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Lavallee017 avatar 1:20 PM on 03.17.2008  (server time)
Real Life Metal Gear Hound on the way!?

Well I happened to catch this online today whilst I was eating lunch and I can say with all confidence that we are all totally boned. This critter is not new in any form but the newest model however is something to marvel at. Much more "animal" than its predecessor and with the ability to carry roughly double the weight of the first run while at a fraction of the size this miniature version of what could become a real life Metal Gear may be seen as a wonderful device to carry munitions into battle or carry the wounded out. The video shows little stress on the machine carrying itself and an excess of 340 lbs. (154.55 Kilo) but it would seem to my video game oriented mind that it would serve just as well increased 10 fold in size and carrying a large nuclear missile pod anywhere it damn well pleases.

The video boasts some pretty serious skills for this little dude they call the Big Dog such as recovering from slipping on Ice and clearing an imaginary cross beam without breaking itself. This machine is backed by DARPA funding and research and is being headlined by Boston Dynamics to do the dirty work of actually building and testing it.

Perhaps Hideo Kojima should send them both a free copy of Guns of the Patriots just so that they know what they are getting into...but maybe all that inspiration might be a bad thing.

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