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6:51 PM on 08.03.2010

Having Fun with Video Game Racism :)

I'm pretty sure you all saw this video.


But have you read the comments that followed? Racist people have flocked out the wazoo to cast blame on the black community for the fault of three robbers. Wow. First, you think you can come to YouTube to watch a funny video then you find out you have to wade threw an ocean of racism. I have no idea where these people are getting it from. The men in the video aren't even black. They're traditionally Hawaiian. His name alone should give up his origin. But then again some people still think its 1813. And me being African-American myself it does hurt to see the N word being used offensively.

But I can't let it get me down. So heres what I did. I thought up of two games, and I have inferred some beliefs onto the characters as a joke. If some how racism can be applied to a video about the attempted robbery of a DS then I'm sure discrimination, anarchism and drugs can be applied to actual games.

God of War-

Is Kratos atheist? He doesn't worship the Gods, since he killed them anyway. So does that mean he praises no higher power?

Is Kratos on steroids? He seems pretty angry all the time. And he is very muscular and very angry. Maybe he is having temper tantrums from all the bull supplement he has injected into his nads.

Is Kratos metro-sexual? He has sex with women, but he does wear a fabulous skirt. Hm..... I say yes.


Is Cole racist? From what I understand The Reapers are supposed to be Hispanic.

Is Cole discriminant against the poor? Instead of shooting the Dustmen with lightning how about you give em some cash, sparky? It seems to me if your a homeless person Cole will rain ho,t burning, death upon you. How dare you not have a home!

Is Cole an Anarchist? The First Sons pretty much ran Pacific City after the Ray Sphere incident. They acted as a government system in a way. Does Cole hate the government? I think so.

Thinking this way when it comes to gaming is a little odd and at times funny, in a dark sense, yet it's all I can do to take something terrible and transform it into something relatively positive.

Hold it, I thought of one more.

Gears of War

Well it's not technically racist, but there aren't enough black people in it. I'm happy with Coltrane and his "in your face" attitude, and I'm happy with the fact that he isn't dead yet. But, I would be even happier if the series had more black characters. Oh, wait, Ice Tea is voicing someone in the third installment. SWEEEET!!!! :) Never mind then. Gears is pure in my book.   read

1:30 AM on 07.28.2010

Any Caution for 360 Slim?

Has anyone, anyone at all, read, experienced or heard of a new 360 crapping out? I have recently obtained some money....(threw robbery) and I have already decided on what to purchase. Yet I would really like to know If I should wait for patches or fixes for the 360 slim (as it is known on the net). So far I haven't heard anything about it breaking down or it's wi-fi not working properly yet I am still skeptical in a way. Any help? And no trolling trying to tell me to get a PS3. This means you Crunshii. You bastardly, bastard, bastard thing.   read

10:09 PM on 06.26.2010

Prototype 2- My add-ons

Two words.
I wrote this to the Radical Crew on a forum. They liked it.....

"Weaponized Vehicles" I got this idea from watching the Spawn movie when he made the HellCycle out of his cape.

Helicopter: By infusing the metal with living tissue Alex creates an armored helicoptered that is protected twice as strong as its normal armor. Like the arm shield the outer layer can be shattered. Leaving the metal work of the copter exposed. But in using this technique your helicopter is weighed down more. It can't rise higher than a couple of stories and even so it maneuvers very slowly like a tank.

APC: Alex generates a giant spiked locomotive cage on the front of the APC with the spikes rotating extremely fast. This is good for going threw hives, bases, mowing down enemies yet with all its protection in front it's still deceptable to side attacks.

Tank: I call this one "Vlad the Impaler". The tank's cannon and shells are empowered by the same genetic makeup of Alex's claws. Yet it is unstable and quickly disperses after blunt contact. If you shoot something with a cannon shell not only will it feel the explosion but large spikes fly in every direction. The only drawback is you only have a limited amount of ammo. Like six. Then upgraded to ten. Then fifth teen.

Thermobaric Tank: The shells are infused with a flesh eating virus. Any organic matter caught in the blast radius is dematerialized into powder. A limit of two shells. Then four. Then six.

The draw back is after a short while Alex's genetic makeup starts to reject the foreign materials of the machine and slowly eats away at the armor.

Something else.

Animals in the city.

Maybe throw in some stray dogs in the city for Alex to consume and transform into. It would be cool to see Alex trotting along the street as a dirty Labrador when a Dog catcher corners him in an alley. Then Alex devours him out of sight. Then later on they might get infected and become high speed runners with a savage bite. Consuming a "Savage Mutt" as I would call it could give you those raptor legs posted up earlier.

And as graphics go you all did a wonderful job. But I would suggest using maybe the engine Just Cause 2 has. It seems to have good visual distance and the colors pop for an open world game. It will also give you that sun beaming out from the clouds effect like your Art Director wanted. Oh, and if it's not too much how about a higher destruction of the ground with a longer damage memory. If Alex is gonna be Bullet Diving he should atleast put a 40 foot wide, 5 foot deep crater in the ground. Plus when I kill people I personally like to stand over their bodies and giggle. So having the game keep track of like a good 200 on screen bodies would be appreciated.

A guy who was also on the forum did some concepts of his Alex powers. I will share those with you.
Well can someone tell me how to upload pics?   read

11:18 PM on 06.25.2010

Who cries over cheats? (Especially for a simple game.)

I go to a [PROTOTYPE] forum board seeing if a sequel would be made. But so far no. Well Radical is keeping it hush, hush if it is true. All I can find are people adding new powers and abilities and even thinking of some really great improvements.

That is until I click over to another forum revolving around cheat codes. I can't even explain to you how F-ing dumb people are. Why would a game need to have cheat codes for it to be playable? No game is that hard. Especially [PROTOTYPE] when Alex can cheat his way threw anything. But I guess if you can't spawn your own helicopter out of nowhere then it's not worth it. Are any good games using cheats anymore?

God of War 3- Never played it but the first two didn't. Why would this one?

Gears of War 1 and 2 - Nope.

[PROTOTYPE]- It has 1. Early body surf.

One of the developers tried to explain his self by stating that cheat codes were a last minute thing since they were still trying to get the frame rates to stick. I guess that is why thye toned down the graphics so that the screen wouldn't turn blue after every explosion. But people just get mad at anything. Take this guy AMERCER182 for example. The biggest kid I ever met.

SERIOUSLY?? I cannot even express how frustrated I am with the lack of respect from the developers. Radical actually had the nerve to make a good game with no cheats. I understand that it's not required but thats what makes good games so much more fun. It adds to the replay value of the game which because there is no cheats, there is no replay value. I am saying this for so many people who have bought this game....ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How can you add a cheat menu with one cheat. God mode and No Cops would be perfect cheats for this game. Do you realize why Saints Row 2 sold so many copies. Not because of graphics, not because of the story, and certainly not because of game play. IT WAS 100% BECAUSE OF CHEATS. A game that was decent went to amazing simply because it had over 100 cheats, with everyone of them being extremely fun and creative. Ex: Become Giant, Become Little, No Cops, Low Gravity, Milk Bones (extremely strong), Drunk Pedestrians, Evil Cars, AND MUCH MORE! I hope you guys working at Radical realize that this game would be a complete disappointment because it is an open-world game to do whatever you want and there is no cheats. If you guys had the least amount of respect for your customers, you would add cheats. Thanks for your cooperation.

The game has been out for the longest and you think that because you and 12 other people want cheat codes that the developers should kiss your ass? I'm sorry but where is your gaming skill where you STILL have to rely on codes? I mean granted it does make games more fun but again Alex doesn't need it. Before you go to a mission just eat civilians then when you get there use a Devastator. Did any of you even notice that all the cheats he listed would not make the game fun? It would just make shit look clunky and uninteresting. Why should Radical appeal to his kiddie mind. I just don't know what I'm gonna leave it alone. I just want my sequel to a good game. And NO CODES.   read

8:46 PM on 06.23.2010

Everyone has a favorite.

I'll go ahead and say it; The Xbox 360 is my favorite console so far.

Yeah, it has won my heart. This big chunk of plastic has made me the happiest man in the world and I am going to marry it come high noon. You are all invited but you have to do one thing. No, not bring gifts but you have to admit something. Admit to me and all of DToid your favorite console.

And I don't want any wars on my page. Uh-uh I ain't having it.

What I do want is a story of why the console you've chosen is best for oyu, why you haven't picked the other two, and why you think it is worth a buy.

I shall start:

Long ago in the year 2004 my friend had gotten the Original Xbox for his Bday. Or he sucked a lot of cock to pay for it, I forgot which one. But anyway I would usually go to his house to play his PS2 because I was very bored with my N64. So when I hear he has an Xbox I go over and he pops in Rise of the Imperfects. I beat him with Wolverine while he had Evil Thing. Imagine my surprise when the graphics first show up on screen. A 10 year old with this much graphical achievement in his face is bound to have his mind blown. Plus the controller felt better in my tiny hands and the Menu even looked better when you first boot it up.

Then comes the year where the 360 comes out. I don't get my first 360 'til 2009 but I still kept up on it until then. Reading flamewar after flamewar I decided to do my own investigation until I could afford a console. My other friends had PS3s and 360s out the arce so getting my hands on one was simple. But of course I couldn't keep one. Greedy fools. After a while of begging I was able to do my tests.

Controller: 360 still felt better in design and it feels better between my still tiny hands. 10/10
PS3 felt too easy to break and I like to button mash on Ninja Storm. 9/10

Graphics: I already knew both displayed at 1080P so this was unnecessary to do. Tie

Menu: PS3 was a little more like a computer's start menu. One click takes you into another menu, then another then another. Seems cool for those who have a lot to put on there, but I'm a simple man myself.


360 had well....... a more simple menu. One shuffle got me to where I needed to go.

9/10 (For looking like a folder in a suitcase.)

Games: The games I REALLY wanna play are always multi-platform, but so far the only exclusives I've wanted to play are Crackdown and Fable so I guess the 360 wins. Admittedly I wanted to play inFamous for a while but then [PROTOTYPE] came and shut that game down.

PS3 9/10 (Nice Try) 360 10/10 (Nice Counter)

Hardware: PS3 has more for someone but not for me. I download my High Def movies from the internet. I have my own fast internet browser on my pc and for online play I really don't need it cause I have many gamer friends living around me. So for this I choose 360, but technical wise the PS3 wins for being a little more advanced.

Technical: PS3 10/10 360 8/10
Practical: PS3 5/10 360 9/10

As for the Wii it doesn't have anything to interest me. Yes, Iv'e played it countless times yet the games for it are too soft and the design has no HD backbone to make me want it. I like it, I'm glad it's hear but I'm even gladder I don't own one.

The 360 is worth a buy because 1. It is sexy (well the new version is) 2. It is a hardcore system with hardcore exclusives 3. It brings back childhood memories

So there you go people. The mission is clear. Go forth and explain your love for that console and no trolling.

(This means you Crunshii)

I won't think of you as a fanboy. The point of me doing this was to actually divulge rumors that I was one. So to my people and fellow gamers I give you your mission. And the wedding has been moved to midnight. I'm planning on sleeping past noon and playing threw the night.

(And also I am a little tired so forgive me for any misspellings or if things are not making since. I've spent most of my day in a GED program.)   read

11:03 AM on 06.21.2010

Sony is a Bully.

Why is it that Sony is so cruel? Always complaining. Always whining. Always thinking it's better than me because it had a date to the prom. Sony you stole my girlfriend! Just because your one of the popular kids doesn't mean you can make fun of me and my 360. Or even Nintendo!

For a while now I've been reading articles about Sony slinging mud. Either pointing out problems in Kinect or even going after the 3Ds from Nintendo. I know competition is high but really do you need to be the first to start flame wars for console fanboys?

If the item is gonna fail let it fail. Or atleast retaliate when someone makes fun of your products instead of actually causing the fan battles that I read everytime I come to Dtoid.

Sony is like the teenage girl who hates another teenage girl for wearing a dress with the same design but has a different color and is made up of different material. Sony needs to realize that if it can get it's head out of the gutter and stop making products so it can seem better than Microsoft or Wii than it can become something great. I think that's why I don't own a PS3 yet. Sony is just putting so much fan pressure on me.

"Buy the Move or be faced with playing games with your body on Kinect!" Muahahahahahhahh!!!!!!!!!

Well Kinect grabs my attention more and having you bash it for something so tiny just makes me think of Sony as a big bully. You steal fans. You steal sales and you mock your competitors. How about you show some respect for your fellow gaming companies? Personally I don't care about looking like a fool while playing Kinect. Especially if I'm in my own house. (Common sense people.)

Stop with the fan fuel and actually make something that isn't a copy of other consoles. I've seen you be original before.

But again your a bully. When you can't get what you want you cry about others having it and why it's bad. Just make something better. You have the money! Don't cry and demean your competitors just top them like a real business rival would. Stop acting like a Grade School Bully!   read

6:37 AM on 06.17.2010

Microsoft has fixed it!

If you're like me than you love your 360. Not to the point of fanboyism but you know the 360 has what you need and you don't care for Blu-Ray. And if your still like me than you understand the bubbling rage you feel for people who can't listen to common sense or just refuse to even be taught in the ways of common thinking. An example of this is in the article of the new slim Xbox scratching an Alan Wake disc. Oh, how the people swarm. With trolling in mind people bash the new system and Microsoft for "not fixing this problem."

Well let me tell you something. They did. OMG shocker. Yeah they fixed it like 2 years ago with the New XBox Experience. You know that thing on your console? That avatar you dress up everyday? He is your cure.

With NXE (that is now on every console) you have the option of downloading games to the HDD. This is what the PS3 does for every game automatically. For the 360 all you need to do is press y at the game screen and select download. Give a few minutes and bam, no more spinning disc. Which leads to no more disc scratching. Feel free to turn the 360 upside down. I know I have. And guess what you will find. No scratches. It's as simple as that. Just download the game and you won't have to worry. And with the new XBox having 250 GB for you to abuse then there is no worry of space. It is like 1 GB for every game you download so unless you have every game that came out since the launch then you shouldn't worry about anything concerning space.

And for those who are still on edge let it be known that I have done an experiment. I have taken a game and downloaded it to my XBox. I have shook it and turned it side ways I have used every angle while the game was playing. And Wanted: Weapons of Fate was still working perfectly.

Though, I was looking forward to seeing the game getting destroid.

So I deleted it from my HDD and moved the 360 while in play. The joy of the trash compactor munching away at this disc was oh so satisfying. The game refused to read. Finally I can throw away this damn game.

[b]Experiment: Find out if game disc will survive.

Theory: Downloading to the HDD will keep the disc safe.

Downloading to HDD: You can ove the 360 as much as you want.

Normal Play: The 360 will eat your game if you move it.

Results: My theory was correct.[/b]

So there you go Microsoft has fixed there problem and even is willing to give you more memory space. If anything we need to thank Microsoft and rant on how stupid the dudes in the video are for moving the damn thing with out installing.

I wish I had a camera so I could have recorded my experiment but hey I am only 16 and my mom doesn't give me a large allowance.

So I'm out, stay true to games my friends. Wii, PS3 and 360 gamers unite!!!!!   read

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