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LawofThermalDynamics avatar 5:15 PM on 06.11.2010  (server time)
C-Blog Interviews (CBI)- DaedHead8 get's the first official title for the series

Yeah! Last I heard of DaedHead, a picture of him is in SPACE! Lot of links in this interview but seriously watch the youtube one, it is HILARIOUS

Why did you start blogging? And why here specifically?
I started blogging back around 2003 at, when I was still in high school. I read a lot of Electronic Gaming Monthly back then and I realized I had a lot of things to say about games as well, so I decided I'd like to do that for a living. I started by creating a blog and looking at schools with a Journalism major. That didn't last long however and I'm currently in school studying video game design, as I realized that was my true passion.

By the time Destructoid came about in 2006, I was merely blogging for fun, like I do now. When I first arrived at Dtoid it was just the front-page and forums. The cblogs didn't even exist yet. However, shortly after they were created, I decided to switch over from 1up to Destructoid full time. The community at 1up was much larger and therefore most blogs got overlooked. Blogging on a site where every blog was virtually guaranteed a comment or two was much more rewarding then blogging on and to this day I have yet to write a blog here that got zero comments. Definitely something I love about Destructoid.

If anybody is interested in reading my blogs from 1up, I posted them all in my second blog here on Destructoid, which can be found here: I find it interesting to see how much I've changed as a writer, especially considering my first ever blog post basically demonizes the very idea of blogs.

The continent I am on. (By ďIĒ, I mean you).
I live in upstate New York which is on the North American continent.

How did you get your name and avatar?
DaedHead8 has a double meaning. First and most obvious is that I'm a fan of The Grateful Dead. The second meaning is hidden in the backwards dead. No thatís not a typo. I spell it backwards because Iím dyslexic and if I read too fast, sometimes words come out looking like that. Also it looks cool. The number 8 is just my lucky number and Iíve included it on the end of every screen name Iíve ever had.

Funny story, my XBL Gamertag is DaedHead88, not because there is another DaedHead8 running around, but because of how I started on XBL. I got my start with the 2 month trial that came with Halo 2 back in the day. Yes, two months, thatís how much Microsoft used to give away, now itís what, 48 hour free trials? Lame. Anyways, after the two months were up, I tried and failed to extend my membership as DaedHead8. For some reason I was forced to make a new account. Since DaedHead8 was taken (by me) DaedHead88 was born. Most people think the 88 is for the year I was born, but that is false, I just tacked an extra 8 on, I was born in í86.

One word to describe yourself.

Favorite movie.
Reservoir Dogs

Favorite Game (obviously).
Thatís a tough one, you see, Final Fantasy 6 was the game that first inspired me to want to create video games. More recently, Bioshock really impressed me, as did Braid. I guess you can say I love too many genres that are incomparable to pick a single favorite.

If you could punch anyone here on Dtoid, who would it be and why.
Mr. Sadistic. That bastard owes me $20.

If you could hug anyone here on Dtoid, who would it be and why.
Niero, because without him Dtoid wouldnít exist. But instead of hugging him, I think Iíd rather buy him a drink.

When I grow up I want to beÖ
When I grow up I want to be Kojima Newell Miyamoto.

Now that Iím old I can finallyÖ
Play video games all day Saturday without my dad yelling at me.

Favorite Video on YouTube.

I know itís horrible but I canít help showing it to everybody I know. Iíve found that most people watch it twice.

In Soviet RussiaÖ
Öbowling pin is you (or your small child).

If hypothetically you become the opposite gender, you wouldÖ
Önever stop playing my chest.

If I were to tell you that you have one more day to live, what would you do?
I live everyday like it could be my last so it would be a pretty normal day for me. You know, raping, pillaging, playing Pokťmon. The usual.

I need something scandalous for my ratings. What would you like to confess?
I was WiiSucks. (Just kidding)

BOO!!! (answer the question please).

Did I do a good job?
Meh, Iíve had better. Oh you meant the interview? Yeah that was fantastic.

Lastly, If you could be asked anything, what would it be, and answer it. (Could be a future question for others)

What game would you make if you could make any game?

Iíd make a driving simulator based on the Forza 3 engine, but instead of racing around a track, youíre driving around a city obeying all traffic laws. Youíd get points and advance through the game for proper driving and be punished for breaking the law. I donít see this as a retail game so much as something that would be used in a Driverís Ed or Defensive Driving course, a game that could break up the monotony of the endless lectures.

I like this idea so much I adapted it into a board game for my final project in my Game Mechanics class this semester.

Of course, this isnít my ultimate idea for a game, just one I find interesting. My ultimate dream game is something I hope to make money on some day, so I wonít be spilling the details on that game for quite some time.

Just a reminder that past interviews are in the index and that I am still accepting your questions for my very own interview here:

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