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LazrGuidedPanda avatar 4:35 PM on 10.06.2011  (server time)
Just Finished Catherine - Very Impressed!

Catherine was the first game in quite a while that I took out of the wrapping at about 10pm, seemed to blink my eyes, and then looked back at the clock to see that it was 5am. I was completely enthralled with this game, and if not for having to work 3 hours from this end point I would have surely finished it in one sitting.

Catherine takes you through 8 days and nights of the main character Vincent's unraveling existence. He is a 32 year old IT professional who seems to generally spend every night drinking at a local bar with a group of his buddies (and complaining about/bummed out by his long time girlfriend Katherine). Vincent's dull and dreary existence is thrown into chaos with his meeting of the young and beautiful Catherine. After waking up next to this dreamy girl the game begins to rotate between Vincent's hellish nightmares involving his personal life, and his time awake which he typically spends at the bar.

The nightmare game-play in Catherine moves quickly, and unlike many brainless games requires on the ball decisions and reactions. The wrong split second decision in Catherine will more than likely leave you in pieces, splattered at the bottom of the dream, or mangled by some aberation chasing you. Catherine is by no means a simple puzzle game, as i was challenged from start to finish.

The time you spend outside of the nightmare stages were very well done. The interactions between Vincent and other characters are meaningful and very interesting. Reading closely into situations in the bar or at the restaurant will allow you to start putting characters together between the two stages, and will influence in making your choice between Katherine and Catherine.

Overall, Catherine was just a well-designed, polished, and total positive gaming experience. The only thing that I really didnít care for in Catherine was the odd and seemingly unnecessary turn that the game took as it neared completion.

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