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So last month as some of you are aware there was a contest to win one of the "Solid Gold" limited editions of Persona 4: Golden. However this contest involved mimicking the dances in the new intro on the Vita release. Well seeing as how the Persona 4 is one of my favorite games of all time, and the fact that I have next to no shame when it comes to making an ass of myself, I thought: "Hey, might at well enter this and hopefully provide the people with some laughs."

And so it was.

Much to my pleasure, people legitimately thought it was hilarious. Which was the intention, trust me I did not enter this contest because I thought I was a good dancer, quite the opposite, my intention was to use my shamelessness to my advantage.

Well as time went on the competition got fierce, and the winner seemed an obvious choice. There were a lot of great and funny entries in addition to that one too.

However to my own shock, I actually won.


I've never won anything in my life, let alone an online dance contest. It only costed me my dignity, but it was totally worth it, I didn't come down from that high for the next few days. Persona is a series very close to my heart and I feel this whole experience only made me love it even more.

(Larger image here, the little engrish note of the corgi money is great)

So this week my prize finally arrived, and I wanted to wait till I had the game in my possession to make this post. Just to thank Dale and Destructoid for hosting the contest, and the community for finding my trainwreck of a video humors, you are all awesome. Just a constant reminder to me of how great this website is.

*AHEM* I mean I wanted to Personally thank all of you, I beary much appreciate it!
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