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LawofThermalDynamics avatar 12:39 AM on 09.23.2011  (server time)
You Used to be Bigger (And Late PAX Pictures)

I'm sitting in front of a cardboard box which acts as a desk for my laptop. Written on the box/desk are the phrases "Don't think...Feel", "I never asked for this", and "Hobo desk". In the room next to me a lady is playing Bach's Little Fugue on the cello and I'm thinking that this would be a nice time to write a blog.

Video Games

So I noticed on Twitter that #GoW3 was trending and I remembered that God of War 3 was released. Then I remembered God of War came out awhile ago and that Gears of War 3 must have been released. I don't have anything against the Gears of War franchise, but just like the Call of Duty games, Battlefield games, Final Fantasy games, Assassin's Creed games, and the Dead Rising games, I have no interest in them. Now being apathetic doesn't mean hate and as my friends on Xbox Live will attest, I don't have some odd need to go and shit on or convince the masses of their ignorance of franchises I just don't think about. Well the internet will remain the internet so what will you do right?

I have been playing a lot of Street Fighter IV on my friend's computer (I can't connect to xbox live at the moment, but I'm working on it!) and I've really gotten into the groove of how those games work. I'm pretty confident in my abilities as Dudley that I can proudly call him my main. I mean he's a British boxer that wears a bowtie and drinks tea in a mansion! That man is brimming with class and sophistication.
Also kind of video game related is that I made a new friend named Silver. All of my PokeDreams are coming true! PokeDreams


Now the Cellist is playing Beethoven and I've come to the conclusion that I need more Franziska Von Karma in my life. I recently replayed the second Phoenix Wright title and remember how much I loved her...What? Video Games is life.

Small thing about the Nintendo TGS conference...Why are you so lazy Nintendo? I mean geez I liked some of the things I saw, but I would have imagined that with your recent troubles you would put money where your mouth is and begin funding a lot of adventurous projects to rally some excitement for the 3DS but instead you put all that money into making Monster Hunter 4 a 3DS exclusive. Do you know what you did? You just effectively got your hands on a hardware seller the laziest way imaginable. Congrats Nintendo, your 3DS is going to succeed thanks to the softest bullet ever shot.


So PAX was a month ago, but the memories will last a lifetime, and even though I didn't post a picture of my good times, you can still see me on the front page this week wearing the Mr. Destructoid helmet and standing next to the Green Power Ranger (or the Bridget cosplayer from last week).

If you don't know why you should go to PAX next year, let me paint you a picture. Occams is in the kitchen with a plate of sausages, Knutaf and COM 01 are in the backyard grilling, Beyamor and Law are sitting on the sofa having a deeply philosophical discussion on the nature of the rock band Queen, Kraid is singing German Death metal, Steezy XL is playing Mario Kart DS, Nihils is playing around with a camera, Qalamari is wearing a cool hat, Fame Designer is mixing cocktails, and Mr. Andy Dixon is out hunting badger, or as he calls it "Mr. Dixon's Special Stir Fry"...Also me and Beyamor shared a futon so already it was the Best. Week. Ever.

(Me and Scion of Mogo being badass. No Punk No Life!)

I also met the cast of Hey Ash What You Playin?...I'm the one looking confused while holding a sandwich.

(Just eating a sandwich, meeting awesome people.)

I want to give a shout out to everyone I met at PAX that made it such a great time! Jesse for offering me the tickets after they had been sold out and essentially being the reason for all my happiness, Thought Devourer and Husband who made my latex dreams come true, Xzyliac for being Xzyliac, Crime Minister of course for being my wingman and bathroom buddy, Funktastic for being a true Asian inspiration, Jon Carnage for being fucking Jon Carnage, and Niero for giving me a place where I met all the people I just mentioned.

(My favorite picture out of PAX. Took the one Corduroy typed on.)

(Thanks for the memories Big Boss!)

(Asian Off 2011. Be there next year for Asian Off 2012!)


That "thing" is going to return soon so there's that.

Sorry that my pictures are so big. I might post the rest on Flickr if I get the chance.

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