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I may not know you yet but here's some things about me to get this new friendship started.

I wrote stuff, made friends, started a series, joined a team, started whoring out my name, and had my love compared to the smiles of prostitutes.

I think if we could meet and sit down and chat we'd realize that we're not so different, you and I.

Let's be friends yeah?

Here's my interview with community manager Andrew Kauz

Been a while. Now I write about games and anime over at Twinfinite I swear we're good people.


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If Destructoid ever burns down, these records will show future generations the crazy that is D-toid.

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WingedKraby made this in an Hour!

Oddly, Beyamor never shows up no matter how many times I friend that magnificent lumber jack.

I haven't forgotten you Beyamor

Well...He's there now...never used to be. Also, I tried re-formatting that picture. It just disappeared altogether....
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So guess what. Guess what, guess what, guess what.

....Chicken butt. Hahahaha, never gets old.

How are you guys? Doing good yes? I hope so because it's been awhile. Don't tell me you forgot me? Remember that time we stole that car and then did all the drugs? Remember? The drugs?


Anyways, I've been well thanks for asking, you look good, and I have big news!

Now I know I've been gone and I know it hurt. It hurt me too y'know? I mean, obviously my ego is in tact, but it hurt. In here *points at heart*

(I can't find a picture to accurately describe what I mean, so here's my face when I can't find the bathroom. Sort of like the same thing.)

So yeah! Big news! It's in bold. Bold

C-Blog Interviews

They're coming back!

Well I mean I can't say when or how....No wait, I can say how. Still can't say when though.

The how is that I handed over the keys to the only thing my name has around here anymore to my trusted friend and brofriend.



So yeah, go bug him about that. I don't know when he'll get started but I trust him to do a good job.

Oh also Mr. Dixon? You wanna...y'know, take care of the whole changing accounts thing we talked about at PAX?

Yeah...So...uh...I'm gonna...I guess leave again?


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