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Legion's blog

1:58 PM on 04.10.2011

Intro (Let's try again...)

To be honest, I don't really use my blog that much (read: at all), I barely use the account to comment on some things. And I had some issues with an accidental Facebook account link which made my blog go nuts and stop working. I did contact support, but I received no answer from it.
So, I wanted to check if posting something as a blog (anything) would fix it, but I thought it would be nice if I did another intro blog post, just for the sake of it... and because I have nothing better to do.

Here we go.

Basic info
Name's Juan, I go by the name Legion on Steam and Xfire, I'm from Argentina (South America) and I'm 17 years old. I'm currently on my last year of high school and I haven't got a damn clue of what am I going to do once I'm done with it.

Let's talk about games
Games, oh games, such an amazing thing that brought me to this community and helped me meet some of the coolest people around the internet.
I got into games a bit late, my parents weren't into them at all so I wasn't raised in a house full of video game consoles, I do remember having a NES, but I wasn't that much of a gamer back then.
I really wish I had a N64 or a SNES back then, but I started gaming when I first got a PSone... in 2003.
After my PSone I went directly to PC gaming, and met awesome people in games like Call of Duty 4 and Gears of War PC.
Buying games on Steam is what made me get in touch with the Dtoid community for the first time. I joined the Destructoid Steam group in 2009 and never regretted doing so.
After all those years of PC gaming I decided it was time to get a new console too and I bought a PS3.
Between the PSone and the PS3 I also owned a DS lite (2007) and a PSP (2008), the DS I sold it and I miss it, and the PSP I barely play it but I can't sell it because it's kind of broken, heh

The Destructoid community
After joining Steamtoid, something called Skypetoid showed up and I became part of that too, most of the members were from Steam, but we had other people too (I am, of course, speaking of the Superior Skypetoid). From all the calls that happened on Skypetoid I noticed I am not able to speak in english since my brain blocks when I try to and became the mute of the group, while everyone's speaking I just type in the text chat hoping that somebody will read what I'm trying to say.
I've joined some FNF games, but not much because they generally happen on Xbox and I only have a PS3.
That's pretty much all the contact I have with the community, I've tried the forums, but people in there make witty and funny comments all the time, and I'm not able to pull off such things.

About music, movies and series I haven't got anything interesting to say, I lack taste and I only listen to few artists (Daft Punk overall). I like the Star Wars movie and a sign of lack of taste shows up here, because I actually enjoyed the prequels (not as much as the originals, though). Series I watch... uhm, Doctor Who (I love it) and I've been watching Community and No Ordinary Family too, I also liked Lost and the ending didn't piss me off.

I feel like if I keep on saying things this might get boring, so I'm going to end it here (there's not much left to tell anyway).

I'll wrap it up by leaving my id's here:

PSNid: juani-arg

GFWL gamertag: darth189

SteamId: juanifraga

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