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Little Burro's blog

7:57 PM on 01.06.2008

Retro Games Made With People

I don't know if this is old but I figured the peeps at Dtoid would enjoy these Tetris Pole Position Space Invaders Pong   read

6:58 PM on 12.19.2007

New Beautiful Katamari DLC

3 new levels for Beautiful Katamari are out for download on marketplace right now. Dangerous Colony-200 points Mechanical Colony-200 points Instituto Exactamundo-300 points I don't know if anyone cares but figured I would throw it up here.   read

5:13 PM on 12.17.2007

My Castle Crashers Figurine

Here is a video of my Orange Castle Crashers figurine! Enjoy :)   read

12:49 AM on 12.01.2007

I got myself some sweet ASS! (Pics Inside)

Here's a pic of the sweet ASS I got. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. I traded in a few games at my local Play N Trade at got $108 in store credit (when I bought an NSider card) so I picked up MASS Effect and ASSASSins C...   read

2:09 PM on 11.19.2007

Squeeze All The Charmin You Want

Mr. Whipple, a grocery store owner who had people problems, died today. Here is the full story from vdeo game related but I really liked Whipple) "Dick Wilson, the character actor and pitchman who for 21 ye...   read

10:00 PM on 10.16.2007

Left 4 Dead Trailer in The Orange Box

I was reading the WIN that is Destructoid and I had the Orange Box on my Xbox 360. I was in the Menu Where you pick from either HL2 HL2:E1 etc. and I kept my cursor over TF2.It played the TF2 trailer in the tiny screen twice ...   read

8:39 PM on 09.11.2007

Rock Band=Wired Guitars?

Shed a tear Xbox 360 owners, as the bundled guitars in the Xbox 360's version of Rock Band will not be wireless. Yes, while your friends are beating on the drum kit or screaming into the mic, you won't be able to dive off of ...   read

12:07 AM on 09.10.2007

Microsof...I mean Apple Surface

Savant, a company that makes many touchscreen products for the home, is going to release a coffee table 40" touchscreen that is integrated with iTunes. The table runs Rosie, their touchscreen software, and is powered by a Mac hidden within the table. It will access a user's music, photos, movies, and provide home automation functions. Oh, and it totally stole its name from Microsoft's Surface.   read

10:59 PM on 09.06.2007

Cheapy D Is Teh Famous?

Is that CheapyD on the side of that popcorn bucket? I knew he was famous but wow,popcorn bucket status is where you go epic.   read

12:14 AM on 09.01.2007

Xbox Messenger: The Un-wrappening

I got my hands on an Xbox Messenger Kit a few days before the commercial release on Tuesday, and I wanted to share some photos and thoughts with you. Nice of me, eh? Here is the mini-keyboard in all it's boxed up glory: I c...   read

9:04 AM on 08.30.2007

Jessica Alba Has a Wii?

A rumor was recently posted on the website "The Skinny Website" that actress Jessica Alba (Sin City, The Secret World of Alex Mack) keeps her wraith-like figure with the help of the Nintendo Wii. The site offers no sources ...   read

6:55 PM on 08.20.2007

Favorite Achievements

I was talking to my friend about achievements and which we thought were funniest or coolest named or hard to get.He said Body Armor from Crackdown was funny but I really like Shadowrun Fever(Virtual Herpes FTW) and Is It A Spider? from Gears.I was wondering what the Dtoid community liked. *PLEASE ASK ME TO USE MY POSTS IN YOUR OWN POST*   read

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