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Legenderry avatar 4:36 PM on 05.28.2013  (server time)
I can't leave it behind.

I'll start by saying I'm a complete sucker for the small attachments that come with gaming, most notably my Gamerscore.  Now I know mine is nothing in comparison to some of the other gamers out there (I'm looking at you BrownMan) but I'm still proud of what i have accumulated over the time I've had my 360.  A number that shows my entire gaming history with the console since I got it on day one.  I even remember the first game I played on it was Call of Duty 3 that came with it.  My first friend on Xbox Live even made the comment my first week of having it that I didn't have any multiplayer achievements.  And that's when you can say my personal conquest to grab as many of the bastards I could started.

I have owned every console that has come out since the Playstation and N64, and even then the PS3 has the next closest thing to achievements; and I didn't give a rats ass about how may Platinum Trophies I had. And with the Wii U, I have nothing of the sort to put my place in the Nintendo world to say "I did that."  But with Nintendo I do have something I put in comparison to my Gamerscore that I hold onto dearly, my cartridge games.  Now I do not have many but the ones that I own, I can say I am proud to have acquired them.  And with U's shop finally starting to take shape I can (hopefully?) purchase the games that I cannot find anywhere on the market (I know they're one eBay but I don't like purchasing games on there).

But even though I own a hard copy of a retro game, I will absolutely still buy it on the virtual market for ease of use and access.  I obviously can't transfer save data between the two, which makes it seem redundant that I'd play the same game twice on two different consoles for no apparent reason.  But I'll still do it nonetheless.  Now how does this connect to my first train of thought?  You knew it was coming - XboxOne.

The XboxOne's first impression IMO was a wreck, and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me. Why?  Simple reason, I live in Canada.  So all those extra features they showed off and have yet to unveil will more than likely be inaccessible to me.  I play games, I'm a gamer at heart and always will be.  MS unveils their next "game" console, and I don't even know what the games will look like on it.  Sure they showed CoD but they all look the same, and a little bit of Madden but I don't play sports games except for the odd Fifa. With almost all of the XboxOne being useless to me the saddest fact I came to realize is that I will still 100%, absolutely, buy it day one. MS will get my money and I knew they would even before they had their reveal.

Why will I buy it day one?  To improve my Gamerscore.  Why will I continue to buy old cartridges when The Wii U will (once again, hopefully) have the games online?  To increase my game collection.  Something about the ownership of the digital and physical keeps me going on to try and be a better gamer, even with going back in time with Nintendo.  I know its a rhetorical question, but why can't I leave either of them behind?

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