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5:59 PM on 03.10.2011

Sexy Question

Inspired by Stephanie K's blog in regards to the Last Guardian.

A question has been swimming around in my head since I read it and commented.

Firstly, the blog addresses the fact that someone noticed no female leads in the game and asked why. The simple reply being that they didn't want to risk people being able to see up girl's skirts, which were historically mandatory, and therefore stereotype any female leads.

In one of my comments I suggested that they might have made the skirts hard to look up, give them leggings or, [color=orange]dare I say it[/color], make any female leads not typically attractive.

And that got me thinking.

Would a considerable amount of gamers really not play a game if the main character was not attractive?[/b]

I mostly ask that about female characters. The only reason being that there have been plenty of less than good-looking male leads (Kratos and the entire male cast of GoW for example) whom women don't seem to mind playing.

I also say a "considerable amount" because I know there are enough guys and gals out there who base importance off looks entirely. By considerable I mean enough so that the game wouldn't make enough $$.

But ultimately, would you not play a game that looked totally awesome and kickass if it had a female lead that you did not find attractive? Would you sacrifice an awesome gaming experience if the female on the screen didn't fit under the "Hollywood norm" of video games, movies, TV, etc.?

PS: What I find attractive in a woman is kinda different than the "norm". I like ladies who have meat on their bones, fat and/or muscle, is confident and has a bit of a swagger. I like large hips but breast size doesn't matter to me. So... really there are not a lot of female characters I find really attractive anyway.   read

11:22 PM on 03.06.2011

I am super-pissed right now, D-toid... blog issues...

I just spent around a half hour writing what was to be an awesome blog and it's gone.

Fucking gone.

My computer didn't crash. My web browser didn't freeze. The screen shifted for only a second, as if the page reloaded, and then =boop!= my blog screen was empty.

I've tried checking my drafts in hopes I did not actually lose it, but no. Nothing there.

Can someone please explain what might have happened before I murder whoever is closest to me? My roommate is simply not safe. Poor Geoff... he was such a good dude.

PS: the blog was going to be an awesome Spidey VS Wolverine thing. Super-awesome.   read

1:17 AM on 03.01.2011

A Lot Late But Bear With Me...

Okay, so my first blog, while I enjoyed it very much, was not exactly to code. As I have now been made well aware. See? I don't need to swear all of the time. Even if it is fucking great.

Anyway, I decided to try something else. I don't want to get banned less than a day after signing up....

So, here's a very late review of a game I sorta like. I wrote it a while ago.

Well, actually it's not a review so much as break down of an entire fucking game. it's very long and wordy so... yeah only go for it if you have time.

Anyways, enjoy!

LEE'S REVIEW (AKA: BREAKDOWN): Spider-man Shattered Dimensions

I am a HUGE Spider-man fan. Huge. And not just because of all the pop-tarts I keep hidden in my drawer.

So I'm always willing to give anything with the web-slinging wall-crawler a try. I didn't know what to expect when I picked this title up, especially so soon after Web of Shadows and, also it seemingly coming up out of nowhere.

But I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised.

The game is broken up into 4 different dimensions that the player rotates through as different Spideys as the game goes along.


1) NOIR:

This was overall my favourite dimension. Some people seem frustrated with the Noir chapters. I liked all of them but enjoyed Noir for being a big change of pace from the others. It was fun trying to stay out of the light by climbing on walls or zipping to precarious perches in the shadows. I also never tired of the satisfaction of grabbing some baddie, yanking him over and watching the various animations of Spidey taking them out and securing them to his perch via webs.

Apparently some players have had issues getting to the bad guys and webbing them up. I didn't have this problem personally but I can see why it might happen: you do have to get rather close before you can initiate the take-down.

I really enjoyed how the game acknowledged that Spider-man Noir is not like the other Spideys. This is why stealth was so important in this dimension: He's not as strong, his webbing is not as effective (in the game they made a point of commenting on this) and he takes far more damage when hit. Playing Noir, if you are spotted and shot at you really have to haul ass or you will be killed. Quickly. Thankfully when forced into fighting your opponents don't have long-range weapons.

This dimension also had a nice look to it. It was very 'noir' indeed, not just the classical sense but also the look of the actual Noir comic series. I've loved the look of that series since it began and the team did a great job recreating that same dingy, dirty and dark feeling. I didn't miss the colour at all.

My only problem with this chapter: they got rid of his coat! Peter's awesome trench coat. It looks great and adds a real sense of menace to Spidey in the comic series and I wish it had at least made a short appearance in the game. Kinda like Leon's awesome jacket in RE4.

2) 2099:

What to say about 2099... Well Spider-man of 2099 is not Peter Parker. They're not even related. This character is named Miguel O'Hara. He stumbles across his powers and, noting how similar they are to Spider-man of the past, he decides to become Spider-man of the future.

You can really tell that they're not related by his fighting style. While Miguel is similar to Peter Parker in many ways, it's clear he enjoys fighting more than Peter ever has. Spidey 2099 hits hard and strong.

In the game, his enhanced strength is balanced out by heavily armored enemies who can take a lot of punishment but you can still tell just how much is packed into his punch.

Spidey 2099's chapters are fast-paced and glaringly bright. And it works nicely. The best areas to make note of are when you're free-falling after an enemy while using a booster to accelerate to catch up and beat the hell out of them.

Miguel's attacks also flow more easily into combos. There's an award to get for stringing together over 100 hits and I did it using Miguel with no problem.

And then there's his decelerated vision. Since Spidey of 2099 is not Peter Parker he doesn't actually have Spider-sense to warn him of incoming attacks. The game makes a point of bestowing this upon him as well as the ability to slow down everything around him. This really makes beating big, heavy guys a lot of fun and enables you to guide seeking missiles to any target other than yourself. I eventually learned how to do this without the vision but it's just fun to use.


I thought this dimension was just plain fun. I enjoyed the various long-tendril attacks of the black suit as well as the hard-hitting rage mode that works really well in a pinch. Also some of the best level designs in the game.

The chapter with Deadpool stands out in particular as far as design and layout goes. It's fun to just take some time and swing around the whole place. And It's HUGE.

They also did a good job portraying young Peter. He's still only sixteen in this dimension and, while he has some of the best/funniest lines in the game, he also freaked out a little. Some fairly scary things happen in his dimension and he reacts in a fairly scared way and even attempts to reassure himself. The other Spideys don't do that because, of course, they're older and more experienced and I loved that the game made that distinction.

Actually, he also had some of the worst lines which I think was done on purpose. He's still young, he'll grow into it.


Amazing... such an accurate description. Seriously, what would the comics universe be without the bantering web-head?


Anyways, the most distinguishing part of Amazing Spidey is actually the art style. It's an odd mix of realism with black-lined-cell-shading. Very much like a comic page. It made me think of Borderlands, but thankfully still stood out as being different. The Amazing Spidey levels are BEAUTIFUL!

Ugh... but Kraven's face... I don't ever want to see a close-up of that again. If you thought the Vulture's face had enough lines on it... well ew.

In Amazing Spidey you can see the slight difference in speed opposed to his counterparts but the biggest change in gameplay is using webs to pick items up and turn them into far-reach whips of pain. This is such an obviously good use of the webbing that I cannot comprehend why it took so many games to start using this technique. I'm hoping we'll start seeing it in the comics soon because it's just that awesome.

The Amazing dimension chapters are some of the most fun and innovative to go through. The chapter with Sandman being my second-most fav of the whole game right after Deadpool.


I've delved a bit into each chapter so let's look a little at the game as a whole.

• Firstly, this is not a sandbox game. It's not open world, there is no webswinging from building to building across the city. The aforementioned activity is incredibly fun.

So why am I putting this under the 'good' area? Because of how many sandbox-style Spidey games have come out over the years. It's been done and it's usually the same. I'm not saying I don't want to see another sandbox Spidey game in the future, but this game doesn't need it. In fact the linear structure of the game lends to the story telling and helps everything to feel more complete.

• One of the best parts may not have been directly involved in the gameplay but had to do with the voices. The decision to bring back guys who've played the webslinger in the past was right on the nail. It made it feel more realistic to me instead of having one guy try to change his voice or something like that. Neil Patrick Harris did a wonderful job as Amazing Spidey. As did Josh Keaton for Ultimate Spidey (he was voice behind the Spectacular Spider-Man series. I'm so pissed at Disney for having it canceled.).

My most fav Spidey-guy of all time; the wonderful Christopher Daniel Barnes from the 1994-98 animated series. Which is to date THE BEST Spidey cartoon series. This man plays the Noir Spidey. He spends a lot of time whispering, due to the stealth and such, but you can still really tell it's him. He was great as Noir but I would have been just as happy to hear him play Amazing.

Last is Dan Gilvezan, the voice of Miguel of Spidey 2099. He played Peter in the 1980's series Spider-man and His Amazing Friends. I have to admit this one dragged the 2099 chapters down a peg for me. Not because he did a bad job or anything. You can tell this man is a good voice actor but... the actual sound of his voice just grates on me. Miguel is supposed to be older than the other Spideys in each dimension but they made him sound... well old. Like really old. But like I said, he's obviously a good actor and I'm sure most of people aren't bothered by it.

And, of course, let's not forget the highly animated narration by the man Stan Lee himself. I had no idea he did that and so I squealed like a happy piglet the first time his voice popped up... as well as every single other time. Hahhhh... ahem. Moving on.

• Some people did not like this but it fits under 'good' for me: The close-up fisticuffs in the boss fights.

At some points in a boss battle you have the opportunity to get up-close and personal and use each thumb stick to direct Spidey's fists to the enemy's face and also dodge their attacks. Each fight uses this in varying amounts and I really liked it. I've read some reviews that give it a bad rap and I can't understand why.

• Lastly was the look of Spider-Man. The character himself. How he walked, ran, swung, jumped, flipped, kicked, punched, threw, twirled, perched, crawled, zipped and even his mannerisms when he was talking.

This game has, by far, been the most successful in giving us an actual Spider-man. His movements are so fluid and graceful and ... well, so Spidey it fits perfectly. Even in Noir where he was a tad stiff and 2099 with the heavy, strong hits you could still see Spidey's personality coming through in everything he did.


Now into the area I dislike; the bad. Because there is some bad in this game and it needs to be mentioned.

• Up top is the repetitive missions. Each chapter is laid out like an episode of House: the same. You typically start off introduced to the main baddie, you may or may not fight right away, they leave you to deal with some minions, you need to save some usually helpful civilians, fight more minions, and then face the main baddie for realsies.

Okay, to be fair they're not all EXACTLY the same (like episodes of House) but they're still so similar it all blends together and you almost have to make an effort to tell the difference.

• Webswinging... Ummmm not as fun as in past games. The last Spidey game I played was Web of Shadows. Not a great game perhaps, but if they did one thing well is was using the webs. I would just spend hours swinging around the city, it was so much fun. Also those fights in the air with Vulture... wow!

The webbing in Shattered Dimensions felt restricted. Like someone was pulling at the webs, making them shorter so you couldn't actually 'swing' like you could in previous games. This also made accuracy with the webs a little difficult in some areas.

• There are a lot of attack commands. A lot. So much so I eventually became frustrated and just completed enough challenges to settle on ones I found most effective and that was it.

I understand some people probably like the variety of options but it was too much for me. I play a lot of games and have a bad memory so it just didn't work out well.


Try it. Try it now. >:[

Srsly, though, anyone who likes a well-paced action game with some variety, good cast and gameplay should give this game a try.

And the let me know what you think!

... See? I said it was wordy. I'll have to work on that.

Later bitches.   read

6:52 PM on 02.28.2011

Fucketie Hi

Hey, bitches.

I'm just hanging out. Being bored. Waiting for little fuckers to notice my avatar. It's been cleaned up for all the sensitive little dicks out there.

But yeah it's totally two guys fucking. Daredevil and Iron Fist, actually... or Matt and Danny, depending on how you look at it. I had a request from an awesome fangirl named Steph. She loved it and I was really wishing I hadn't done it for free. Oh well, it was fun.

There is a surprisingly small amount of Daredevil and/or Iron Fist gay-fan-porn on the interwebs. I was happy to contribute to the minority group.

It's called "Iron Devil".

+100,000 creativity   read

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