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favourite videogame parodies

5: Metal Gear Awesome
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I'll make this blunt: you're only going to know what's going on if you've played metal gear solid before. If you've never played the game before you will have absolutely no idea what's going on and therefore not understand any of the references in this fasted paced, comedic flash.

4: Super mario bros Z series
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ok this one's kind of cheating, since it's a whole series, but If you like super mario, sonic or even DBZ you'll apreciate it. This blend of Mario, Sonic and with fight scenes inspired by Dragon Ball Z Is perhaps one of the most cliche series around for a few reasons:

-It's a sprite flash
-said sprite flash has mario and sonic characters
-It rips off DBZ
-has many explosions

Yep it has everything you expect from a generic sprite flash, expect for one thing: The execution of the flash is great, everything to the the fight scenes and even the odd bit of comedy every now and then keeps this animation from getting generic. (ah least they took out the random screaming like in DBZ)

3: Zelda: heart for the hero
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I've allways wondered how Link manages to converse with the deziens of hyrule without uttering a single word, yet Link is somehow able to. Maybe he speaks telepathically with them, I have no freaking clue to be honest. Anyways, It's about time that his inability to talk finally catches up to him. This animation is short, but sweet anyone who's played a zelda game will like it.

2: 8 bit D&D
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Technically this isn't a videogame parody since it's about Dungeons and dragons but I'll let that slide since it uses the 8 bit final fantasy sprites. If there's a quote that can sum up this animation it's this:


1: Red vs Blue
Click here to veiw
you can also click here
and you can click here for another one!

You didn't think I'd forget about this series, did you? Red vs Blue may be a machinima rather than a parody (unless you count the pubbers on xbox live, click the last link to see what I mean) I absolutely love this series, since I couldnt pick from all of the episodes I decided to search for a montage of the best moments in the series, I couldnt even pick between those. So please, do yourself a favour and watch all three of the linked collections :D

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