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4:36 AM on 12.05.2010

Actual Prototype 2 Gameplay? (Pics)

Big man on campus, Jim Sterling, posted an article with the Murder Your Maker teaser trailer, showing off a quick five second peek at the new Prototype title in the works. He mentioned how he liked the game and would love to see a sequel, but he also mentioned that the trailer was full of old gameplay footage. Which on the contrary, isn't so true.

Three seconds in, if you pause when the screen flashes orange, you will be looking at, (what I hope to be), actual gameplay from the upcoming title. With that image you can see a multitude of new items, people, and structures that weren't previously in the original game. Me being the PROTO-fanboy that I am, I noticed these differences rather quickly, and instantly became delighted.

Here's the screen I am talking about.

I'll point out some of the new items.

Alex's armor, in game, was black and bulkier than this model. Here we see his pre-alpha armored form, which makes him look more like a streamline Hunter. Me and a few friends chatted with a developer at an Activision forum and they seemed okay with the idea of using his old armor. I just never thought they actually would listen to us and put it in!

Look carefully at their right hands and you'll find that they have some type of sharp appendage or new rifle weapon. They're extremely dark which could point to the BLACKWATCH soldiers since their suits were all black. But those weapons look too blade like to be human tools. New infected perhaps?

These are not spikes but tentacles coming from the ground. Alex has only one tentacle based move, and it comes from his body. So if it's not an attack it must be part of the scenery. In the trailer you can see VERY thick pillars of infected goo stretching across the city streets.

In the background here is a large explosion ripping into the side of a building. And the building itself seems to be made up of living material. Looks like a Hive to me. :)

And here we can see what looks like a familiar enemy.

I loved the original Prototype. Hearing that we are getting a sequel is a dream come true for me. Even with it's flaws I still had a great time playing as Alex.   read

3:00 PM on 10.09.2010

Halo: Reach is Cheesy and Delicious. (Short)

They are getting desperate with this game aren't they? Now I'm all for advertisement and all, but when stuff like this pops up you are just asking for it. The game is cheesy in itself so putting an image of it on the front of a cheesy product is adding to your own downfall. Let's see how many jokes we can get out of this shall we?

"Halo: Reach, now with extra cheesy gameplay."

"Halo. You can't play just one. Because each installment is the same thing over and over and over. -_-"

"Doritos will now be a hidden weapon in Slayer mode."

"Buy thirty bags and gain stealth armor."

"Extra content inside each bag. What's the extra content you ask? Cheese dust."

They are all corny I know but I'm trying my best here. Let's see what you can come up with.   read

3:24 AM on 09.17.2010

Why the new look works :) It makes sense I swear.

(ultimatepunchrod from wrote this post in response to the Dante hate. I kinda understand where he's coming from and me myself I seriously LOVE the new look.)

Watch the trailer first if you haven't seen it. Otherwise what follows will make no sense.

When the new Devil May Cry game was announced at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, the new Dante was also revealed, and of course, the internet user backlash was quick and full of hate. I was pretty put out by the idea of a reboot instead of a direct sequel, but after watching the trailer a few more times, I got excited, and when I saw the comments of pure hate, I decided to come up with some reasons to give it a chance.

1. The Tone Works
If you look at all the Devil May Cry games --accept for 2 because that one didnít match up and is discounted by more than a few fansóthe tone is that of Dante being a tough, trash talking, quick witted and all around badass character. The creators instilled those characteristics throughout each game. Even in 2 where Dante was almost lifeless, the player still knew that he was tough because he could slice through enemies with ease (maybe a little too much ease, but still).

The new Dante looks to be absolutely no different. Regardless of whether you think Dante should be smoking or not, he still looks like he kicks as much demon butt as ever and heís still doing it with style. Look at the trailer again; whenever Dante starts fighting he burns one demon he has in a headlock with a cigarette, then rushes head first into a group of these monsters and uses his pistols at close range. That sounds like the Dante that everyone knows and loves right? In other words, this Dante isnít emo; this Dante isnít a Twilight character because those two things are defined by your actions not your haircut, and his actions seem pretty brutal here.

If this is emo:

Then so is this by definition:

The new music works as well. Now, this is obviously a matter of preference. The music in the first 4 games fit well with the gothic setting, but not with Danteís attitude. ďTaste the blood; taste your fate; swallow your pride with your hate.Ē This does not personify Danteís Devil may care attitude in the least. The old music was too brooding; it worked, but only just and sort of became a joke by the 4 game. Now the new music seems to go along perfectly with Danteís attitude and the setting. Itís fast paced; itís hard; and itís cool.

2. This Fits Perfectly With References to Danteís Past
Dante never goes into detail about his past. No one does. Thereís a vague reference in the 3 game about he and Vergil meeting a year before the events of that game, but thatís it. In the 3 game, it is implied heavily implied that Dante is reluctant of the demon powers he has inherited from his father, Sparda and that Vergil wants as much as he can have. With that in mind, it makes sense that Dante would be an extremely troubled teen. At this point in his life we have no idea if his mother has been killed or if Vergil has turned (for lack of a better phrase) to the dark side. If these two things have happened, it seems pretty clear that Dante would be angry and rebellious. His parents are MIA and his brother is evil. This fits into a possible explanation for his white patch: he wants to reject the demon side of himself and dyes his hair to cover it up (thatís an early assumption, so itís probably incorrect). Also, people seem upset that heís a smoker in this depiction, and no matter how he felt about smoking once he was an adult, as a teen, he probably cares a lot less about his body (as most teens do). Besides smoking, how does he take all this aggression he has out? By killing demons of course! Heís not bottling it all up like an ďemoĒ kid would do; heís doing what Dante does, and that means killing a lot of demons with style. Now, once he got most of this aggression out of his system he could easily turn into the more sarcastic and smart mouthed demon hunter of DMC 3. All-in-all this fits Danteís persona much better than most people seem to think it does.

This DOES make sense:

3. Everything is Still in Place
What does every DMC fan remember about the iconic and amazing DMC series? White hair, Ebony and Ivory, big swords (named Rebellion, Force Edge, Red Queen, and Yamato), plenty of creepy demons to kill, and an awesome front man thatís what. And guess what? Theyíre all still here.

The white hair is hard to spot, but itís in this picture and every subsequent screenshot (I promise):

(See it's on top of his head, I'm not making it up)

The twin pistols:

(They're Even Black and White Here)

The Big Sword and a decent shot of the new creepy demons:

(Well here it;s a scythe, but I mention the weapon changing a little later. And you get a clearer picture of the whiteness in his hair)

And the tough character:

(Yeah, I know this is polarizing)

In other words, this is still your Devil May Cry; itís just been given a visual overhaul and not even a huge one. The refinements are just to make Dante look younger; thatís all.

4. Combat Looks Promising
Take a look at some of the action from the trailer; ignore the look of Dante; just focus on the action.
Dante is shooting demons at close range; this isnít new to the series which should make the naysayers happy. Something that is new is the melee system. Danteís new ďswordĒ is changing from pole arm, to sword, to a some kind of chain weapon watch at (time insert); see how it looks like a sword and then changes to be the chain weapon? This would make sense as Ninja Theoryís Heavenly Sword employed this kind of system. Also, heís using these different forms of the weapon to tear up the environment pretty hard. This is exciting. It could make the action even more brutal than itís ever been.

Speaking of Heavenly Sword, Ninja Theory can do action quite adequately. The overlooked and under appreciated (by gamers) debut title from Ninja Theory shows how capable the team is at making action very fun and engaging. With multiple combo options and different types of weapon variations for each type of enemy that comes, they really made something special, especially considering that it was their first title (as Ninja Theory). Weíll have to see how Enslaved: Odyssey to the West shapes up, but they have my confidence.

(So I hear this was a pretty good debut)

5. Itís Really Way too Early to Tell
Despite all these reasons Iíve come up with here (and the various hate comments that have popped up), the fact is that itís just too early. All of this hate and hope are based on a trailer for a game that is more than likely in extremely early stages of development. Thereís not one frame of gameplay here; the trailer is less than two minutes long; and itís all just speculation at this point. The whole thing is just that people are very attached to this series. Anything that Ninja Theory and Capcom could have put out at this point (or any for that matter) would be met with criticism and hate, but itís just too early to know if this game will be good, and isnít that the whole point?

(Me talking now. When you think about it which is more gay? A grown man going shirtless or a teenage/early twenties kid in a tank top?)   read

2:29 AM on 08.23.2010

How To PROPERLY Sell A Game

Now we all know what gaming developers do to persuade the gaming masses to buy their newly released plastic disc. Trailer here, Press Conference there, hell they even get GameStop in the mix with an Exclusive Add-On. What seems most effective though, is bringing a demo of your item to E3. But, none of these may truly persuade the crowd to buy their game. Sure we may "PURCHASE" it, but we all know what happens afterwards. We play it, send it back for a slight refund then buy the new Game Candy coming out next month. If they truly want to sell their game, then they have to make us, the consumer somehow, keep what they have put on the market

That's where things like DLC, online modes and multiplayer come in. But, they are truly useless to those who don't play online. And if the game doesn't have any online content then the developers need to work harder. How can they do this? By, hitting all the basic gaming requirements. Nowadays, we are looking for 5 things out of our games.

1. Story-

Games like Uncharted 2 and Heavenly Sword have done well in this department. They have received high praise for their stories and memorable characters. A good story sells games.

2. Gameplay-

What's the use of a good story if the game play is weak? No one wants to play a book. Game play has to co-exist and backup the story in an innovative way. Also explosions!! :) Good game play sells games.

3. Graphics-

It helps a fucking lot, if the game looks great while you explode something. It does justice to the eye if the story and game play were supported by realistic textures and dynamic game physics. Good graphics sells games.

4. Duration-

Great games usually have a decent length of play about 8 to 10 hours maybe even 15 to 20 if you add in Side Missions. Duration is key, because if a game is too short the players will feel betrayed. If it's too long then the appeal can whither over time. And most of all the duration has to fit with the other game requirements. The story must expand and shrink accordingly and the game play must last for a certain extent. Developers must find the middle ground when it comes to length. Short enough to make the gamer want more, yet long enough for them to feel completely accomplished with their endeavor. Duration sells games.

5. Re-play value-

No game is complete without having a certain appeal that drives the gamer back everyday. If you can convince the gamer to play threw the game twice then you have succeeded. Re-play value sells games. (And I don't mean just having online modes.)

Like I said these are the BASIC gaming requirements. What has to be the GOD of gaming requirements has to be 'Familiar Ground'. It is the most difficult, yet the most simple to master.

With familiar ground you get that home sweet home feeling. But, if that familiarity becomes too apparent then all appeal is lost. Battle Field: Bad Company, MAG, Halo, and Call of Duty all have familiar ground. That ground is being First Person Shooters. Everyone knows this. But, what keeps them from being tossed away as average? They have differences that sets them apart from each other.

Battle Field has it's destructible environments, MAG has its large numbered battles, Halo has it's unique weapons, and COD has it's terrain. These, differences are what keeps gamers happy and from turning in their copies. The gaming developers have successfully sold their item. Mastering familiar ground can make the difference of having a crap game or a game of worship.

Companies like ACTIVITON who usually take familiar ground and exploit it until it becomes bland, usually fail at keeping their target audience happy. I just hope they can learn from their mistakes and actually master the requirements before attempting any new products. But, then again they are making another Spider-Man game. -_- Lesson, not learned. Those four dimensions better work well together.   read

12:37 AM on 08.22.2010

Gamers Are Becoming Lazy

Not when it comes to exercise, but when it comes to the mindset of the gamer some of them are complete copies of a douche bag. Instead of being themselves, they lazily let the common denominator of what a gamer should be take over their personality.

Here are some examples if you don't understand what I mean.

1. The Battles Are Still Raging...

Go to any gaming website and you are likely to see the console wars are still alive and well. People are still fighting over this and it's getting quite annoying. How long has it been since both consoles were released, 4 years? My God, that is a long time to be battling over machinery. That's because some gamers are too lazy to realize that both consoles are fine. It's this laziness to common sense that drives people who don't play games to think all gamers are whiny bitches. I don't want to be a whiny bitch, because other gamers can't come to an agreement. If they can just stop being lazy and letting other people make decisions for them, then maybe we can move past this and Microsoft and Sony can join companies and make the ultimate system. Think about it :)


2. The Fanboys Are Still Alive...

This particular form of laziness is the most upsetting. If it's not the consoles that are being argued about then it's the games that are on the consoles. Certain gamers have become so wrapped up in proving others wrong that they lazily move from the console flame wars to the games on the consoles. Aren't you all tired of hearing why this game is better than that? Then you are not lazy minded. Too bad some people are.

3. The Online Gaming Community Is Hard Assed

For some reason whenever I get online I am playing with the same three types of people. The dude/chick who is so fucking cocky, the guy/gal who takes the game too seriously or the douche bag/dickwad who kills his own team mates. Pretty much everyone has adopted one of these three attitudes when it comes time to play online. For some reason online gamers need to be a jerk, a spoiled brat or a complete idiot when they play with someone else. It's so rare to find people who are actually respectable. Sure I like a little trash talk here and there, but when you get all out with it you not only bring yourself down, but you bring down the entire gaming community. It's just another example of lazy minded people getting their hands on a console.

4.Lazy Gamers Don't Branch Out

This is more of their problem then an actual problem to everyone else, yet when you think about it, it's still sad. It's not a bad thing to have a favorite game, but if you let it consume your entire gaming identity then there is something wrong with you. Remember when many GOW fans weren't gonna buy Dante's Inferno? I do. But do you remember how many changed their minds after the reviews came? When you are so lazy minded that you don't want to play a game because it resembles one of your favorites than you are gonna miss out on something that could be great.

5. Lazy Gamers Branch Out It's a two way street that always leads to a cliff.

When a lazy minded gamer does branch out one of two things will happen. He will either hate the game or like it. Now we all know liking is good. But lazy gamers take it to a level of like known as 'Lazy Appreciation'. As in they only like a game because it plays like one of their favorites, not because of it's merits. You usually hear something like this in their review: "If you like (insert game name here) then you will totally enjoy (insert game name here). There are so many similarities that you will not be able to resist." Again this is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you base your entire opinion of a game because of another game then you will miss out, on a could be great experience.

6. Lazy Gamers Have No Opinions

Most gamers wait for a review of a newly released game. It is actually a good thing to do if you wanna know what you're in for and decide whether or not you'd like to go threw it. But, if you truly base your ENTIRE opinion of a game on one persons review then you may be a lazy gamer. Every gamer in the world has a guilty pleasure game that they keep hidden. You know what I mean. That certain game that has the lowest scores ever, yet you love it. For me it's Superman Returns, because I like flying at the speed of sound. I can't imagine what I would be doing if I didn't buy that game. I guess not flying at the speed of sound :)

7. Lazy Gamers Have No Helpful Evience

Have you ever gotten into an argument with a gamer over a game. Of course you have. And what happens during this battle? They usually spam you with links to IGN or some other biased gaming review company, because we all know that when a company says a game is good we must all obey. Get out of here with that stuff, man! If I like or hate a game it's my business. Seeing a 9 out of 10 isn't gonna make me like Uncharted 2. In fact it makes me dislike it more, because I know I have to face people like you when I play it online!!!!

8. Lazy Gamers Serve No Purpose

They usually manifest as trolls on the internet. They do nothing but, spam, start wars and demean the internet and it's glory. And gaming trolls are the worse, because when you stand up to them they call YOU a troll. Go figure.

9. Most Lazy Gamers Are Young Bastards

Do I even need to say it? Fine, I will. Most lazy gamers are children or adults who are big ass kids allowing their immaturity to get the best of them. There I said it. Now let's go burn some kids. :)

10.Lazy Gamers Make You Look Bad

Dealing with lazy gamers puts so much strain on the human body that repeated exposure will make you look like this.

In closing I will just like to say that being a lazy gamer is not cool. Don't do it. Because you are only making gaming harder for yourself and others.   read

11:56 PM on 08.07.2010

The Infected! Albert Wesker & Alex Mercer

I'm taking all bets people.

Let's take a minute to look at the facts of these two characters. They are both super powered beings, they both revolve around a virus and the people who try to kill them are pretty much weaklings compared to their awesomeness.

Alex as we know may have more powers, but will that be enough to counter Albert's brain?!!!

Will Albert's teleporting styled speed be able to get him close enough to deal blows to Alex?!!!

Will anyone else besides me realize that their names are the same?!!!

Alex- Albert Wesker- Mercer

Better yet wouldn't it be grand if these two teamed up? Or how about if Alex consumed Wesker?

For the longest while I couldn't shake there similarities from my head. I can't do anything but love the fact that these two badass dudes are in some way related. Just look at the pictures....

What I would do is introduce Capcom to Radical Entertainment and have them create a game where these two have to work together. Feel free to do what you want as long as my fetish for infection (which sounds so gross when spoken out loud) is satisfied.   read

6:51 PM on 08.03.2010

Having Fun with Video Game Racism :)

I'm pretty sure you all saw this video.


But have you read the comments that followed? Racist people have flocked out the wazoo to cast blame on the black community for the fault of three robbers. Wow. First, you think you can come to YouTube to watch a funny video then you find out you have to wade threw an ocean of racism. I have no idea where these people are getting it from. The men in the video aren't even black. They're traditionally Hawaiian. His name alone should give up his origin. But then again some people still think its 1813. And me being African-American myself it does hurt to see the N word being used offensively.

But I can't let it get me down. So heres what I did. I thought up of two games, and I have inferred some beliefs onto the characters as a joke. If some how racism can be applied to a video about the attempted robbery of a DS then I'm sure discrimination, anarchism and drugs can be applied to actual games.

God of War-

Is Kratos atheist? He doesn't worship the Gods, since he killed them anyway. So does that mean he praises no higher power?

Is Kratos on steroids? He seems pretty angry all the time. And he is very muscular and very angry. Maybe he is having temper tantrums from all the bull supplement he has injected into his nads.

Is Kratos metro-sexual? He has sex with women, but he does wear a fabulous skirt. Hm..... I say yes.


Is Cole racist? From what I understand The Reapers are supposed to be Hispanic.

Is Cole discriminant against the poor? Instead of shooting the Dustmen with lightning how about you give em some cash, sparky? It seems to me if your a homeless person Cole will rain ho,t burning, death upon you. How dare you not have a home!

Is Cole an Anarchist? The First Sons pretty much ran Pacific City after the Ray Sphere incident. They acted as a government system in a way. Does Cole hate the government? I think so.

Thinking this way when it comes to gaming is a little odd and at times funny, in a dark sense, yet it's all I can do to take something terrible and transform it into something relatively positive.

Hold it, I thought of one more.

Gears of War

Well it's not technically racist, but there aren't enough black people in it. I'm happy with Coltrane and his "in your face" attitude, and I'm happy with the fact that he isn't dead yet. But, I would be even happier if the series had more black characters. Oh, wait, Ice Tea is voicing someone in the third installment. SWEEEET!!!! :) Never mind then. Gears is pure in my book.   read

1:30 AM on 07.28.2010

Any Caution for 360 Slim?

Has anyone, anyone at all, read, experienced or heard of a new 360 crapping out? I have recently obtained some money....(threw robbery) and I have already decided on what to purchase. Yet I would really like to know If I should wait for patches or fixes for the 360 slim (as it is known on the net). So far I haven't heard anything about it breaking down or it's wi-fi not working properly yet I am still skeptical in a way. Any help? And no trolling trying to tell me to get a PS3. This means you Crunshii. You bastardly, bastard, bastard thing.   read

10:09 PM on 06.26.2010

Prototype 2- My add-ons

Two words.
I wrote this to the Radical Crew on a forum. They liked it.....

"Weaponized Vehicles" I got this idea from watching the Spawn movie when he made the HellCycle out of his cape.

Helicopter: By infusing the metal with living tissue Alex creates an armored helicoptered that is protected twice as strong as its normal armor. Like the arm shield the outer layer can be shattered. Leaving the metal work of the copter exposed. But in using this technique your helicopter is weighed down more. It can't rise higher than a couple of stories and even so it maneuvers very slowly like a tank.

APC: Alex generates a giant spiked locomotive cage on the front of the APC with the spikes rotating extremely fast. This is good for going threw hives, bases, mowing down enemies yet with all its protection in front it's still deceptable to side attacks.

Tank: I call this one "Vlad the Impaler". The tank's cannon and shells are empowered by the same genetic makeup of Alex's claws. Yet it is unstable and quickly disperses after blunt contact. If you shoot something with a cannon shell not only will it feel the explosion but large spikes fly in every direction. The only drawback is you only have a limited amount of ammo. Like six. Then upgraded to ten. Then fifth teen.

Thermobaric Tank: The shells are infused with a flesh eating virus. Any organic matter caught in the blast radius is dematerialized into powder. A limit of two shells. Then four. Then six.

The draw back is after a short while Alex's genetic makeup starts to reject the foreign materials of the machine and slowly eats away at the armor.

Something else.

Animals in the city.

Maybe throw in some stray dogs in the city for Alex to consume and transform into. It would be cool to see Alex trotting along the street as a dirty Labrador when a Dog catcher corners him in an alley. Then Alex devours him out of sight. Then later on they might get infected and become high speed runners with a savage bite. Consuming a "Savage Mutt" as I would call it could give you those raptor legs posted up earlier.

And as graphics go you all did a wonderful job. But I would suggest using maybe the engine Just Cause 2 has. It seems to have good visual distance and the colors pop for an open world game. It will also give you that sun beaming out from the clouds effect like your Art Director wanted. Oh, and if it's not too much how about a higher destruction of the ground with a longer damage memory. If Alex is gonna be Bullet Diving he should atleast put a 40 foot wide, 5 foot deep crater in the ground. Plus when I kill people I personally like to stand over their bodies and giggle. So having the game keep track of like a good 200 on screen bodies would be appreciated.

A guy who was also on the forum did some concepts of his Alex powers. I will share those with you.
Well can someone tell me how to upload pics?   read

11:18 PM on 06.25.2010

Who cries over cheats? (Especially for a simple game.)

I go to a [PROTOTYPE] forum board seeing if a sequel would be made. But so far no. Well Radical is keeping it hush, hush if it is true. All I can find are people adding new powers and abilities and even thinking of some really great improvements.

That is until I click over to another forum revolving around cheat codes. I can't even explain to you how F-ing dumb people are. Why would a game need to have cheat codes for it to be playable? No game is that hard. Especially [PROTOTYPE] when Alex can cheat his way threw anything. But I guess if you can't spawn your own helicopter out of nowhere then it's not worth it. Are any good games using cheats anymore?

God of War 3- Never played it but the first two didn't. Why would this one?

Gears of War 1 and 2 - Nope.

[PROTOTYPE]- It has 1. Early body surf.

One of the developers tried to explain his self by stating that cheat codes were a last minute thing since they were still trying to get the frame rates to stick. I guess that is why thye toned down the graphics so that the screen wouldn't turn blue after every explosion. But people just get mad at anything. Take this guy AMERCER182 for example. The biggest kid I ever met.

SERIOUSLY?? I cannot even express how frustrated I am with the lack of respect from the developers. Radical actually had the nerve to make a good game with no cheats. I understand that it's not required but thats what makes good games so much more fun. It adds to the replay value of the game which because there is no cheats, there is no replay value. I am saying this for so many people who have bought this game....ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How can you add a cheat menu with one cheat. God mode and No Cops would be perfect cheats for this game. Do you realize why Saints Row 2 sold so many copies. Not because of graphics, not because of the story, and certainly not because of game play. IT WAS 100% BECAUSE OF CHEATS. A game that was decent went to amazing simply because it had over 100 cheats, with everyone of them being extremely fun and creative. Ex: Become Giant, Become Little, No Cops, Low Gravity, Milk Bones (extremely strong), Drunk Pedestrians, Evil Cars, AND MUCH MORE! I hope you guys working at Radical realize that this game would be a complete disappointment because it is an open-world game to do whatever you want and there is no cheats. If you guys had the least amount of respect for your customers, you would add cheats. Thanks for your cooperation.

The game has been out for the longest and you think that because you and 12 other people want cheat codes that the developers should kiss your ass? I'm sorry but where is your gaming skill where you STILL have to rely on codes? I mean granted it does make games more fun but again Alex doesn't need it. Before you go to a mission just eat civilians then when you get there use a Devastator. Did any of you even notice that all the cheats he listed would not make the game fun? It would just make shit look clunky and uninteresting. Why should Radical appeal to his kiddie mind. I just don't know what I'm gonna leave it alone. I just want my sequel to a good game. And NO CODES.   read

8:46 PM on 06.23.2010

Everyone has a favorite.

I'll go ahead and say it; The Xbox 360 is my favorite console so far.

Yeah, it has won my heart. This big chunk of plastic has made me the happiest man in the world and I am going to marry it come high noon. You are all invited but you have to do one thing. No, not bring gifts but you have to admit something. Admit to me and all of DToid your favorite console.

And I don't want any wars on my page. Uh-uh I ain't having it.

What I do want is a story of why the console you've chosen is best for oyu, why you haven't picked the other two, and why you think it is worth a buy.

I shall start:

Long ago in the year 2004 my friend had gotten the Original Xbox for his Bday. Or he sucked a lot of cock to pay for it, I forgot which one. But anyway I would usually go to his house to play his PS2 because I was very bored with my N64. So when I hear he has an Xbox I go over and he pops in Rise of the Imperfects. I beat him with Wolverine while he had Evil Thing. Imagine my surprise when the graphics first show up on screen. A 10 year old with this much graphical achievement in his face is bound to have his mind blown. Plus the controller felt better in my tiny hands and the Menu even looked better when you first boot it up.

Then comes the year where the 360 comes out. I don't get my first 360 'til 2009 but I still kept up on it until then. Reading flamewar after flamewar I decided to do my own investigation until I could afford a console. My other friends had PS3s and 360s out the arce so getting my hands on one was simple. But of course I couldn't keep one. Greedy fools. After a while of begging I was able to do my tests.

Controller: 360 still felt better in design and it feels better between my still tiny hands. 10/10
PS3 felt too easy to break and I like to button mash on Ninja Storm. 9/10

Graphics: I already knew both displayed at 1080P so this was unnecessary to do. Tie

Menu: PS3 was a little more like a computer's start menu. One click takes you into another menu, then another then another. Seems cool for those who have a lot to put on there, but I'm a simple man myself.


360 had well....... a more simple menu. One shuffle got me to where I needed to go.

9/10 (For looking like a folder in a suitcase.)

Games: The games I REALLY wanna play are always multi-platform, but so far the only exclusives I've wanted to play are Crackdown and Fable so I guess the 360 wins. Admittedly I wanted to play inFamous for a while but then [PROTOTYPE] came and shut that game down.

PS3 9/10 (Nice Try) 360 10/10 (Nice Counter)

Hardware: PS3 has more for someone but not for me. I download my High Def movies from the internet. I have my own fast internet browser on my pc and for online play I really don't need it cause I have many gamer friends living around me. So for this I choose 360, but technical wise the PS3 wins for being a little more advanced.

Technical: PS3 10/10 360 8/10
Practical: PS3 5/10 360 9/10

As for the Wii it doesn't have anything to interest me. Yes, Iv'e played it countless times yet the games for it are too soft and the design has no HD backbone to make me want it. I like it, I'm glad it's hear but I'm even gladder I don't own one.

The 360 is worth a buy because 1. It is sexy (well the new version is) 2. It is a hardcore system with hardcore exclusives 3. It brings back childhood memories

So there you go people. The mission is clear. Go forth and explain your love for that console and no trolling.

(This means you Crunshii)

I won't think of you as a fanboy. The point of me doing this was to actually divulge rumors that I was one. So to my people and fellow gamers I give you your mission. And the wedding has been moved to midnight. I'm planning on sleeping past noon and playing threw the night.

(And also I am a little tired so forgive me for any misspellings or if things are not making since. I've spent most of my day in a GED program.)   read

11:03 AM on 06.21.2010

Sony is a Bully.

Why is it that Sony is so cruel? Always complaining. Always whining. Always thinking it's better than me because it had a date to the prom. Sony you stole my girlfriend! Just because your one of the popular kids doesn't mean you can make fun of me and my 360. Or even Nintendo!

For a while now I've been reading articles about Sony slinging mud. Either pointing out problems in Kinect or even going after the 3Ds from Nintendo. I know competition is high but really do you need to be the first to start flame wars for console fanboys?

If the item is gonna fail let it fail. Or atleast retaliate when someone makes fun of your products instead of actually causing the fan battles that I read everytime I come to Dtoid.

Sony is like the teenage girl who hates another teenage girl for wearing a dress with the same design but has a different color and is made up of different material. Sony needs to realize that if it can get it's head out of the gutter and stop making products so it can seem better than Microsoft or Wii than it can become something great. I think that's why I don't own a PS3 yet. Sony is just putting so much fan pressure on me.

"Buy the Move or be faced with playing games with your body on Kinect!" Muahahahahahhahh!!!!!!!!!

Well Kinect grabs my attention more and having you bash it for something so tiny just makes me think of Sony as a big bully. You steal fans. You steal sales and you mock your competitors. How about you show some respect for your fellow gaming companies? Personally I don't care about looking like a fool while playing Kinect. Especially if I'm in my own house. (Common sense people.)

Stop with the fan fuel and actually make something that isn't a copy of other consoles. I've seen you be original before.

But again your a bully. When you can't get what you want you cry about others having it and why it's bad. Just make something better. You have the money! Don't cry and demean your competitors just top them like a real business rival would. Stop acting like a Grade School Bully!   read

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