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Liam Fisher avatar 7:34 PM on 11.28.2011  (server time)
Tales from Skyrim: Dragon, GTFO!

Almost every Skyrim story I've heard over the last few weeks has involved dragons, and why not? They're awesome. What isn't awesome, however, is a dragon that attacks at the absolute least opportune moment. For example, while pitted against a Hagraven located dangerously close to a herd of mammoths and their Giant guardians.

The Hagraven itself was hardly an issue. With my bow's ice effect and frequent staggering, keeping the hag at bay was no problem at all. When a dragon decided to swoop down between the trees and set us both on fire, however, things changed drastically. With my attention split between a menacingly circling dragon and a Hagraven that had been given a chance to regain her composure, it was a very different fight.

My Argonian hero switched from his Nightingale Bow to an icy war axe/flame spell combo; time to get serious.

With the Hagraven nearing demise and the dragon -- a Blood Dragon, to be specific -- at about 75% health, I thought I had it!

It was at this moment that the dragon decided to shoot a fireball past me, straight into the herd of mammoths. I then found myself surrounded by 3 mammoths, 1 giant, a Hagraven, and the still quite lively Blood Dragon.

Needlessly to say, the situation felt hopeless. i activated my racial power for increased health regen, took a few stat boost potions, poisoned my blade, and went at it.

Flames everywhere with fur and feathers cycloning around my frenzied self.

I made a quick escape from the action with Whirlwind Dash to catch my breath. Switched to my bow, turned, and fired off a few arrows while they were busy with themselves. The dragon had taken care of 1 mammoth and the Hagraven, but there was still the giant to be dealt with

The cycle continued until my supply of potions was exhausted as well as my stamina and magicka. On the verge of death with nothing left to face but a weakened dragon, I steeled my nerves for the final clash. I unleashed one final Fire Breath shout and fired off as many arrows as I could, as quickly as I could. Using what little stamina and magicka I managed to accumulate, I healed, swung one last power attack, and watched as the dragon fell to the ground in an arrow riddled heap.

I stood victoriously as this soul was absorbed, savoring the moment.

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