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LeonSK's blog

1:02 PM on 02.01.2008

Guinness Book Of Video Game Records!!!

Holy shit. I've been waiting for this for a while now, it releases soon. A compendium of video game sales records and records set by platers in the most popular and best selling games. The site has something like 15 pages up ...   read

8:20 AM on 01.31.2008

Excited for PAX? Check this out!

Just to let everyone know, we have a thread up in the Social Lounge on teh forums for one and all to talk about PAX this year and hopefully to find someone to share rooms with. After seeing the photos, this is gonna be epic!...   read

11:08 AM on 01.25.2008

Gamers punch Cooper Lawrence in the balls

So today, gamers flooded Copper Lawrence's book page on Amazon and absolutly raped the reviews and rating down to one star. What I'm really proud of though, is that gamers responded intelligently and professionally. But is ...   read

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