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Lenore Coffee's blog

8:56 PM on 06.25.2010

The Great Escape: Reclaiming Innocence

I played games a lot as a kid, and this gameplay was very similar in experience and diversity as my Lego, Barbie, and kid-on-kid action was. As children, we're free to explore, play, and--perhaps most importantly--make mis...   read

4:17 PM on 10.06.2009

Defiling the Wasteland – A Memoir, Part 3

Scars spread across my body like the patchwork of a web, armor all its own, a story formed by warfare so individual as to fail descriptive faculty—just connect my dots, follow each jagged line to its edge till it splinters ...   read

6:12 PM on 10.03.2009

Defiling the Wasteland – A Memoir, Part 2

I had never killed another human being until the day Amata put that 10mm in my hand. Funny, really, thinking about it. A couple or a few or however many days ago, I came upon a settlement even more ramshackle than Megaton...   read

11:27 PM on 09.21.2009

Defiling the Wasteland—A Memoir in Parts

Imagine living your whole life in darkness, in a monotonous debasement of mundane tasks and surrounded by the same handful of people the entire time. Imagine just a single shelf of books to read over and over again, the sam...   read

10:23 AM on 08.29.2009

Arbitrary Experience—Where’s the “Earn” in “Learn”?

My Fallout 3 character is one badass little honeypot. I stacked Sneak, Small & Big Guns to 100; Agility and Perception are at 10. When I first started playing, I’d tiptoe around Raider camps and lure them out one at a time...   read

8:37 AM on 07.17.2009

Shoot Em Up: Jonesing for the Game

It’s 4:30 in the morning and I have to be at work tomorr—err, today, but for some reason I’m playing [Prototype] again, from the beginning, to see if I can better my mediocre performance throughout the missions and side eve...   read

8:09 PM on 07.16.2009

Step by Step: Stealing the Strategy

Strategy guides are plentiful online, not to mention the “official” guides released from publishers to accompany games at an exorbitant price. I’ve dipped into one or two in the past to help me through particularly difficul...   read

1:39 PM on 07.15.2009

The Finish Line: How LBP Helped Overcome One of My Many Childhood Traumas

I never really bothered with finishing games—it wasn’t a goal of mine. I was content to muck about within the world the game offered me, enjoy the thrill of cutting enemies to ribbons or besting my own scores on challenges, b...   read

1:56 AM on 07.10.2009

inFamous vs. [Prototype] : The Non-Flamer’s Version

These two games have been pitted against one another since rumors about both began to spread, and rarely have I read anyone discuss one without mentioning the other. While I do see the similarities between the two—ranging f...   read

8:34 PM on 07.07.2009

Why Do We Play? – Identity Tackles Entertainment

If you’ll indulge my demonstrative back-story for a moment or two, I’ll get to the meat. I’m a PhD candidate at a strange, international graduate/post-graduate school in Switzerland that sets its students to work online ...   read

1:42 AM on 07.04.2009

Trophyism: The Unquenchable Work of Play

I'm not a terribly competitive person. When I play Scrabble, I don't even like keeping score; I just think it's fun to make words (yeah, that's how nerdy I am). If anything, I compete against myself, always trying to best my ...   read

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