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Lil DangerouZ avatar 4:36 AM on 12.05.2010  (server time)
Actual Prototype 2 Gameplay? (Pics)

Big man on campus, Jim Sterling, posted an article with the Murder Your Maker teaser trailer, showing off a quick five second peek at the new Prototype title in the works. He mentioned how he liked the game and would love to see a sequel, but he also mentioned that the trailer was full of old gameplay footage. Which on the contrary, isn't so true.

Three seconds in, if you pause when the screen flashes orange, you will be looking at, (what I hope to be), actual gameplay from the upcoming title. With that image you can see a multitude of new items, people, and structures that weren't previously in the original game. Me being the PROTO-fanboy that I am, I noticed these differences rather quickly, and instantly became delighted.

Here's the screen I am talking about.

I'll point out some of the new items.

Alex's armor, in game, was black and bulkier than this model. Here we see his pre-alpha armored form, which makes him look more like a streamline Hunter. Me and a few friends chatted with a developer at an Activision forum and they seemed okay with the idea of using his old armor. I just never thought they actually would listen to us and put it in!

Look carefully at their right hands and you'll find that they have some type of sharp appendage or new rifle weapon. They're extremely dark which could point to the BLACKWATCH soldiers since their suits were all black. But those weapons look too blade like to be human tools. New infected perhaps?

These are not spikes but tentacles coming from the ground. Alex has only one tentacle based move, and it comes from his body. So if it's not an attack it must be part of the scenery. In the trailer you can see VERY thick pillars of infected goo stretching across the city streets.

In the background here is a large explosion ripping into the side of a building. And the building itself seems to be made up of living material. Looks like a Hive to me. :)

And here we can see what looks like a familiar enemy.

I loved the original Prototype. Hearing that we are getting a sequel is a dream come true for me. Even with it's flaws I still had a great time playing as Alex.

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