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Leaderz0rz avatar 12:54 AM on 10.11.2007  (server time)
Halo 3:Big Team Battle

The latest update to Halo 3 which increases the amount of players in Big Team Battle is great. Except the problem that plagues Big Team Battle is that everyone only wants to play Team Slayer. They will veto any map that isn't team slayer then leave the game if the next map isn't team slayer. They constantly bitch about VIP and BOMB or they just run around completely avoiding the objectives all together. With a over a million people playing Halo 3 you would think I could find a game with actual players who follow the objectives right? Wrong. Now I am not the greatest Halo player in the world, in fact I'm pretty bad at it, but one would think that even if it's not the type of game mode you wanted you would still try to win. Now I always heard the Halo community had horrible players but seeing as how Halo 3 is the first Halo I ever played with remote interest in multiplayer this is just absurd. I think there should be a Big Team Battle Objective, and a Big Team Slayer or something. There might less people playing objectives but some of us like to have a point to the game other than killing the mean red or blue color for 20 mins.

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