;
but deliver us from injustice.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power, and the Equilibrium,
For ever and ever.
Amen   read

2:54 AM on 06.14.2008

Bale Appreciation and Love Establishment(also known as B.A.L.E)

With the upcoming release of The Dark Knight, I was searching for when tickets went on sale and discovered that not only were tickets going on sale today but that it is launched in Australia on July 17th 2008, one day prior to its US release(more if you consider time differences).
So I have my tickets booked for Gold Class but realised that I had devastated one of my fellow members of B.A.L.E, Riser Glen. So as a peace and love offering I had this shirt made for him to wear to the midnight release of our beloved Bale's second Batman movie:

Before he knew anything about this shirt he also made a shirt design for me to wear to the Australian release(which I am trying to find a midnight one for DtoidAustralia). The top below is what I will be wearing when I see it.

All hail Bale...   read

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