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Lekku avatar 7:46 AM on 03.17.2010  (server time)
Custom Gaming T-shirts

Gaming t-shirts are something that I have plenty of, from graphic t-shirts from stores with Mario references to custom shirts that I have made for local gaming tournaments with groups of friends. All my custom shirts in the past have been made using iron-on paper that you print on. Makes the shirts very fast, but generally they don't last really long and you can see the outlines of the entire iron on sheet eventually.

My wife does a fair amount of crafting though and came home the other day with some custom baby shirts for my sister who is expecting. These shirts were done with stencils and fabric paint and looked really nice. From doing some reading they stand up to washing and general wear very well. So with that information my mind starting going about all the crazy shirts that I could make with game references.

So the other day my wife and I sat down and made several shirts. I was even able to get some shirts for our kids made with some game references on them!

First up was a t-shirt for our oldest and a diaper shirt for the one we are expecting ( I got this design online ):

Next I gave a shot at recreating my Halo emblem (custom stencil):

Finally, this one took quite a while given all the unique shapes (custom stencil):

I think they turned out really well and I have a bunch of other ideas for shirts now that I have tested a pretty simple design and a much more complex one. The process is pretty simple and can be found online if you are interested.

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