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LawofThermalDynamics avatar 4:22 PM on 08.21.2011  (server time)
I Live To Die Another Day


So it’s been what? Half a month since my last blog? Yeah well I don’t really need to apologize since I know no one was terribly broken up about the absence but this past week I went ahead and fought a stomach virus and won.

Yeah, kicked it’s ass but not without losing the entire contents of my stomach…vomit is gross. It was a hard battle but drowning myself in vitamin C and losing about 5 lb in sweat helped me defeat the difficult foe.

So yeah…getting sick isn’t fun so just remember to always take good care of your body. I was deciding whether it was the popcorn from the shady movie theatre or the mystery purple drink that did me in but alas trying to deduce something that already happened is counterproductive.



Can’t wait to meet people, hug people, party with people, eat with people, eat people…uh…wait.

I missed the ice breaker chat yesterday on account of not feeling too hot, but hopefully come Thursday I’ll be back to 100% full power.


Man…people really like interviews don’t they? I mean this entire summer TWO people were like "Hey man? Where the interviews at?" and ONE very interesting Community Manager was like "Hey man, Interview this guy because I'm telling you to."

...That was weird but he did bring up a good point.

Well worry not my curious friends for Interviews will be ending the summer long hiatus this September. Yup, it’ll be back and the same as ever! Last time it came back it was bigger than ever but I can’t top that size again so it’ll be generally the same. Who knows? Maybe I’ll finally learn how to make a podcast for the long awaited Interview-Cast (Hint: Interview-Cast is as likely as Half-Life 3)

So yeah, people who feel like "Why haven't I been interviewed?"

Don't worry!...Ever.

But yeah, well remember if you want to know more about your fellow community members, there’s always this index full of fun interviews!

This is a link you should click because link rhymes with click


Ooof, my stomach is acting up again.


I'm a Unicorn!!! Thanks Fame Designer!!!

Pfft, don’t you remember? I don’t play video games.


Cowboys and Aliens was pretty bad.

30 Mintues or Less was surprisingly good.


Yeah so AlphaDeus released his community album and it’s a great album that I think people should listen to, he also has two other albums both of which are great. I really recommend picking up Alpha and Omega from his bandcamp. Worth every penny.

I don’t know why but I haven’t seen a lot of Adopt an Avatar blog this year…hmmm, hopefully the tradition doesn’t die out, that would be a shame.

Enkido is back...HE'S BACK AND I'M NOT DREAMING!!! Maybe he'll also join Twitter maybe?

Lot of new faces on the Toid (Makes it sound like an STD). Hi! Welcome to the C-Blogs!...Well that’s actually a rude way to go about that. I have a lot of catching up to do on the blogs so I best get reading.

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