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So Pedro Blandino resident Sterling's "top 10 list" hater sent me this image.

It looks startlingly like another Dtoider i know named Cannibal Calvin whom I will compare with this image

Everything just got out of hand from there untill you have the result seen below.








also. This should never be what comes up as 3rd image when someone googles your name.

Niero must love it A LOT. since the day destructoid was built on the internet its gone through countless changes and tweaks. those joining the site today might not even recognize it from over two years ago. That is if that big old robot head hasn't been on the front page the whole time.

Walk down memory lane as I link to the most prevalent changes and some key mark events for Destructoid's front page. (forgive the archiver. its not perfect and displaying some images.)

March 31st 2006 The start of it all!
April 30 2006
May 1st 2006
June 13 2006 the sign of changes to come.
Some time in August
Oct 21st 2006 CONTEST I WON and who can forget Gregor as editor?
Dec 9th 2006 Never forget: Next and Nextlust.
Jan 1st2007 Happy new year!
March 17th 2007 thanks Niero!
May 26 2007 My birthday!
Aug 30th. 2007 The last day i could go back to.

Thank the "Way Back Machine" for the trip down memory lane and again Niero for his obsession with website tweaking.

Video BONUS! here are a handful of videos that I remember and want you to remember too. Can you find the odd one out?




Calvin one last time

Fox's are awesome

Rockvillan 2 year

-edited- ok seems that you have to click "offline brb" on the right side of the main page in order to get tot he edit post page now... thats NOT impossible to find without clicking everything. nope not at all...

Much fan fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

port- 3790
The issues with the Ventrilo being broken have been resolved. Come join us in talking while we play games.

also to make amends for no picture last time, here is an image for all your fapping pleasure-
for the ladies

for the men

for the furries

If you have recently tried to connect to the "unofficial" Destructoid server, paid for by Fronz, then you might have noticed its not responding. We are currently don't know WHY it has craped out on us, but I suspect host complications. It went down around 1:30 AM saturday morning.

In the mean time use this old and abandoned ventrilo info:
port 3820

I will continue in my search for answers as well as hopefully get Fronz in vent more.

(sorry no picture. you can curse at me for it in the comments.)