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Lenigod avatar 5:58 PM on 12.16.2011  (server time)

This has been a fun ride. Even though Mr.Andy totally stole all my thunder on the front page, I've still had fun hosting this little game of the year. The interesting thing has been 2 things in my books. 1 was the close tie between the two top games, Portal 2 and Dark Souls. 2 amazing games, and it brings a smile to see so many people enjoy these titles. The other has been the contempt to the big AAA titles this year. The majority of downvotes have been centered around the big releases of the year. Gears, Uncharted,
Battlefield 3, were all higher up there for downvotes.

Anywho, this is whole thang' is all summerized in one line,
The winner is...Portal 2!

Yaaaaaa space!

If any one is interested, here is the spread sheet where the votes took place
Located here

And if you want to follow along with the blogs of the past
It all started here
It continues on here
And it finishes here.

Well I probably wont be around for a while, have a good holiday break, and if you're not doing the holiday things and working instead, have a depressive sip of your favorite beer in my memory.

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