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6:35 PM on 11.11.2007

The combine, for those who've ever played a little game called "Halfife 2 (it was a sleeper hit, don't worry if you've never heard of it) this name will sound very familliar to you. for the uninitated here's the scoop:

The combine is a race from the Xen border world who, after the events of the renaisance cascade in Halflife 1 (a product of an experiment gone wrong, suprise, suprise) enslaves the entire human race in an invasion that lasts only seven hours. This is where our hero, Dr. Gordon Freeman comes in. Out of a stoke of luck he narrowly escapes certain death at nova prospekt due to his long time pal Barney Calhoun intercepting him at the checkpoint. Gordon then goes on to start a revolution against the combine opression and everyone lives hapilly ever after... Or do they?

For the record: Barney still hasn't bought gordon a cold one, says he's too busy rebelling against the combine.

Now, this begs the question:

how the hell can the Combine enslave earth in a matter of hours but seem completely incapable to kill a crowbar wielding nerd!

now wether or not this has effected morale in the combine ranks remains to be seen. Frankly I wouldn't be suporised if they resorted to pulling a pin on a grenade and running at him.

What's that you say? they have?

At this rate, all of the striders in the combine arsenal can't stop this guy. It's not that he's a great warrior either. Frankly because he's kicking their ass with no combat training what so ever This is either a case of incompotent leadership at the hands of the "benefactors" or they really just didn't take the time to train their footsoldiers

"here's a big shiny gun, go blow things up"

I'm willing to bank that it's a combination of both. and it's destined to be covered up and the files proving to be confidential for the rest of eternity due to the fact that the "benefactors" want to hide the fact that they, much like the United States never planned for insurgency and is paying the price and again, like the U.S find themselves caught in the middle of a civil war (zombies, antlions, humans and of course, the combine themselves)

To be frank with you, there way too many similarities between the combine's ocupation of earth and the United States' war in iraq that the "benefactors" might just be the bush administration. Now that's somthing the government definately doesn't wan't you to know.

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