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LeSamourai avatar 1:22 AM on 02.07.2013  (server time)
The Return of The King... Of Gaming Podcasts


About 4 years ago one of the greatest, no The Greatest vidja gaemz podcast ever made started. And it was known as Talkradar

Seriously it was so lovely. As time went on the podcast only got better. The hosts would usually devolve into drunken fools and make horribly inappropriate jokes but at the same time they didn't hide behind offensive gags and had deep and earnest discussions. They woukld open up and tell embarassing stories or even sad ones. Like that time where chris was receiving a BJ and the girl vomited on him. Or when Elston was working at Toys R' Us (did you know brett worked at Toys R' Us) and would have to listen to horrible music all day and then when his shift ends he would pick up the pokemon soundtrack and be forever shamed by the chick at the counter looking at him in disgust. This is one of those rare podcasts where you can just listen to an episode and it will still hold up. Anyeways back to the goods. As time went on management on the corporate level changed. The podcast while still flying high began to have a sense of death loom over it. Eventually booze was banned from the podcast and for unrelated reasons the employees of GR were dropping out. It was so sad. Finally it got to a point where the podcast went on hiatus. Or at least that is what we were told. Fridays began to be a little more morose, a lil more melancholy. But then out of the blue A site called Laser time popped up. And it was the whole gang back together!

But it wasn't the same. Just like that terrible cosplay up there. Now dont get me wrong. It was still top tier stuff. But a lot of peeps were saying it was just as good as Talk radar and I disagreed. It is hard to explain why but if I could make the analogy it would be like the Ren and Stimpy show. The Ren and Stimpy show was a weird experimental cartoon in the 90's rthat got away with a lot of sexual double entendres and whatnot. I didnt care for the show but I recognized its cleverness to get away with the material it did. Well of course it was cancelled but then revived on a channell that would let it go all out. Great Right? No. It no longer had to be clever and was just really filthy because no one was watching it. Now Laser time the spiritual successor is not bad like I said it is entertaining but it lost a lt of its edge because of the circumstances and mostly because they werent confined to vidjagaemz even though part of the fun of talkradar was the tangents. Ive thoroughly enjoyed Laser time but I found myself not worried about missing episodes here and there, going long stretches of not listening. I started listening to Cape Crisis their comic book discussion even though I did not even read any comics. VGMpire is another podcast that I frequent much more than LT. But now things are changing. No LT isnt going away but they have created an honest-to-god vidjagaemz podcast.
And dear god am I horny for this junk. It started and ended pitch perfect.This blog can really be summarized by me saying to you that you need to go to and listen to this junk. It just started and I am so happy to be a part of its beginning.
Sorry if the blog wasn't interesting but I will have one real soon that critiques davuiid cage and his comments about the industry needing to grow up and my first true installment in the Captain Crunch's Hidden Booty game spotlight in which I talk about obscure but quality games. Ill be starting it off right with a schmup that doesnt get much attention despite being top quality. Anyways bye.

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