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7:40 PM on 02.24.2010

Let's Cybercast: Episode 7: Sponsored By Gears of Whores

Picture Unrelated

Episode 7

We're taking a new direction with our little podcast-thing. In an attempt to become more community based, and organized, we have added actual segments to our show. Also, we tried to expand our horizons and invited some of lovely friends from overseas. Introducing Malcor, Shakey, Jake, and magnificent Craig! Those crazy British bastards sure are great.

~ Mr. Chewie <3

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1:15 PM on 01.17.2010

Let's Cybercast: Episode 6: Technophilia

We have a special guest this week! The one and only Technophile. Why does he grace us with his presence? Well, I would say it's because we are awesome, but Drunk Nelson was the true reason. Drunk Nelson and his drunkchewieing. Curious to what drunkchewieing is? LISTEN AND FIND OUT!

Episode 6

Also, we have a new banner! It makes me shoot happy juice out of my pants.


<3 Mr. Chewie

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6:06 PM on 01.12.2010

Let's Cybercast Episode 5: The Golden Sex God ... Oh and Chewie Almost Dies!!

After a long, long break we have returned. Maya moved into a house that once belonged to giants. The big kind that eat small English men. She also happens to share this "House Of Giants" with some sort of sexual diety, That Nelson and I have come to believe is golden. Nelson goes on to talk about something stupid and offensive, especially to us Cashews. I proceed to share my touching story of growth and near-death. Tears were shed, and love was shared.

Episode 5

Also Nelson is going through some sort of challenge that involves cool things. In order to get through his back log of games he plans on finishing one game a week. Bold? Yes. Fun? Most definitely. Chance of Failure? Not sure, but he wants YOU, the community, to decide in what order he plays them and how. ( i.e. using only one character, pistol only, etc..)

Games for Nelson's Challenge Thing:
killzone 2
resistance 2
valkyria chronicles
disgaea 3
metal arms
persona 4
persona 3
odin sphere
killer 7
spec ops:the midgate conspiracy
grandia 3
dark cloud
dark cloud 2
metroid prime 3:corruption
the godfather
metroid prime 2
incredible hulk ultimate destruction
kotor 1
kotor 2
banjo kazooie nuts and bolts
red faction
viva pinata
tomb raiderlegend
tales of vesperia
chronicles of riddick
army of two
tony hawk project 8
battlefield bad company
onimusha dawn of dreams
wario land shake it
rune factory
little king's story
de blob
muramasa the demon blade
super paper mario


<3 Mr. Chewie

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9:19 PM on 12.04.2009

Let's Cybercast Episode 4: Domestic Violence or Domestic Justice?

Well It's finally come the 4th episode of Let's Cybercast we took too long of a vacation but we've come back full force and sickly. And to brighten our return a special treat domestic violence happens in Canada in the Chewie establishment and Johnny Law helps solve the problem, then we discuss all the shit we did on our 3 week break. Also this episode took three fucking tries due to too many "technical" problems so enjoy this episode made of our blood,sweat, and cyber tears.

Episode 4

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1:56 PM on 11.11.2009

Let's Cybercast Episode 3: Damn Chewie is back

Maya was busy, but Chewie is back. Hopefully, next week we can have the first episode with a full cast. This week we mainly talk about past experiences, and how we met. A look into the personal lives of Chewie and Nelson; how sexually arousing. Try to not blow a load, and enjoy

Episode 3

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4:11 PM on 11.02.2009

Let's Cybercast Episode 2: Maya Has Entered The Fray!

Welcome back, Compadres! Chewie couldn't be in the second episode because he had to sleep. What a pussy! Anyways our third host, Maya ( A.K.A. bushofghosts), has made her debut. Her performance can only be described as stunning. She and Nelson discuss the finer things in life... THEN KICK ITS ASS!

Enjoy Brethren!

Episode 2

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8:32 PM on 10.24.2009

Let's Cybercast Episode 1: Poppin' the Metaphorical Cherry

Let's Cybercast Episode 1

Hello guys this is our first ever attempt at a podcast, this is a collaborative effort between my good friend Mr.Chewie and myself, Volkarin, We try to entertain you but as with everything that's new it can be a little rough but I want you to give honest feedback you can't hurt our feelings. We hope you enjoys this attempt and come back for more punishment. As usual if you are listening to this then please provide us with listener questions and if you'd like to be on the podcast just ask and we'll see about putting you on. You can send your questions or request to be on the podcast to [email protected] Thank you for listening.   read

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