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LiathroidiDana's blog

6:01 PM on 01.07.2010

My thoughts on the upcoming Bioshock 2. (Short Blog)

Bioshock for me, was probably one of the first true "Next-gen" games. It was easily the game of year in 2007. ( barring maybe Portal and Mass Effect...) The way it combined story, shooter and a small amount of Rpg, mechanics ...   read

2:40 PM on 06.01.2009

Project Natal... The Future?

The new Project Natal has just been announced, its Microsofts solution to the Wii.. except better... A couple of small kind of mini-games were shown off.. from driving a car to destroying a city as a monster... all controlle...   read

9:33 AM on 04.14.2009

Ever been a game that is just an orgasm of fun?

Ok I'm just wondering has their ever been a game where you just have fun with it? For me It was Cartle Crashers, I downloaded the trial not expecting much and it turned out to be pretty fun. So I said what the hell, and dow...   read

12:47 PM on 03.19.2009

Peggle Addiction

Billy's story is not one of a kind, there are people just like Billy's Dad all over the world. These people are addicts they live their lives for Peggle. There are millions of people you are "Peg Addicts", but it is even w...   read

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