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Lenore Nevermore's blog

5:33 PM on 02.11.2011

Gaming Blog

I already have a dedicated personal/professional blog so I will be using this as a gaming blog... I will probably not be updating it too much... Oh I am engaged hence the "we" I will be using 9 times out of 10

Current Games

Dante's Inferno: We finally rented it, and while we probably won't be purchasing it we have enjoyed it greatly. I am a huge fan of the poem (not so much the other two parts but inferno was fun) and at first had to get over the fact that they kind of took a dump on the story of the poem. For starters Dante isn't fighting through hell, Beatrice was never married to Dante (though he never got over the early death of his child hood sweet heart) and her soul was never a question to him.... Oh yeah and the poem was written to take place over 200 years after the game...

Finally I just got over it and focused on the uniqueness of the game and began to enjoy it more. What the game ruined to me in story it makes up for in level design. I watched my guy beat it and I am about halfway through and love what they did with the levels. I hate the lack of AI wandering but over all the designs are cool. Greed is actually more interesting then with the molten gold then in the poem case in point.

Sims 3: Yes I know very typical gamer chick liking Sims games I can't help it back off. I only have a few more achievements to get, though I am focusing more on getting challenges (even though it will not help my achievements) just for fun I suppose.... Sims is a great time waster and I am not getting over it even though I probably should.

Borderlands: This is in the background for my guy and I since we've gone through the whole thing in co-op... We have achievement cleaning up to do and finish out the last of the DLC... I hate the way the screen is split (and can't figure out how to change it) so we play like once a month, but we'd really like to complete this....   read

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