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Lithium avatar 1:29 PM on 12.01.2007
Technology is the devil

Paying somone in commision can make them do strange things, things that they know are wrong yet nevertheless insist on presuring you.

"I'm just browsing" you say, wondering why they think a teen with no income could afford to buy a 70 inch LCD high definition TV. You dont look there becuase you're planning on buying, more like because you're dreaming of. Each and every one of us are materialistic and money hungry bastards. Even the rich feel the urge to get richer even at the expense of the impoverished. Yet, that's how the game of capitalism is and if you dont like playing then game then you should get the fuck out of the stadium, people would argue. I doubt that the people who work at these huge appliance stores actually take pleasure in presuring comsumers who're just window shopping. They're threated with their own jobs to do this. It's not like like it's hard to evade their efforts but for the technolocialy challenged, the same people who insist that mediums such as videogames and the internet is the devil will be the ones at fault. Afterall, if there weren't anyone falling for comissionee's* tactics, then there'll be no point in even pressuring people in the first place.

In other words: some idiot has to be purchasing those warranties.

"If your item breaks, we'll replace it no questions asked"
they'll say, and of course the 30 somthing year old soccer mom falls for it, drops the extra 70 bucks and goes on her merry way.

of course when it does break they dont do anything about it.

I find it hard to believe that appliance stores can get away with charging nearly a hundred dollars just so they can pop a disk into your computer to reformat your harddrive and reinstall windows. Yet, who can blame them? There's lots of idiots out there, they're going to be exploited anyways.

The least these idiots can do is make an effort to educate themselves, yet instead of trying to grasp their heads around the idea they don't bother and insist that it's an evil device solely because they fail to understand it. It's not the appliance stores fault that they screw you over, it's YOUR fault if you fail to inform yourself.

*comissionee: person who's being paid in commision.

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