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LazyEyelids's blog

6:45 AM on 01.14.2010

Brief Introduction and Thanks to Jim Sterling

Why hello there, Destructoid!
This is my very first blog ever on any site so I hope you will like it.
First of all, I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Justine (yeah, it has an e) and I'm 19 years old. I am from the Philippines (if you have no idea about what it is, you should get out more!). I play a wide variety of genres but I focus more on fighters, RPGs, shooters, and action-adventures. The first game that I played was Super Mario Bros. and the latest games that I'm playing right now is Left 4 Dead 2 and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days. The first console that I had was the NES while the latest console that I got is the DS Lite (a pink one as a chick magnet). My favorite game of all time is Suikoden II (still hoping for a English psp port). After I discovered Destructoid about a month ago, I instantly became hooked because it has a great community (few douchebags, many brilliant minds) and of course the good articles. Also, I think that it is easier to reach out to an audience here in Destructoid than in other videogame blogs.

One of the reasons that I stayed on is because of Jim Sterling. Yes, it's true. The moment that he replied to a relatively fanboyish (but really more OC) comment that I made I thought that I found my home in the internet. People actually read what I posted and care for what I have in mind, so from then on I only make comments that provide insight to the issue (aside from some lewd jokes). And it also helps that the editors' personalities reflect on their work unlike in other blogs that are chores to read (Jim, you are really funny so to reach a wider audience, you should ruffle the feathers of xbots, too). I'm looking forward to making good blogs that you people could enjoy and to use this community to get more out of the greatest thing that binds us all, videogames. Pro tip: violently fapping to this blog will help validate my existence.

Also, Spocks.

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