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Hi my name is Alex Martinet and I work for GamerLive.TV. I am attending E3 this year and so will SOE, which means only one thing ... PlanetSide 2. As a noob, I am definitely not the most knowledgeable of the inner workings of PlanetSide, so I am giving you the fans the chance to have your questions asked and answered.

If you have any questions ... comment below. If you want to send me your questions directly to me, you can tweet them at me to my twitter account @LightForceJedi.

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I am back again. If you don't know me my name is Alex Martinet and I work for GamerLive.TV. Previously I have asked everyone to assemble any questions they had about PlanetSide 2 (link down below) and now I am back again. I just got an invite to see the new Elder Scrolls MMO at E3. I will have a chance to play it, but only for a limited time. I have a wealth of MMO experience, but it can't hurt to get questions from the fans.

So if you have any questions about Elder Scrolls ... post below. If you want to send me your questions directly to me, you can tweet them at me to my twitter account @LightForceJedi.

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I am back again. If you don't know me my name is Alex Martinet and I work for GamerLive.TV. Previously I have asked everyone to assemble any questions they had about PlanetSide 2 (link down below) and Elder Scrolls Online now I am back again again with Hitman Absolution. I am sure many have questions after that absurd trailer that just hit the internet.

If you have any questions ... comment below. If you want to send me your questions directly to me, you can tweet them at me to my twitter account @LightForceJedi.

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It’s been nearly five years since fans last saw Master Chief helm the "Halo" saga, but things have sure changed since then. Bungie, the original creators of the franchise, are no longer working on the game. 343 Industries is now helming the project and is shaping the next generation of "Halo" saga with all the games shifting from the Forerunner saga to the Reclaimer saga.

I recently got to talk with Kiki Wolfkill who is the executive producer on the game. She is responsible for the overall product and making sure the game hits its release date as planned. She as been part of the Microsoft game studio. She previously has helped develop the "Forza", "Project Gotham" and most notably the "Crackdown" series. Why do I bring this up? Is because it all comes back to the "Halo" series.

Throughout "Halos" life span, Microsoft has used the "Halo" brand to help promote its exclusive tittles. "Crackdown" was the first to do be promoted alongside "Halo." If you pre ordered "Crackdown," you earned beta access for "Halo 3." "Crackdown" was a great game, but many bought the game because it was associated with "Halo." The "Forza" motorsports series also had a "Halo" tie-in, but it was more of an Easter egg. You could have the UNSC Warthog in your garage, but you could not race with it for some odd reason. The series is more than just game to Microsoft and you can bet this pattern will continue.

Bridging the gap between the Forunner saga and the new Reclaimer trilogy is the most daunting task. How do you please the hardcore fans, while introducing casual fans into the world? that is the biggest task that 343 Industries is going to have to overcome. Lucky, "Halo 4" is in the right hands. “Halo 3 ends with Master Chief and Cortana entering a cryonic sleep after they wiped out the flood and defeated the covenant," Wolfkil said. "It picks up where the series left off five years later and Chief awakens to continue the saga. This gives us enough time, to develop a new universe around Master Chief and while respecting what happened in the previous games. ”

"Halo: Reach" was the swan song for Bungie, as it was its last "Halo" game and its send off to the series it created. By far "Reach" is the best in the series, but since there's such a huge time gap between pre "Combat Evolved" and "Halo 4," I asked, will we see Reach in the upcoming installment? “Well, 'Reach' was obliterated by the covenant," Wolfkill said. "It’s a place in the 'Halo' Universe that we may or may not revisit. You might see it in future graphic novels and possible novel tie-ins.”

The Forge system has been a key part of the franchise success ever since it was integrated in "Halo 3." It has evolved over time to become a great party tool and has helped form indie machinima developers on the Web. There hasn’t been any news on it yet, but Wolfkill helped assure that the forge system will make its way onto "Halo 4." “Um… What I can say is that 'Halo 4' community involvement is still a core part of the Halo experience," Wolfkill said. "Continuing to developing tools like the Forge mode, are key for us.”

The switch from Bungie to 343 industries is without doubt one of the biggest stories surrounding the series. Bungie is now working with Activision on another IP that we haven’t heard much about. “When we took over the 'Halo' series, we took a deliberate approach," Wolfkill said. "We wanted to keep the strengths that made 'Halo' while cutting out the weakness. We really wanted to improve on telling a better story that surpasses what we did in the Forunner saga.”

The biggest reveal at the event, was the reintroduction of the deadly fan favorite weapon, the battle rifle. I didn’t get a chance to get hands on with "Halo 4," but right away you can tell that the BR is a more improved version than its predecessors. It looks more deadly and is vastly different since the last time you saw Master Chief use the battle rifle.“ We wanted to give familiar grounds to fans," Wolfkill said. "Even though it’s back however, we wanted to give the battle rifle its own distinct look that separates it from previous games.”

Martin O’Donnell, the original composer, will not make the jump to "Halo 4." There is no word yet on what his next project is, but it’s safe to say that he is scoring the next Bungie project. Replacing Martin O’ Donnell is Sotaro Tojima. This news saddens me because of how iconic Martin’s work on the "Halo" series is, but this offers a wide range of possibilities and chance to bring a new vision to "Halo" that fans have never seen before.

"Halo 4" is quite possibly, the most important game to be released in this decade. If "Halo 4" is a great game, then it will reach out to the next generation. But if "Halo 4" turns out like the Star Wars prequals, it could damage the repuation that it has today. I can't wait for "Halo" to return with a new bold vision, but I'm going to remain speculative until I get hands on with the Chief.

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Before I started up Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning, I was completely skeptical about what 38 studios was promising to bring to the table. Even though 38 studios was founded by Curt Schilling, a former Boston Red Sox’s pitcher. It has some impressive talent behind the game, which drew my interest towards the game. Ken Rolston, who is mostly known for being the lead designer for Elder Scrolls “Morrowind” and “Oblivion”. Todd Mcfalane, who was the creator of spawn and lastly R.A Salvatore, who is a well known scifi writer. This trio of talent dose many rights then wrongs, but it lacks a strong identity and the game suffers because of it.

One of the biggest reasons to get excited about Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is the combat. From the get go, KOA: Reckoning is easy to grasp. If you are a fan of various RPG’s like Dragon Age and Ninja Gaiden, then you are going to find familiar ground here. if you aren’t familiar with those games, it’s a fast paced button masher mixed with rpg elements.The controls are very lose and it only takes one button to inflict mass damage upon your opponent, but that’s not what is most impressive about the combat system.

If you prefer to play multiple play styles, then the combat system is flexible in just about every conceivable way. “Reckoning” doesn’t hide the fact on what it’s centered around as the box art clearly symbolizing what the game is all about. If you wanted to wield an bow and bring destructions to your opponent using an electric sword, then the game gives you that option. The game gives you every chance to be an ultimate badass with finishing moves, yes I said finish moves, that rival the classic arcade fighter. Impaling a giant beast with my lighting bolt, beating him to a pulp, then throwing him into a pit of fire was an in creditable feeling that I feel many will enjoy.

I played mostly as a mage in my 50-hour play through. Normally I would be tied down to my magic, but now I have many options deal out damage. Your primary attack button with all of your special combos is always going to be ‘x’, but what makes the combat system so intuitive is how equal secondary attacks are. You always have a devastating side arm with you, which speeds up the gameplay and always keep you in the grove of the game. As a mage I was able to be a powerful wizard and be powerful melee fighter at the same time thanks in part to how smartly the respec system is designed.

In most rpg’s , once you choose a play - style, you are stuck with your decision and their is no turning back. However in “Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning”, I was never tied down by moves I made early in the game. I was given the chance to fix and change however your character plays like. It this freedom of reckoning that makes the combat system stand out from the rest. Now with saying, their is a few things that combat system struggles with.

While your traversing the world and slaughtering enemies, your combat equipment will eventually wear down over time. This wouldn’t have been a bad thing, if it didn’t happen all the time. Far too often my equipment would be rendered useless in mid battle, making normal opponents far more troublesome then they should be. A minor problem I came across was adequately defending myself. The only way you can defend yourself is by dodging or by blocking, but it just doesn't respond well. Depending on how you respec your character, blocking is rendered useless due to how much damage it dose to you. Dodging is the best means of defending yourself, but it tends to react late. These problems are still very minor and didn’t get in the way of the awesome gameplay.

So you might be wondering? What is the setting surrounding “Kingdoms of Amalur”, well it’s big and expansive. If you are a consumer who is worried about getting their money’s worth, then this is right up your alley. They are dozens of races in the game that you will come across. For the most part the races are a mixed bag, some are creative and some are just straight up generic.

From the get go after you finish the tutorial, the game becomes like a normal mmorpg. Side quests will open to you periodically as you continue to further explore the world. Some side quests will demand your attention, but will be well worth it due to items you receive. For the most part, I prefer the side quests in the game, just because how linear and un thought out they are.

The main storyline is frankly the most disappointing thing about the game. Reckoning is the first attempt to create the “Kingdoms of Amalur” universe, but it fails to grab your attention. While most rpg’s have a morality system, “Reckoning” decides to go in a completely different route. You have the power to choose your own destiny. The more times you level up, you will unlock more tier’s in the game, making your character more and more powerful. This is a great idea, but it needs more work. If you chose a certain play style, then your actions will pre – determine your fate and locking you into a pre determine ending. Simply put, unlike Curt Schilling 2007 Boston Red Sox’s, “Kingdoms of Amalur” won’t hold your attention for long after you lose interest in the combat.

On the presentation front, the game boosts some great presentation values. The highlight of the package is the outstanding music score in the game. Composed by Grant Kirkhope, who was you might heard his work in “Viva Pinata” and “Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts”. This is his first music score for rpg game and he knocks it out of the park. Traveling the world was a sheer joy because of how rich and heroic the music sounds. Everywhere I went, I was greeted with a new theme that instantly set the mood and made me explore the world more. Graphically, it’s a hit and miss however.

“Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning ” draws a familiar art style that was previously used in the fable games and while it might be a old look, it still holds up. There are very little load times in the game, which is something to be said due how big in scale the world is. I never had to wait for something to load or texture to re – render so I could continue. Not once did I experience one crash, a dip in frame rate or lost of saves. It's a very smooth game from start to finish at launch.

Overall, “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning” is good, but not a great game. If the story was better than 38 studios might have had a hit on its hands. The biggest mistake they made was simply putting to many big names on one project. Traveling the kingdom is one thing, but they never figured out how to tell a story. The game is going in so many direction that it never figures out it’s own identity.

Yes it wants to be a single player mmorpg, but like most it never tells a story (with the exception of swtor). R.A Salvatore work goes completely un noticed and the game suffers. In the industry when rpg’s are at the pinnacle of game design. “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning” doesn’t do enough to separate it’s self from the competition and will quickly be forgettable as time moves along.

Score: 8 out of 10
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Two months ago ,Darksiders II was demoed at the Regency Center in San Francisco. The demo showed off what the newest features were, while providing us an awesome taste of the product. Sadly however, I couldn’t get my hands on with the game, but never or less it was an impressive showing. After the demo, I got to talk with the lead designer of the game, Haydn Dalton and got some insider info on the upcoming sequel.

GamerLive.TV: Haydn Dalton, thank you for talking with us about Darksiders II.

Haydn Dalton: No problem”

So what is the biggest game-play change from Darksiders 1 to 2?

Haydn Dalton: “ The biggest change we made was the looting and customize system that we have in the game right now. The ability to switch out specific items for your main character visually when you pause the game, is probably the biggest change in the game. “

So how does that play into armor customization?

Haydn Dalton: “Well we have many different armor types, what we showed at the demo was the slayer and necromancer set. Basically we are trying to suit whatever style the player prefers to play and you can mix individual items to the style you want to play . So you can combine them to be more effective in magic or be more effective with your physical attacks, it’s all about mixing and stylizing for what the player wants to do”

The biggest reveal in the demo or at least in my look was the talent trees. This is something the fans of the series were asking for, but i’m interested to know. Why did you decided to go that route and can you explain both talent tress?

Haydn Dalton: “I can’t give you to much detail, but I tell you what was behind the idea. The two-skill tress are formed around two styles of play. One is based around the physical and skilled side of the game, when the Necromancer side of the game is more about the stand off and projectile part of the game. So players have two very distinct of the game on the way they want to play. “

Sounds Cool, so how does Darksiders II continue the trilogy. Will we ever get to see the first protagonist from the first game?
Haydn Dalton: “ Uh … I guess your going to have to play the game find out. The Story is definitely concurrent with the first one.”

When does the story take place?

Haydn Dalton: “Kind of before and after the events of the first game. The main storyline centers around the events of the first game and fans of the series will likely recall events from the first game. The main question center around and what will be driving the storyline in Darksiders II is what was Death doing here at this time and what was going on with him”

What type of weapons will we see?

Haydn Dalton: Yeah there are many different weapons and many are making their return. Obviously you saw the gun and claw briefly, which are returning favorites. You also saw the hammer but we also Axe’s, gauntlets and a wide range of weapons. Again, it was really about player choices, even with the weapons visually and gameplay. We really wanted to give the player different ways overcome the hurdles.

What type of gameplay changes did you make to fully make the transition from War to Death?

Haydn Dalton: “Well the first thing is that War is more of a heroic character. He is somebody who is more grounded by his terrain, but is a ruthless brawler who can take lots of damage. When we started developing and envisioning Death, he seemed more of athletic and dose his own thing and doesn’t really go by the rules. So it’s a polor opposite to what War was all about. So yeah, War was methodical in combat, but Death is more about inversion. Death is more like an assassin in our world.”

Another Reveal in the demo was that you are introducing side quests for the first time. Now the previous Darksiders was 40 hours long. I’m kind of interested to find out, does that take away from the main storyline or enhance it?

Haydn Dalton: “We really wanted to create a large world for the player. So we are give them the cool story, which is our main focus, but while doing that we wanted players to be fully enriched in the setting. When started we designing our side quests, we wanted to further enhance you the world, not just happens in main storyline. That’s why many times you will come across various quests that will often have you facing mini – bosses. That will offer new items to player and totally brand new experience at the same time, and I don’t think calling them mini – bosses doesn’t do them justice. Some bosses will be a serious challenge to defeat.”

Okay thank you for the time.

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