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I'm 23 and live in Western Massachusetts, USA and like Video Games, but more than that I like consumer electronics, including and especially focused on cool things I can carry on my person.

Systems I own:
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3 80GB
PSP model #1000
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo DS Lite
Gameboy Micro

Favorite Game(s):
Metal Gear Series!

Currently Playing:
Little Big Planet
Metal Gear Online
Pixel Junk Eden
Super Mario Galaxy
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

I do marketing for a manufacturing company who makes watertight/airtight enclosures for the US military to put all of their expensive stuff in. i.e guns, missile components, aircraft parts. pretty damn neat. needless to say all of my gaming peripherals are soundly protected by mil-spec cases now.

Hobbies: Drawing, Gaming, Carving, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Mountain Biking, Climbing (ice and rock), Kayaking, Skim Boarding, Shooting, and pretty much anything else that ends in -ing that takes place outside.

Likes: Dogs, Weapons, Video Games, My Girlfriend, My Girlfriend's Dog, Food, Cooking, Good Water, Gadgets, Things with LCD screens, Watches, Whiskey, Beer, Specialty stores, Internet shopping, and Jackets. Seriously...I have a problem. I have more coats and Jackets than my girlfriend has shoes and purses combined.

Dislikes: Hippies, Unorganized things, dead batteries, Tomatoes, City Water, mice without scroll wheels, the original Xbox controller, mosquitoes & black flies (in that order), Wal-Mart (even though I can't afford not to go), and Sweating because of heat and not physical expenditure.

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BUG Labs has recently developed a pretty neat piece of hardware called the BUGbase along with various BUGmodules. these items can be combined in any fashion that the user or development team wishes. Included software gives the average Joe the ability to create basic actions that the device can utilize, such as geo-tagging photos by using the digital camera and GPS module. the pictures can then be uploaded to an online location such as a photo sharing website via the BUGbase's built in Wi-Fi.

What does all this mean for gamers? Well in the near future I suspect that it will not take long for users to develop some simple and fun games that can be played on one of these units as well as BUG labs producing some BUGmodules that include analog sticks and basic button layouts. If used to its full potential the possibilities are endless!

Keep your eyes peeled for what things may come of this product. BUGbase and BUGmodules coming 1st Quarter 2008.
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As I have recently heard from Kojima Productions the newest addition to the Metal Gear series will be a Mobile phone version. I must admit I didn't really see that coming, and one would imagine it would have been similar to the GameBoy Color release titled Ghost Babel. but I couldn't have been more wrong...

The Verizon Wireless exclusive (downloadable over VCast services only) will be a full 3D game which includes of course some new and innovative ways to play the game. The camouflage system is back from Snake Eater only this time the player will be taking photographs of real life objects and textures with their cell phone camera to use a template for Snake's camo in the game. Entering an Urban landscape? no worries, just take a photo of the spackle gray floor from the subway, set it for Snakes uniform and you will be sneaking past genome baddies in no time.

Another use for the camera in the game will be the first person shooting mode also adopted form the series later versions. The player will be able to enter first person shooting mode and use the camera to point the gun in any direction they choose with much more fluidity than with the standard cellular phone D-Pad. I am not sure if this new feature will rely on you choosing a fixed point to use with the camera or if it will be something else altogether, one thing is for are probably going to have to find some real diazapham to stop all that shaking during your camera controlled FPS boss fights!