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3:08 PM on 06.09.2008

I'm sure everyone remembers a few years ago when The Punisher starring Thomas Jane and John Travolta was in theaters. But does anyone remember the THQ video game based on that movie? Said video game was actually really cool. Imagine that: a video game based on a movie that not only doesn't suck but is actually better than the movie its based on!

You see, The Punisher I know and love comes in two forms...

A) The ultraviolent, gritty, sometimes disturbingly funny comics from Garth Ennis.

B) The dark and bloody 1989 film starring Dolph Lundgren. Even though he doesn't sport the infamous white skull t-shirt, he's still exactly what Frank Castle should be.

... the video game mentioned earlier was much closer to these great source materials. The game's Punisher was brutal and unforgiving. The game's script was top notch (probably thanks to Garth Ennis' involvement). And how could anyone forget those interrogation... or should I say tortue scenes that could be performed on any enemey at any time. It was just the kind of inventive mutilation of criminals the 2004 film was lacking. The Punisher is not your friendly neighborhood vigilante, he's THE PUNISHER! And he will kill you. Period. Take a look...

awesome no?

Well here's to the hope that the upcoming Punisher: War Zone movie will really knock it outta the park... or if not hopefully we'll get another great game based on the franchise.

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