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6:01 PM on 01.07.2010

My thoughts on the upcoming Bioshock 2. (Short Blog)

Bioshock for me, was probably one of the first true "Next-gen" games. It was easily the game of year in 2007. ( barring maybe Portal and Mass Effect...) The way it combined story, shooter and a small amount of Rpg, mechanics was astounding. It was definitely one of the best games of the decade.

Although I loved the original, I don't think there should be a sequel in any way or form.
The whole charm of Bioshock was discovering the story and world, it was the joy of interacting with these new and interesting characters, it was following the story of Jack and the mysterious Andrew Ryan, going through the twists and turns of this ingenious story.

And I really don't think that, the charm of Bioshock can really be reproduced in the sequel. I don't think the game needs a sequel basically. (or a prequel as it goes)

I hope I'm wrong, I hope that 2K really show everybody and make a truly wondrous game, I just don't think this will or can happen.   read

2:40 PM on 06.01.2009

Project Natal... The Future?

The new Project Natal has just been announced, its Microsofts solution to the Wii.. except better...

A couple of small kind of mini-games were shown off.. from driving a car to destroying a city as a monster... all controlled through your body. Now this was all very cool looking.. but what I thought was revoulutionary was the Demo provided by Lionhead... It was a boy being interacted with and talked to and seemed that he reacted to the girls emotions and what she said.

Now If this Project Natal turns out to be ahlf as good as it looked, it is just gonna be the Awesome Sauce!!!

Is this gonna be the biggest thing to hit gaming or just something that will ultimately fail? What do you think?   read

9:33 AM on 04.14.2009

Ever been a game that is just an orgasm of fun?

Ok I'm just wondering has their ever been a game where you just have fun with it?

For me It was Cartle Crashers, I downloaded the trial not expecting much and it turned out to be pretty fun.
So I said what the hell, and downloaded it, so my two friends came over and I started up the game.
I picked the blue knight and they took the red and green. Now we stayed up playing the game until about 3 o'clock in the morning. It was just so much fun! We got to the about the Pirate Ship level. And we had huge grins for the the whole time playing.

Now since then then I have played Castle Crashers many times ( Probally my most played arcade game) but not once have I had the same fun as the first time. Damn its always a hell of alot of fun playing it.
But that was probally the most fun Iv had with a game ever!

What about yourselves?   read

12:47 PM on 03.19.2009

Peggle Addiction

[i]Billy had just had a talk in his school about addiction. They told billy what to look out for when you think someone is an addict. Billy found out that someone who is an addict will spend most of their time either doing the thing or thinking about doing it. Whether it was smoking, drugs or even "Snickers Bars". Billy arrived home to find his Dad in the exact same position as he was when Billy left for school. Just sitting there staring at the screen filled with coloured spots. Billy's Dad would spend all day trying to hit every single spot he could with that marble. When he'd win loud music would play and Billy's Dad would laugh loudly... but when Billy's Dad lost then all hell broke loose. Billy's Dad would break anything in sight. Billy had learned to stay in his bedroom when his Dad was playing, just in case, Billy beacame the focus of his anger...
Billy's story is not one of a kind, there are people just like Billy's Dad all over the world. These people are addicts they live their lives for Peggle. There are millions of people you are "Peg Addicts", but it is even worse for the parents siblings and partners of these people. They have to go on each day knowing that the person they love is trapped in a world of Pegs and Marble balls...

Please don't be an addict and cause even more pain.

Remember "Dont Do Pegs!"   read

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