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I beat Demons' Souls this past 4th of July.
Soul Level 86
32 Hours 36 Minutes.
Quality Longsword +5
Kite Shield +10


This was my first time doing so. After it was over, I heated a take-and-bake 5 meat pizza my grandfather had bought at Costco (pizza = 4th of July?). I cut it up, served a slice to each member of my family, then took one for myself. It tasted like salty, meaty, victory.

Pretty much this, but from Costco.

It had been a long time coming, especially considering I pre-ordered Demons' Souls, and got it on release day. So.... what? Almost 4 years?
There's a few reasons for that. Here's a list:

1. OCD

I might have obsessive compulsive disorder. I'm not really sure, but I do know that I like things in nice, EVEN. NUMBERS.

Unrelated Picture.

Also, I hate Achievements/Trophies.
You can't delete them.
They just sit there forever. Festering. Unless you format your hardrive. Which I did when I realized that I didn't like my Demons' Souls character. I restarted, played through until I beat Phalanx, and noticed that no trophy notification popped up. I checked it out, upset, to discover that all the trophies I had recieved were still there. That day I formatted my PS3 for the first of many times.

2. I couldn't decide what to name my character

I finally decided after many attempts to just use my whole real name. Eff it.


Your character in Demons' Souls will inevitably be ugly. This is a fact. Like water is wet, rocks are hard, or the sun is a massive swirling fireball of nuclear chaos that will one day consume the Earth. (That last one made me kind of sad)
Point being, the character creator in Demons' Souls sucks.
So, I restarted time and time again, trying to make my character look like his family tree doesn't double back on itself like the Habsburgs.

Charles II's Father is his uncle, and his Grandmother is his aunt. How quaint.

I eventually came to a look I liked. A decent face with a shaved head. Whenever I can't think of a good look, or I don't like hair options in a game, I go shaved bald. I don't know why. In the end, I suppose it didn't really matter, because I chose the knight class. Face concealing armor and all that. But I knew, even if I couldn't see his face, he was at least prettier than most of the NPCs.

The common reaction to most NPC faces.

4. Distractions

Valkyria Chronicles, No More Heroes, No More Heroes 2, DARK SOULS, Tactics Ogre LUCT, other stuff....
They all came out, or had already come out, but I didn't have them yet. Then I did. Demons' Souls sort of fell to the wayside. I still played it on occasion, but I hadn't done it in a while... and then, I guess, I managed to work my past the obstacle that kept me from beating it when I got near the end.

5. The Blue Dragon
I once, ONCE, nearly completed Demons' Souls. I beat every demon but one.
False King.
But, as anyone who has gotten this far knows, to get to False King, you have to work your way past this asshole.

He's such an asshole I couldn't even find a good picture of him.

The first time through, I did not have many points in Dexterity (I couldn't use good bows basically), so whenever I ran into a problem I couldn't reach with my +5 Quality Longsword, I brought out my trusty Heavy Crossbow with Black bolts.
Now, you can't aim a crossbow. You can auto lock with it, but you can't aim like a regular bow. Blue Dragon, jerkface that he is, clings to a wall vertically, high above a doorway, where you can't properly lock onto him.

You can lock onto him, or, rather his head, which is constantly swaying back and forth, shooting flames, and almost always moves out of the way of crossbow bolts. So, unable to defeat this giant lizard, racked with despair, I stopped playing.
I was tired, I had a soul level over 100 I think, and had near or over 100 hours in the game. To have come so far, and to be bested because I couldn't do damage with a bow... Was just too disheartening. I formatted my system, started a new character: identical name, class, same face and everything, I beat the tutorial... and started playing something else.

Dark Souls I think.

Life went on.


That was two years ago, or thereabouts.
Anyway, playing near through Dark Souls made me realize, maybe I should beat Demons' Souls before I beat Dark Souls. This was just at the beginning of this year.
So, I started playing again, with special attention paid to my dexterity.
I faced the blue bastard, and...

I see you shiver with antici...


... I shot him in the wing with the White bow and Holy arrows until he died.
I slew the False King.
I lulled the Old One back to slumber.
The credits rolled.
So now that I've conquered Demons' Souls I feel that I should do something Demons' Souls related.
This doesn't count though.
Maybe I'll write some Demons' Souls poetry.



....Or something.

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