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LawofThermalDynamics's blog

4:22 PM on 08.21.2011

I Live To Die Another Day

Haaaaaaaaaa…. So it’s been what? Half a month since my last blog? Yeah well I don’t really need to apologize since I know no one was terribly broken up about the absence but this past week I went ahead and fought a stomach...   read

1:08 PM on 08.08.2011

Jokes On You! I Don't Even Play Video Games...Wait.

I was sitting around my desk today figuring out different ways to kill time when I realized that I’ve actually played a lot of videogames since the last time I spoke to you people. Now I don’t mean you people as in that you g...   read

6:03 PM on 07.24.2011

Still Hanging Around Space Cowboy? (NVGR)

So I think I got the schedule for this down. Every so often I’ll be posting this up hopefully finishing before August ends. The number of episodes I cover will be the number on each disk. This is disk number 2 out of 6 disk...   read

6:28 PM on 07.20.2011

Howdy Space Cowboy (NVGR)

I was first introduced to the world of Cowboy Bebop in middle school I believe. The first episode I’ve ever seen of the series was Session 19 Pierrot le Fou. A shocking entrance into the world of Cowboy Bebop and perhaps ...   read

5:48 PM on 07.18.2011

I've Seen the Lizard

In a world where scum and villainy walk down the sidewalk hand in hand to steal old people’s ice cream and little children’s 401 K, a hero is needed. Sadly that hero isn’t here so instead you get the random thoughts of a per...   read

5:53 PM on 07.05.2011

Freedom: Because All I Have is Time

When a game offers expansive lands, hours upon hours of quests, side quests, alternate routes, branching story lines, Easter eggs, what that game is really doing is challenging the player to invest time into the game. Want t...   read

1:51 PM on 07.02.2011

Blog vs. Blog 3: Fate of Two Blogs

It’s the morning, I’m groggy, I’m listening to sounds…I think it’s time for another inconsequential blog into the inconsequential life of LawofThermalDynamics!!! Games While trying to write a worthwhile blog about Shado...   read

11:24 AM on 05.29.2011

Korea Blog 1/1 Pt. 2: Electric Bugaloo

Hi. Well I'm back from my uncle's wedding which was lovely (Not going to lie. I bawled my eyes out) . I met my new extended family who are all very nice and interesting (A few of them live in Japan so guess who's now invited...   read

3:28 AM on 05.19.2011

I'm Kind of a Big Deal

This will probably be last blog until I get back from my uncle’s wedding next Friday. That means that there will probably be no interviews posted for about a week. Games So I finally finished a lot of games to finally go in...   read

5:16 PM on 05.15.2011

Ha! And You Thought This Was a Bad Idea!

Week Well I’ve decided to start a more structured approach to these blogs rather than the stream of consciousness thing I was using earlier. This way, I have a more streamlined approach to these blogs as well as an organi...   read

1:57 AM on 05.03.2011

P2 Press Start: This is My Friend

This is my friend. I’ve known him since elementary school and we’ve been playing games together ever since we met. I love him. Together, we’ve fought the battle at Helms Deep and survived the journey to Mordor. We fought t...   read

7:14 PM on 04.30.2011

Occams Package

Earlier this month, Occams sent me one of his famous packages. I took pictures and was about to post them up only to realize that my camera is a piece of crap. I was going to retake pictures but I’ve already mentioned the cr...   read

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