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Lawman's blog

4:40 PM on 08.21.2015

What're good PC games that push a comp's specs? I'm looking to get my buddy some games for his birthday tomorrow and he's looking for games that'll really push a rig hard. I'm already nabbing GTA V, but I'm not sure what else to nab.


8:34 PM on 08.19.2015

I finally got a Platinum trophy for Arkham Knight today. I think there may be something wrong with me, y'know, mentally. I blame Arkham City. I have a desire to get Platinum for that, and Asylum, before MGS V is here. Spoilers: Ain't gonna happen.


10:41 PM on 03.13.2014

Join me on March 18th as I Ground some Zeroes!

Hello!  My name is Lawman.  My real name is Adam Lawson for you creepy stalkers out there.  I'm also known as 'that guy that comments on articles and does little else'.  I'm also a big fan of Metal Gear Solid! And Snatcher and pizza and Nintendo and Final Fantasy VII and Suikoden and Urban Reign and Road Rash and Streets of Rage and etc.

So, uh, yeah, I have a personal day that I'm using to take off of work on Tuesday, and I've decided to stream some MGS V: Ground Zeroes on Twitch for all the good little girls and boys to watch, and you're invited!  All you gotta do is enter the room I make.  I'm a little bit of a Twitch noob, so I don't know how else to go about it, but my PSN username is lawman316 if that helps.  And yes, I'll be playing on PS4.

Want to watch a moderately competent gamer play a game he will likely enjoy?  Want to start an argument about whether the game's too short for the price or not (spoilers: it's not)?  Do you seriously have no way to get ahold of this game yourself?  Then you're set!

I'm sure you're asking yourself, Adam, what time are you going to start?  j/k, you're probably going to find something better to do.  But if you are interested, I'm going to try to start streaming at Midnight, conditions permitting.  And I'll be honest: I'm probably going to be on for eight total hours playing it that day, so if you don't catch me at one time then you'll probably catch me at another.

As for the purported room name?  Metal Gear Shorted: Game Length Zero.  :-P

See you there, soldier!

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