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Legenderry avatar 8:00 PM on 06.19.2013  (server time)
Was this their plan all along?

Back in May, Microsoft announced their new console and the internet exploded, but not with the praise that MS was more than likely expecting.  The reveal only brought fear to us, the consumers, in that MS would have total control over what we do with products that would never be 100% ours.  At this point Sony didn't announce anything on the subjects of used games and DRM for the PS4, but some of use feared that they had something similar in mind.

A few weeks later Jack Tretton took the stage at E3 for the Sony press conference, and put all our worries to rest when he announced in dramatic fashion that everything Microsoft said they were going to do, Sony would not.  Used games? No problem.  No online connection?  No problem.  And we knew Sony would keep their consoles region free as they already had for the PS3.  That's when the internet erupted again, giving us our generations version of "Sega does what Nintendon't."  The media went wild giving us almost infinite headlines reading that Sony had basically won E3, and us consumers breathed a heavy sigh of relief.  Even during last week, Microsoft didn't take a single step back on their policies and what they were wanting to stand for.  And I myself am impressed that Don Mattrick still had a job after delivering his response to people who don't have internet.

Then we come to today where Microsoft finally bit the bullet and said "fuck it", and gave us gamers what we wanted (aside from the need to have Kinect always ahem, connected).  Now the headlines are taking over again but instead of reading Sony, they say Microsoft, almost burying what Sony had accomplished last week.  Sure a lot of us are giving praise, but in my humble opinion its too little too late.  They had their chance and now I've seen what they are willing to do and would absolutely not be surprised if they brought this back sometime in the future after the dust has settled.  But did Microsoft bring these policies in to play thinking that Sony would do something very similar?  Did they think Sony wouldn't have the balls to go directly for MS' jugular on stage at E3?  What if they planned this in hopes that Sony would do the same thing and then bring us the exact same news they did today only to come out as the ones on top.

I can admit now that I am more inclined to purchase an Xbox OneEighty on day one, its just too bad that it took Microsoft waving a white flag to do so.

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