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A Final Introduction to me by way of Favorite Games of All Time List.

I feel like a cheater right now because this is by no means my first blog. Technically I have written two, one being a totally silly one and the other being a first entry in what I hope to be many highlighting overlooked games. The reason I am writing this one and calling it an introduction blog is because the two preceeding blogs do not really tell my fellow dtoiders anything about myself. I thought I would take this oppurtunity to truly introduce myself by listing off my top 11 favorite games. If you can find it in your heart to forgive me for technically being a cheater like when mexican restuarants keep their GRAND OPENING!! sign up for two years and just allow this to slide I will be deeply humbled. So lets start the adventure off!!!!

Note: These are in no particular order and I also tried to pick more offbeat choices rather than just picking something like SotC since they will be on everyones list and do not say anything about the person

Super Mario Sunshine

Yes that is right. The Mario Game I picked was neither Galaxy or 64. I feel that a running theme in this list will be games that create a vast sense of world. This is why Sunshine beat out Galaxy and 64. What were a lot of peoples negatives were pluses for me. I loved the idea of mario on this one singular island. There was a cohesiveness to the game that 64 didn't yet strike on and the galaxy games threw out in terms of abstract design. I love Galaxy 1 and 2 but ultimately Sunshine is a world I find myself returning to because it literally feels like I am a part of Marios' vacation. The music is fantastic as evidenced by the delfino plaza music and the variety of places youll see is impressive, despite being on one island the amount of challenges mario will tackle is vast. A lot of people will swear by the castle in 64 but going back as much as I love the game and all of its wonder it feels so bland compared to Sunshine. Sunshine was one of the first games that had a real sense of this is a place and people live here. A great example of this would be the hotel level. That part is unique to pretty much both 2D and 3D platformers in that youre exploring a place that people live and it is less about challenging platform and more about, well, exploration. I could go on and I barely touched on some of my favorite stages such as the casino type area or Noki Bay with the towering seashell structures, oh and the fludd! i would be remiss though if I didn't mention the staes where you didn't have the Fludd. All I will say is that was some hardcore platforming and obviously a precursor to Galaxy and its abstract "it is all about fun and defying logic" style of platforming. This is the game that finally made me buy a gamecube and pay attention to it more than my trusty PS2. Alright now for my next game!

Brave Fencer Musashi

I am kinda shooting myself in the foot as I planned to cover this game in my underappreciated games blog series but oh well I just absolutely love this game! This game was uncharted and final fantasy all rolled into one. It had a heartwarming story and great characters. It very much reminds me of Ni No Kuni. In the game you play as a pint-sized samurai named Musashi.You have to travel the kingdom of Allukaneet(loljapan) collecting gems to take down a great evil. Even though the story is generic the characters and gameplay is what does it for me. The characters are soo.... loveable. They really manage to cram a lot of humour and drama into the dialogue and setpieces whether you are talking to a overzealous fairy thing or running DOWN THE SIDE OF A GIGANTIC TOWER WHILE A BOULDETR IS ROLLING DOWN AFTER YOU. Seriously this game is awesome and manages to hold up so well despite being on the PS1 a laughably weak system. I think this is a testament to the game design. It is an action rpg by Square so you know it has great music and mechanics. This might not be my favorite game but it is so totally worth playing and im glad I am a part of that group of people who can say they have. I cant stress enough how awesome this game is.I will leave you guys and gals with another song. Now Go Play It!

MGS2: Sons of Liberty

This. This Game. It is good. Really Good. You should play it. To me Metal Gear Solid 2 represents what gaming is supposed to be. I know that is a very lofty statement but let me quantify it. When I was 6 years old and playing OoT i remember being floored when I realized that not only could you use the Iron Boots to explore Lake Hylia and its depths but there was an aquatic temple for me to explore. There many games that I played that came afterOoT and they tried to create that magic. MGS2was that game for me. I was floored by the opening "level." Everyone talks about the Ice cubes but for me I had that OoT moment and let me detail it for you. I was sitting in a box. But it wasn't just any box. It was a wet box. Ok im being stupid but my point is that in MGS@ when I used a wet box and developed a cough and then used cigs to heal myself I had that same jaw dropping sense of amazement that I did playing OoT. It was that moment when you say "Wow, they actually thought of this." And that my friends is what I mean when I say that MGS2 represents the ideals of gaming. It is truly special and I know for a fact that the Tanker level with sanke has more depth and breadth of ideas presented to the player than most games do by the time you arrive at the final boss.There has been a lot written about MGS2 over the years (including this line) but really you don't need to examine all that meta crap sorrounding the game to enjoy it. It is a powerful force of entertainment and I recommend picking up the HD collection and see for yourself. Good job koima, Good job.

Halo 3

Whuuuut? Yeah so I picked this because I noticed that my first 3 games were all japanese and I wanted to show that I do play other games including western games. Im not going to talk about it much since most people know how they feel about the game. When this game launched it was an event. There has not been a launch quite like Halo 3 since. I played hundreds of hours in multiplayer and forge mode (anybody play Stargate?)None of the future Halo games have lived up to this game in my mind. The map design was perfectly simple yet endlessly deep. Seriously I studied all these crazy tactics for this game like throwing a grenade at a corner to blast myself up into an enemies base where they didn't expect me. There were so much nuance to the game that I feel has been thrown away in favor of perks and silly little mechanics that are jjst ripping of Cod. Such a shame. I have so many memories and I might out of all the games I have ever payed sunk the most time into this game. Bungie you are amazingly talented. Thanks for the memories. Onto the Next one!

So what is this, Where is the game? Well this is the end of Part 1. Im not trying to be cheap I just do not have time to finish as I am rushing out to a new years party. I will finish the list and in all I will have 11 games by the end. To be clear these are not LeSamourais' top games of all time. Granted some of these would be on my list but this is my way of showing of different facets of myself and so Im not picking my all time definitive list as I feel the need to branch out to other genres to show my versatility. I do plan on doing that type of list though but I want to put serious thought into it and I want it to be definitive. As a treat(lol im a narcissist) I will end the blog talking about things I like outside of videogames

Music: I listen to a lot of different genres. Growing up I mostly listened to classic rock such as Hendrix and Floyd. But by the time I got to middle school I was listening to more Grunge or alternative. (I was born in 93') I listen to a late of electronic music and jazz as of late and listen to less and less rock. Still love rock but I am just never in the mood for it. Her is a very very small list of acts I like.

Beach Boys

Led Zeppelin

The Smiths

Wu Tang clan

My Bloody Valentine


Daft Punk


Chet Baker

Bill Evans

TV: To be honest I dont watch much tv. I watch anime sometimes but Im not crazy about it.Some anime I like would be Bebop and Champloo, Berserk, Lupin the 3rd, Kids on the slope, FMA, Darker than Black, Hajime No Ippo and a lot more.

Movies: Im not a huge movie buff and it is definitely not my favorite medium but there some movies I of course love. I am particularly fond of Noir or certain westerns but I have to take them in small doses. Im a huge fan of animation though so I watch a lot of movies if they are well you know animated. The last movie I saw that I really liked was Inception or p[erhaps the Avengers but it will sonn be the Hobbit. Here is a little list of movies I like : Le Samourai, LotR, Westerns, Noir films, Inception, Spirited Away, Millenium Actress, Interstella 5555, Summer Wars, Older Disney.

This now concludes Part 1 of my intro to Dtoid community. I have been reading the site for about a year but I have only just now joined the fray. I hope to improve my blogging skills and I look forward to the day when I have more time on my hands so I can write a really nice blog. I am an overworked college student so my blogs have been a bit weak. Oh fuck I just realized I have Indigo as my text color. Well I think I will leave now. Feedback is very welcome. Thanks bye.
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