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Lenigod avatar 10:48 PM on 12.02.2011  (server time)

It's been far too long since my last endeavour into the D-Toid community, after falling off the FNF hosting party (mostly in part to me feeling bad for hosting things and not being able to actually do it on more then one un-forseen ocassion), seldom going into the forums, less and less commenting,
I feel I need to contribue anything at this point.

Enter this idea.

A collaborative effort amongst the dtoid community as a whole to choose their game of the year via the classic upvote/downvote system.

Via this google docs spread sheet simply follow the presented format I've allready put in place.

The Rules of this are simple

1. A value of 1 is an up vote, a value of -1 is a down vote, 0 does nothing, so do not place a 0

2. Enter your vote on the next available line, regardless of whether or not your game is in the list allready

3. You can have multiple unique votes, but you cannot vote for the same thing twice (Don't spam your favorite game essentially)

4. You cannot down vote a game that isnt on the list allready.

5. Don't be a dick and delete submissions, This is 100% communit driven, don't be the guy that ruins it.

Other guidelines (not really rules, more then tips)

Put what ever platform you played the game on, even if it's multiplatform. So if you playing Arkham City on the ps3, put that there. I'm going to use that data later for fun stats in the end. The same goes for genre, put what it is. If you don't know, see if any one else has voted for your game and use what they put. If that hasn't happened, make it up.

Remember not to change other peoples votes, just add a new line with your game. If the list ends up being 100 votes for Arkham city, so be it, that game is awesome anyway so it's probably fine.

If you have something to say about the game, use other notes, otherwise, please keep the spreadsheet clean

I really do hope this takes off, as I love stat tracking, I kinda like you guys too, so its like... a double win.

Also this video

That's about it. I'll be tallying the votes and updating every week on friday (or saturday if I forget).

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