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Leo Loikkanen avatar 5:17 PM on 12.26.2009  (server time)
Gaming On A Mac: Good, Bad, Ugly


I did a slight trolling post where i proudly proclaimed to have stolen a copy of Torchlight for the mac. I admit that i did a bad thing, and i am fully aware that i was guilty of a crime. That said, i used an FTP server to make sure that only i would get it, whereas using P2P technologies, i'd be "sharing" it to other deadbeats with no money.

Now, that said, i still intend to buy it. I got the illegal version to try it out, and after trying it out, i have removed it, and await with a bated breath that the mac version will be completed (I already topped my PayPal account with 20 dorrals, which in euros is very little).

I am not trying to glamorize crime, nor trying to make myself some kind of "noble" robin hood. Hoever, whilst i have money for a copy of Torchlight, i do not have enough money for a new PC. I do have a PC, but it's specs are far too dated for it to run Torchlight, and i don't think i should upgrade it, as my mother uses it for her web-browsing and email business. If i were to upgrade my PC, the price of being able to play the game would be at like 100 euros, at the lowest cost, which i think is really stupid considering that I have a modern mac with darn good specs to run torchlight on.

Ever since i first heard that Torchlight was going to be released on the mac, i was elevated: Finally something nice i can play on my computer, without having to STAND the mocking of the PC people. I'll also have to spend far less money on the game, as i do not need to buy a new GFX card or RAM to get the damn thing working on my PC (THis MacBook Pro was won at this demoparty in finland). In the lieu of waiting, i've already bought Defcon: Everybody Dies, Horder of Orcs, World of Goo, Bejeweled 2, Bullet Candy 1 and 2, and Irukandji.

My frustration stems from the fact that mac ports tend to take longer that the PC side of things. You'd think that the lack of shaders would make the development faster, but apparently it doesn't seem to help much. I do want Torchlight tobe ported for the mac as soon as possible, because i too want to experience (fully) the enjoyment and fun that the PC people are able to enjoy.

let's recap

1. I am no glamorizing crime.

2. I DO feel guilty about what i did

3. I'm ready to buy the mac version as it comes out

4. Removed the pirated version.

5. used FTP

6. Not willing to buy new hardware for the PC just to play new games, as my mac is far better compatible for that.

7. I am a member of Pirate Party Finland.

8. i'm paying less what the americans are for TOrchlight (when it comes out.)

9. People should think about these things.

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