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Lil DangerouZ avatar 11:56 PM on 08.07.2010  (server time)
The Infected! Albert Wesker & Alex Mercer

I'm taking all bets people.

Let's take a minute to look at the facts of these two characters. They are both super powered beings, they both revolve around a virus and the people who try to kill them are pretty much weaklings compared to their awesomeness.

Alex as we know may have more powers, but will that be enough to counter Albert's brain?!!!

Will Albert's teleporting styled speed be able to get him close enough to deal blows to Alex?!!!

Will anyone else besides me realize that their names are the same?!!!

Alex- Albert Wesker- Mercer

Better yet wouldn't it be grand if these two teamed up? Or how about if Alex consumed Wesker?

For the longest while I couldn't shake there similarities from my head. I can't do anything but love the fact that these two badass dudes are in some way related. Just look at the pictures....

What I would do is introduce Capcom to Radical Entertainment and have them create a game where these two have to work together. Feel free to do what you want as long as my fetish for infection (which sounds so gross when spoken out loud) is satisfied.

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