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LegoFan avatar 9:56 PM on 04.24.2013  (server time)
Nintendo and E3: Getting out from Under the Shadow

Earlier today, I was pondering whether or not Nintendo would benefit in the future, when they launch new consoles, by taking a page from Sony's PS4 announcement and starting to hold their own press events rather than waiting for E3.

Then, just a few minutes ago, I heard that Nintendo will not be hosting it's usual big E3 press conference this year, opting instead for several smaller events, directed either at distributors or the press, along with Nintendo Direct broadcasts and other methods in order to speak to fans.

After the initial gut punch of disappointment wore off, I realized the writing was kind of on the wall already anyway, what with the huge announcements they've been giving in recent Nintendo Directs, and the fact that they used, as I saw it, an unforgettable Nintendo Direct last year to jump the gun and release information about the Wii U before their main press conference.

What do you think, Nonspecific Action Figure?

In the end, I think that this is probably a really good thing, and I believe that Nintendo might be better off abandoning E3 entirely. For starters, it would mean that Nintendo could release bigger announcements outside of June (rather than saving them for E3) when they wouldn't have to compete with Sony and Microsoft for press coverage and gamers' attentions.

This year in particular, I think it will be to Nintendo's advantage to have their biggest announcements elsewhere since gamers and the press will be so focused on PS4 and the next Xbox this E3. They would get to dictate when the news comes out, letting them pick the best time and way for that news to be released. Rather then trying to use up extra time in a two hour presentation to talk about something like NintendoLand, or spending less time to talk about more interesting games because there's just so much to talk about, Nintendo can use their own events and Nintendo Directs to take as much or as little time as they want, and say whatever they want.

It would also free Nintendo from being subjected to the tradition held by many tech and gaming websites of picking a winner for E3: let Sony and Microsoft duke it out, let people debate over which of them is better while Nintendo stands off to the side.

While I'll be a little bit sad to see these big press conferences going away, I feel like I've been far more exited, interested, and entertained by recent Nintendo Directs then by pretty much anything I've seen of recent E3 presentations.

Here's hoping that continues to be the case.

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