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1:02 PM on 02.01.2008

Guinness Book Of Video Game Records!!!

Holy shit. I've been waiting for this for a while now, it releases soon. A compendium of video game sales records and records set by platers in the most popular and best selling games. The site has something like 15 pages up for you to look at and how you can get your record entered! London will play host to the Guitar Hero 3 marathon relay record session on Feb. 6th.

I myself cannot wait to see this. Guinness has a great standard for keeping records and this looks to be good! The site has all the details if you think your high score is world record material!



8:20 AM on 01.31.2008

Excited for PAX? Check this out!

Just to let everyone know, we have a thread up in the Social Lounge on teh forums for one and all to talk about PAX this year and hopefully to find someone to share rooms with.

After seeing the photos, this is gonna be epic! They have DOUBLED the size of the event area for this year, so double yer fun!!

Early bird registration is $40 until March 31st so BUY BUY BUY!

I myself have a room for 4-5 people reserved already. Anyone interested?

If you plan on going, post it on teh forums!

I'd love to see hundreds of Dtoids there, a veritable robot army to conquer the universe!


11:08 AM on 01.25.2008

Gamers punch Cooper Lawrence in the balls

So today, gamers flooded Copper Lawrence's book page on Amazon and absolutly raped the reviews and rating down to one star. What I'm really proud of though, is that gamers responded intelligently and professionally.

But is this just the beginning? I hope so. Let's keep the smartball rolling and keep it up. Her personal site, complete with a contact page on the top of the site.

Her book is also listed on Barnes and Noble As of 3:19am central time there are only 5 customer reviews on the site. I think we can make it an even 500. Be smart tho. Vulgarity of any kind is an instant review eraser.

We need to send a message that we are passionate about what we do, and we will not take this kind of poorly researched, biased crap.

All CoD4 vs. Halo 3 debates and flame wars aside, this is really a common banner for us to unite under. This has gone beyond just Mass Effect.

Speak up now, because we are teetering on the brink of a media based, all out crusade against video games. And mark my angry fuckin words right now: THIS WILL HAPPEN.

It scares me to death frankly. Up until now, it's been a few idiots jibbering nonsensical rantings in obscure corners of the internets and satellite TV. I've noticed recently, however, this plague is starting to spread. I saw a story on the CBS evening news about how the violence in Assassin's Creed was the main selling point and how this specifically targets kids. WTF I say. WTF. And this is the evening news! Now, I know Katie Couric is a tool, and the news is biased, etc. But still. Damn.

Anyway, after all that, please, take action! I understand that games aren't going anywhere because they make billions. But this is the kind of shit that leads up to laws like California's indecency policies. Before it was abolished, it said that if you make material not suitable for kiddies and it is sold in a place where kids can buy it, the state could financially rapezor you, your band, your manager, your comic book, and publisist. The band the Dead Kennedys were the first victims of this BS. Federal agents raided their studios, homes and offices, snatching up and destroying something like 9,000 albums, posters and other such warez.

Censorship anyone?

SPEAK UP. I'll leave it at that.   read

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