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Lithium avatar 12:33 AM on 01.10.2009
"If gamers ran the world"

edit: what the crap happened to the post structuring? its all weird now :/

I was listening to the latest episode of Spark on CBC radio (it's pretty much the canadian equal to NPR) and
they ran a segment entitled "If gamers ran the world"

"This afternoon, I interviewed Tom Armitage. He's a software designer who recently came to our attention
because of a talk he gave recently, called "If Gamers Ran the World." In it, he puts forth the idea that in
another 10 years, leaders who are the same age as Barack Obama or British Conservative Party leader
David Cameron are now, will be children of the 1970s, and as such, more than likely the first leaders who
grew up with video games as a core part of their way of interact with the world around them. What would
that mean for how they would behave as leaders?"

you can listen to the full interview by clicking

after listening to this it got me thinking about how the technology generation can run the world differently

I would like to hope that our generation will be more open to new technologies avoid scapegoating new
things, espesalily since we lived through the whole video game violence thing, but then again, their
generation had to go through the scapegoating of rock and roll, and they don't seem to be able to draw any

Anyways, how do you think the younger generation(s) will run the world differently? (if anything changes

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