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12:33 AM on 01.10.2009

"If gamers ran the world"

edit: what the crap happened to the post structuring? its all weird now :/

I was listening to the latest episode of Spark on CBC radio (it's pretty much the canadian equal to NPR) and
they ran a segment entitled "If gamers ran the world"

"This afternoon, I interviewed Tom Armitage. He's a software designer who recently came to our attention
because of a talk he gave recently, called "If Gamers Ran the World." In it, he puts forth the idea that in
another 10 years, leaders who are the same age as Barack Obama or British Conservative Party leader
David Cameron are now, will be children of the 1970s, and as such, more than likely the first leaders who
grew up with video games as a core part of their way of interact with the world around them. What would
that mean for how they would behave as leaders?"

you can listen to the full interview by clicking

after listening to this it got me thinking about how the technology generation can run the world differently

I would like to hope that our generation will be more open to new technologies avoid scapegoating new
things, espesalily since we lived through the whole video game violence thing, but then again, their
generation had to go through the scapegoating of rock and roll, and they don't seem to be able to draw any

Anyways, how do you think the younger generation(s) will run the world differently? (if anything changes
anyways)   read

1:29 PM on 12.01.2007

Technology is the devil

Paying somone in commision can make them do strange things, things that they know are wrong yet nevertheless insist on presuring you.

"I'm just browsing" you say, wondering why they think a teen with no income could afford to buy a 70 inch LCD high definition TV. You dont look there becuase you're planning on buying, more like because you're dreaming of. Each and every one of us are materialistic and money hungry bastards. Even the rich feel the urge to get richer even at the expense of the impoverished. Yet, that's how the game of capitalism is and if you dont like playing then game then you should get the fuck out of the stadium, people would argue. I doubt that the people who work at these huge appliance stores actually take pleasure in presuring comsumers who're just window shopping. They're threated with their own jobs to do this. It's not like like it's hard to evade their efforts but for the technolocialy challenged, the same people who insist that mediums such as videogames and the internet is the devil will be the ones at fault. Afterall, if there weren't anyone falling for comissionee's* tactics, then there'll be no point in even pressuring people in the first place.

In other words: some idiot has to be purchasing those warranties.

"If your item breaks, we'll replace it no questions asked"
they'll say, and of course the 30 somthing year old soccer mom falls for it, drops the extra 70 bucks and goes on her merry way.

of course when it does break they dont do anything about it.

I find it hard to believe that appliance stores can get away with charging nearly a hundred dollars just so they can pop a disk into your computer to reformat your harddrive and reinstall windows. Yet, who can blame them? There's lots of idiots out there, they're going to be exploited anyways.

The least these idiots can do is make an effort to educate themselves, yet instead of trying to grasp their heads around the idea they don't bother and insist that it's an evil device solely because they fail to understand it. It's not the appliance stores fault that they screw you over, it's YOUR fault if you fail to inform yourself.

*comissionee: person who's being paid in commision.   read

6:35 PM on 11.11.2007

Move along citizen

The combine, for those who've ever played a little game called "Halfife 2 (it was a sleeper hit, don't worry if you've never heard of it) this name will sound very familliar to you. for the uninitated here's the scoop:

The combine is a race from the Xen border world who, after the events of the renaisance cascade in Halflife 1 (a product of an experiment gone wrong, suprise, suprise) enslaves the entire human race in an invasion that lasts only seven hours. This is where our hero, Dr. Gordon Freeman comes in. Out of a stoke of luck he narrowly escapes certain death at nova prospekt due to his long time pal Barney Calhoun intercepting him at the checkpoint. Gordon then goes on to start a revolution against the combine opression and everyone lives hapilly ever after... Or do they?

For the record: Barney still hasn't bought gordon a cold one, says he's too busy rebelling against the combine.

Now, this begs the question:

how the hell can the Combine enslave earth in a matter of hours but seem completely incapable to kill a crowbar wielding nerd!

now wether or not this has effected morale in the combine ranks remains to be seen. Frankly I wouldn't be suporised if they resorted to pulling a pin on a grenade and running at him.

What's that you say? they have?

At this rate, all of the striders in the combine arsenal can't stop this guy. It's not that he's a great warrior either. Frankly because he's kicking their ass with no combat training what so ever This is either a case of incompotent leadership at the hands of the "benefactors" or they really just didn't take the time to train their footsoldiers

"here's a big shiny gun, go blow things up"

I'm willing to bank that it's a combination of both. and it's destined to be covered up and the files proving to be confidential for the rest of eternity due to the fact that the "benefactors" want to hide the fact that they, much like the United States never planned for insurgency and is paying the price and again, like the U.S find themselves caught in the middle of a civil war (zombies, antlions, humans and of course, the combine themselves)

To be frank with you, there way too many similarities between the combine's ocupation of earth and the United States' war in iraq that the "benefactors" might just be the bush administration. Now that's somthing the government definately doesn't wan't you to know.   read

1:09 AM on 10.29.2007

Favourite Videogame parodies

favourite videogame parodies

5: Metal Gear Awesome
Click here to veiw

I'll make this blunt: you're only going to know what's going on if you've played metal gear solid before. If you've never played the game before you will have absolutely no idea what's going on and therefore not understand any of the references in this fasted paced, comedic flash.

4: Super mario bros Z series
Click here to veiw

ok this one's kind of cheating, since it's a whole series, but If you like super mario, sonic or even DBZ you'll apreciate it. This blend of Mario, Sonic and with fight scenes inspired by Dragon Ball Z Is perhaps one of the most cliche series around for a few reasons:

-It's a sprite flash
-said sprite flash has mario and sonic characters
-It rips off DBZ
-has many explosions

Yep it has everything you expect from a generic sprite flash, expect for one thing: The execution of the flash is great, everything to the the fight scenes and even the odd bit of comedy every now and then keeps this animation from getting generic. (ah least they took out the random screaming like in DBZ)

3: Zelda: heart for the hero
click here to veiw

I've allways wondered how Link manages to converse with the deziens of hyrule without uttering a single word, yet Link is somehow able to. Maybe he speaks telepathically with them, I have no freaking clue to be honest. Anyways, It's about time that his inability to talk finally catches up to him. This animation is short, but sweet anyone who's played a zelda game will like it.

2: 8 bit D&D
Click hereto veiw
Technically this isn't a videogame parody since it's about Dungeons and dragons but I'll let that slide since it uses the 8 bit final fantasy sprites. If there's a quote that can sum up this animation it's this:


1: Red vs Blue
Click here to veiw
you can also click here
and you can click here for another one!

You didn't think I'd forget about this series, did you? Red vs Blue may be a machinima rather than a parody (unless you count the pubbers on xbox live, click the last link to see what I mean) I absolutely love this series, since I couldnt pick from all of the episodes I decided to search for a montage of the best moments in the series, I couldnt even pick between those. So please, do yourself a favour and watch all three of the linked collections :D   read

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