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Liquidjudo's blog

Fighting Game Documentry (kickstarter)
7:52 PM on 03.01.2012
Location: Shadow Moses
12:45 PM on 01.29.2012
Location: Skyrim
11:48 AM on 01.25.2012
Call Of Duty 3 (private matches)
3:32 PM on 01.19.2012
What I Want in 2012: Diablo III
3:23 PM on 01.12.2012
Resolutions: Playstation Move & MadCatz TE
10:39 AM on 12.28.2011

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Liquidjudo 's blog
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I was born in 1987, I have a birthmark on my butt.
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Check out this kickstarter fundraiser for a documentry my friend is making. Make a donation if your interested in helping out.
Fighting Game Documentary


12:45 PM on 01.29.2012

(SPOILER ALERT: If you have not played Metal Gear Solid their may be some spoilers, though I don't think its anything too major that would ruin your experience. Proceed with caution)

Shadow Moses Island, Alaska.

Called out of retirement, Solid Snake is tasked with destroying the bi-pedal nuclear tank (Metal Gear Rex) thought to be housed in the nuclear facility on Shadow Moses Island. Behind the development of Rex and plot to use it, is a terrorist cell comprised of members of Snakes former commando unit FOXHOUND. Alone, Snake infiltrates and fights his way to the heart of the island to face off with his mysterious brother the leader of the terrorist cell Liquid Snake.

Looking back on the game now its hard to tell that when this game came out the visuals were actually quite impressive. The different areas of the island were all unique, wildlife (Wolves, Rats, Ravens ect.) added character to otherwise empty spaces and made the game feel more lifelike. The radar was very accurate in showing the layout of a specific area and with plenty of hidden areas and alternative routes.

In Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, a grey-haired Snake returns to to Shadow Moses island. The place has been abandoned since "The Shadow Moses Incident" (the events of MGS1). Walking around to different locations triggers the recollection of memorable codec transmissions and flashback cut-scenes remembering what the area looked the first time Snake visited the island.

Being the first game I played in the series, I'll never forget the location of the SOCOM, repeatedly tapping the O button to regain life as you resist Ocelots torture or the the dramatic battles with Sniper Wolf and ultimately facing off with Liquid. If you are a fan of the series and have not picked up the HD collection, I highly suggest checking it out. It does not include a remake of MGS1, Hopefully one day we'll get something like that.
I can't wait to see what comes next in the series.


11:48 AM on 01.25.2012

Some of the most memorable locations of video games I have played include: Shadow Moses Island(MGS), Sanctuary(Diablo series), Expel & Energy Nede (StarOcean:2nd Story), Little Big Planet(Little Big Planet), Ozwell E. Spencer's Mansion (Resident Evil 5: Lost In Nightmares DLC), Earth (Onimusha series), Final Fantasy games also do a good job with the setting of their games for the most part, they tend to be very interesting places with a good amount of depth into the story behind the specific locations as well as being very visually appealing.I am sure there are more great locations but this is what I came up with off the top of my head. Also, Skyrim! (Skyrim).

(Side note: so far I am intrigued by the setting of Resident Evil 6)

I agree that a games setting is very important. If you want your game to have any replay value whatsoever you need to have a location that makes the player want to return.

Why doesn't call of duty modern warfare 3 have the awesome game modes like gun game and one in the chamber on public playlists? I noticed them in the custom modes in the private match set up but its a pain in the ass trying to get enough random people to join the game. Anyone have any idea why they don't have these modes on public playlists?

I am really excited to play Diablo III. To this day Diablo II remains one of my favorite games to play online even with all the spam bots and lag. It's amazing that after 10 years there are still quite a few people playing online. Another reason I am looking forward to the newest edition to the Diablo series is that it really has an interesting and exciting story line thus far and I can't wait to find out what happens next!

I think It is safe for me to say that the Diablo series is my personal favorite of blizzard's games. They have done a great job of adding new content and keeping things interesting and I hope they continue to do so with Diablo III. I would not be surprised to see some sort of expansion with new characters and quests like the Lord Of Distruction within the next couple years.

Diablo has one more thing that is really awesome. My dad likes to play it! I have been playing PC games since I was 5-6 years old and my dad showed me how to load them up from a Directory in MS-Dos. He would take me to computer trade show type things and would get me those 1000 shareware games on one CD deals. I can remember being introduced to awesome games like Commander Keen, Monster Bash, Raptor: Call of the Shadows, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior and many more..

In addition to defending sanctuary from whatever with my dad, I am also excited that a lot of old friends who I used to play Diablo II with will be joining the battle. It will be good to reconnect and battle a long side them once again. Be warned foul demons and beasts of Diablo III I am coming for you!

Long forgotten is my Resolution of 2011. I have just decided that for 2012 I would like to do a few things video game related. Hopefully writing it down here will help me to accomplish it, and not forget about it.

First, I would like to get through my current library of Ps3 games. I got a lot of new games this year, most of them in the last couple months. Some I have already gone through but would like to go back and unlock more trophys and beat them on a higher difficulty ect. This Is actually quite a daunting task when I think about it. Some of the games like Skyrim and MGS:HDC I expect to take a great deal of time to even come close to completion. At the end of this article I'll include a list of all the games I currently have for the ps3 and it might give you an idea what I am up against.

Now on top of this first part of my resolution, I have two new types of controllers for my ps3. A MadCatz TE Fightstick I bought online for 60$ an a Playstation Move SharpShooter thing I just got for Christmas. My resolution involving these new controllers is to master their use, or at least become more competent than I am now. I have had the Fightstick for a few months and am starting to get the hang of it, I have a long way to go though. I really don't have much skill when It comes to linking big combos for massive amounts of DMG and mostly find myself relying on a few specific moves and trying to be conservative about taking hits. I don't really have much to say about the SharpShooter yet I have maybe 1.5 Hours game time with it so far. I have started playing Killzone 3 with it and seem to be doing okay, I know that I would be doing much better with a Six Axis but the challenge of using the SharpShooter is entertaining and keeps me engaged in the game. I think that it was the same way with the Fightstick at first, I'm not sure If I am better now with it than a SA. I definitely think these controllers are fun but don't expect them to actually improve my game, in Fighting games and FPS's respectively, overnight. If anyone has any tips about learning to link big combos with a Fightstick or tricks for calibrating or adjusting settings for optimizing efficiency with the SharpShooter, leave me a comment or send me a message.

Finally, I have a resolution that has less to do with video games. I want to take more photos and build a portfolio of the photos I have taken of my friends over the years since I studied photography in High School and at the Santa Rosa JC. I also want to continue reading and writing as I have started to do more and more recently and I am really enjoying it.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year and wish you good luck with your own resolutions!

(PS3 Games: Afro Samurai, COD:WaW-BO-MW3, Castlevania:LOS, MVC2-3, KIllzone3, RE5:Gold, Skyrim, MGS:HDC, Tekken6, Red Dead Redemption, MGS4, Fallout3, Fallout:NV, FFXIII, StarOcean:TLH International, DeadNation, Little Big Planet)