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Lazerbeeem avatar 11:54 AM on 10.03.2013  (server time)
But, wait! Guys! Why aren't you playing Awesomenauts with me?

What Is a Awesomenauts?

I first found out about Awesomenauts when visiting a friendís house. When I looked at the TV I saw a monkey with a jetpack dropping bombs onto robots and a cowboy throwing dynamite at a frog, and thought ďWhat the hell is this?Ē This was when it was first released for the Xbox 360, and I quickly became hooked. Eventually Ronimo, the gameís developer stopped supporting it for the Xbox and I ended up buying it on Steam. I donít regret this decision at all, as the extra characters, new map, and constant updates were well worth the $10 that went toward this purchase, and I can understand the budget constrictions that such a small company can face when releasing a game.

Awesomenauts is the most fun Iíve ever had in a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). And for those of you who donít know this game, yes, itís a MOBA. But what makes it so different than other MOBAs is the 2-dimensional, side-scrolling play style that makes it more fast-paced than League of Legends or Dota. And Iím not saying that I donít enjoy LoL or Dota. Iím just saying that this game is different in a very fresh, fun way.

The gameís playable characters have distinct and often hilarious personalities, which is expected in any MOBA, but this game absolutely nails it. Not only do they have their own phrases and personalities, they also have ridiculous theme songs that play during the loading screen before a game and when that character gets a killing spree. Some of the characters are even voiced by gamers you may know; TotalBiscuit, Jesse Cox, and Ashly Burch have all voiced a character.

The buyable items in Awesomenauts are simply character upgrades to be purchased throughout the game, and are the only way to improve a character, making the game a lot less technical than other MOBAs. Whatís great about this game (or maybe not for some people) is that it requires a lot of skill with aiming and maneuvering. Battles are fast-paced and action-packed, and tremendously satisfying.

And donít think that because I love this game that Iím skilled at it. This game has a pretty great learning curve that I canít seem to overcome. Even though Iíve currently played for almost 200 hours, I still manage to lose about 75% of the matches I play, but at least I have fun doing it.

Iím really hoping that the gameís community will grow tremendously in the future because this game should not be ignored. There are some players who will complain about unbalanced characters, but that is generally to be expected in a MOBA. Ronimo, being such a small group, has done an amazing job thus far at keeping the characters well-balanced and constantly updated.

Game Objective

For those of you who donít know how the game plays and would like to know, Iíll gladly tell you. There are two teams of three players on a symmetrical map. Each team is trying to destroy the enemy teamís turrets in order to destroy their base and win the game.

Small droids constantly come out of each base to traverse the map at regular intervals. Enemy droids can be killed in order to gain 5 solar (the gameís currency) and your droids create a meat-shield so that you can attack an enemy turret without being annihilated.

When an enemy is killed your entire team gets 30 solar, and the person who got the kill gets an extra 30 (if a turret or droid gets the kill then 30 solar drops to the ground). Dying causes the individual to lose solar also. Solar is only used to buy upgrades at base, and the total of your current solar and solar spent affects your level (100 solar = 1 level). Having a higher level does nothing but show that you have more spending money and more badass upgrades.

So the general idea is to strategically chip away at turrets or get enemies into ganks so that they will die and make your team stronger than the other. Use whatever advantage you have, whether it be your superior combat prowess, your higher level, or your unique strategy to reach their base before they reach yours (and destroy it; thatís important too).

So, If You Do Not Own This GameÖ

Just go get it already and join the community. The hilarious characters, unique character builds and strategies, and fast-paced battles make this game so much fun. I just canít stop playing! If you want to play as a slug-like alien in a mech-suit that shoots out cats, a gangster frog who uses his hip-hop dancing skills in combat, or a worm riding a flying puffer-fish that yells ďYouíll be sleeping with the fishies! Myah!Ē then you should at least check this game out.

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